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Lunar Lunatic ... The Method

This is advice that would have been amazing for me to have before I started going for this achievement. The key to this achievement is NOT CO-OP ... DO NOT attempt it in that mode. The reason why is because it does not work for the achievement. I beat the game in Co-op mode with two of my friends and nothing happened except me getting the Team Work achievement. Do not put yourself through that whole process for nothing!

Now, the beating the game.

*DISCLAIMER - I had roughly 4 hours of practice on all the levels from trying to beat it in Co-op so I knew the patterns of the enemies which helped out a lot ... I'd recommend playing through on Medium or Hard a few times for practice*

Use the Red ship as it is the most powerful against bosses that matter. Go through the game and power up the ship to the full power. Do not use the flamethrower super weapon as it is virtually useless. Use the beam (X I believe) whenever you have a free second to charge it because it is the most powerful weapon in the game hands down! When your weapon becomes powered up, you can stay on the fire bombs if you want, but if there are a number of enemies on the screen, switch to the spread fire as it does crazy damage and bounces off the screen. Learning to use this weapon helps in levels 2 and 3 since it is such an effective weapon. After level 1, the fire bombs begin to be less effective.

FIRST BOSS: The best way to defeat this is to charge the beam and shoot the middle, making sure that you stay directly next the ship to avoid the rapid fire shots. Charge the beam when he shoots the rapid fire shot, hit him and shoot the fire bombs until he begins to shoot again dropping down below the fire before he starts. Rinse and repeat. Easy boss after a couple tries. Staying close it almost imperative though because it does the most damage.

SECOND BOSS: Spread your firing between beams and fire bombs amongst the heads to avoid having to deal with the heat-seeking torpedoes. If you take out a head, then it will cause the torpedoes to come and it starts to get really tough. The laser is not hard to dodge; just get out of the way when you see him shooting it. This boss is hard at first because you need to learn to dodge the tri-shots as he shoots them, but the top always fires first. The laser can shoot behind the heads so do not hide behind them ... you will get cornered and be in real trouble. Overall, I feel this is the hardest boss to master and not loss many lives.

THIRD BOSS: Really tough at first, but I lost only 3 guys each of the 3 times that I played this boss so it is very do able. The big key is learn to dodge. DO NOT USE THE BEAMS! If you do, you will get a Fury Rainbow attack and it is 95% impossible to dodge. Also, do not use the Beams as it does virtually no damage and different attacks come. Use the fire spread attack (why the Red ship is a must) and take your time in order to finish this guy off. Takes a while, but not hard at all.

I beat this game on hard three times in a row with loosing at most 5 guys through the entire game. I had at least 6 extra guys each time so it is very do able. If you have any questions on any specific parts, comment and I may be able to help you out. Send me a message on here if you are really struggling and I may be able to help out a little bit, but posting with comments and concerns is going to be the best way to get help!

Happy Hunting!

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Having fun ...

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