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Multiplayer Guide

Eternal's Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Multiplayer Guide

Right, so we all know Call of Duty 4 multiplayer is kick-ass. But do we all know the little details?


Jumping is not as effective as it is in Halo 3 or other 'old school' first person shooters. Because this is a very realistic game, it mimics real life physics and the consequences or jumping. In Call of Duty 4, jumping affects your running speed and reduces your sprint capacity. The default button for jumping is 'A'.

Being prone and/or crouching can benefit you in many ways. There are several advantages but a couple of disadvantages. Being prone gives your shots more accuracy and makes you a harder-to-hit target. However, you are more susceptible to headshots which will instantly kill you. Crouching is a halfway position between prone and standing. The default button for changing positions is 'B'.

Sprinting is one useful tool, if you know how to use it correctly. Never sprint around corners, because you never know if a terrorist or a soldier is just waiting there to shoot you. Sprinting can be used to get out of situations that require speed and only speed, for example, a hairy headquarters situation where enemy forces are converging on your position and you have a long kill streak that you do not wish to break. The default button for sprinting is 'LS' (depress the stick).

When firing at a target be sure to 'strafe'. For those unfamiliar to the term, it is where a person moves left or right without going forwards or backwards. Of course, in Call of Duty 4, you can charge while strafing at the same time. This tactic causes your opponent to constantly change bullet trajectory and subsequently make many bullets to miss you, allowing you to take advantage of this and kill him before you are killed. The default button for strafing is to move left or right with the 'LS' stick.


Call of Duty 4 is not a run-and-gun style game. It is not intended for players who charge into buildings 'rambo'-style and spray their guns aimlessly. It is, however, a game where cover is necessary to survive. If you are hit, take cover or go prone! Regenerate your health and get back up fighting. The red screen graphical effect and the sound of hoarse breathing is to ensure that you, as a player, know that you are close to death and should seek cover immediately.

There is a vast arsenal of weapons at your disposal in Call of Duty 4. Weapons range from single fire M14s to fully automatic RPDs to long range sniper equipment such as the R700. Choose weapons ideal for the match and gametype. For example, it would be foolish to run around with an M21 sniper rifle on Shipment, where close quarter combat is everything. It would also be foolish to travel alone in a very large map with a shotgun, a weapon only ideal for close quarters combat. Choose wisely according to map and gametype and you will master every weapon available.

The vast majority of multiplayer weapons must be unlocked by reaching the prescribed rank. A couple of weapons are included at the rank Private to start you off, after all, what would be a First Person Shooter without weapons?

For information on unlockables and experience, please view Clipse's thread, located here.


The AK-47 is the most frequently used enemy weapon of the game; however, its open iron sights make it inferior in range and accuracy to the M16A4 and M4 Carbine. However, it is also more powerful and can be used at long range because it has power close to the M14. The AK-47 is effective at medium to close range. The AK-47 is also not very well suited for long ranged fights, as even when aiming down the sights, there is significant recoil. It is one of six weapons that can be customised with a golden paint scheme.


In the game, the AK-74u is incorrectly considered a submachine gun.

In multiplayer it can be customized with a Red Dot sight, silencer and ACOG sight. The weapon's damage is high for a weapon counted as a submachine gun. The AK-74u is one of the best weapons in multiplayer. If combined with stopping power, it can can take out most enemies in very few bullets. While a popular weapon among more veteran players, if it often overlooked by newer player because they tend to think the P90 is the best submachine gun in its class. A good shot can dispatch 3 or 4 enemies with 1 clip.

Barrett .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle

The Barrett .50 Cal sniper is unlockable in multiplayer at level 49. Like all sniper rifles, it can be outfitted with an ACOG scope. The .50 Cal cannot accept a suppressor or a recoil reducer in-game. It is one of the most powerful sniper rifle in Call of Duty 4, and favored by many players for its sheer power and ability to make quick work of any enemies. However the sound made upon firing is distinctive and in multiplayer will give away the user's position.


The Dragunov is unlocked at Master Gunnery Sargent (lvl 22). Like all sniper rifles, it can be customised with an ACOG scope. This weapon is very similar to the M21, just with increased damage and it can kill in one shot with stopping power equipped. However, it also suffers from much higher recoil making it difficult to hit the target a second time if, as often occurs, the first shot fails to bring him down. It is also one of the six weapons that can have a golden colour scheme.


All players affected by flashbangs will see a single frame for approximately five seconds until it fades and normal sight returns. This special grenade is very useful for safely entering heavily defended areas, such as headquarters. The Special Grenade x3 perk allows the player to carry three flashbangs.

Fragmentation Grenade

The fragmentation grenade or, more commonly, the 'frag' is the basic grenade in Call of Duty 4. When thrown, the user has approximately 4 seconds to release it before it explodes in the player's hands. The grenade, when exploded, releases a large amount of shrapnel in every way. Frag grenades will kill unless the player sprints out of the Grenade icon. A very popular tactic is to 'cock' a grenade, ie; holding the grenade for 2 or 3 seconds then throwing it, ensuring that the enemy has no chance to throw it back.


In multiplayer, the G3 is a single shot rifle. Its high power combined with its accuracy make it an excellent sniping weapon. It can be customized with a grenade launcher, silencer, red dot sight, and ACOG scope. It is seen as a step down from the M14, but many prefer its lesser recoil.


In multiplayer, the G36c is obtained when a player reaches rank 37. It can be customised as standard like all assault rifles with the grenade launcher, red dot sight, suppressor, and ACOG scope.


In multiplayer the magazine holds 4 shells, which are loaded individually. Damage appears to be slightly less than that of the W1200, but the rate of fire is far greater. The M1014 is an extremely short-range weapon, and should be supplemented by an assault or sniper rifle from a fallen soldier as soon as possible when playing multiplayer. The M1014 can be customised with a red dot site or a grip. It is one of six weapons that can be customised with a gold paint scheme.


The M14 is one of the two single fire assault rifles (the other being the G3). Attachments include the ACOG scope, the grenade launcher, red dot sight and a silencer. The M14 is a true 'love it or hate it' weapon, loved by many players, because it can drop a person in two hits to the body. It makes a excellent mid-range rifle, or sniper weapon, although it suffers from high recoil at long range.


It's highly powerful and quite accurate, which is only further enhanced by its three round burst firing mode. This rifle can be fitted with a silencer, red dot sight, ACOG scope, and grenade launcher. The weapon is designed primarily for medium to long range engagements, and can usually if not always drop enemies in a single three round burst if the Stopping Power perk is equipped. It is often called 'nooby' or 'cheap' by other online players because of this.

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