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Ambush is set around a convoy of broken-down vehicle and hosts a wide variety of elevated spots, enabling you to hold your breath and take aim. Both spawn points provide ample sniping locations which overlook the middle of the map, along with the opposing sniper positions. The sewer tunnels are an area of the map which are most largely overlooked. This is a small area, but one that has saved lives on more than one occasion. All types of classes are effective here. Desert camouflage works best.


A Mid-Sized map that is good for almost all game modes. Beware, people enjoy the thrill and rush of the MK 92 mounted machine guns, several good spots were the guns cannot reach or are far off can knock the gunner to the grave. The top of the middle building is great for snipers or heavey gunners. But do not dwell on the second floor for long, because if you do, you are easy prey for the machine guns, both of which can hit the whole second floor. If you need the challange to survive the whole game, a good chance to get it is to go in the basement of the construction building, it is a very overlooked area. All types of classes are effective here. Desert camoflage works best.


Large map with great sniper locations. Avoid being caught in the middle because you are sitting duck for even the mediocre sniper. To assault your chosen building, attack from the side entrances. Back pool area and far garden provide excellent cover if you are so lucky for a headquarters to spawn there. Use night vision when entering the left building, dark places are a camper's haven where they lie in wait for anyone careless enough to rush in for a simple enough backstab. The most effective classes are sniper and stealth classes.


Broadcast is a map from the Variety Map Pack. A large sized map that is seen in the level "Charlie Don't Surf". It seems to take place before the fighting because the area is less destroyed. The parking lot outside is filled with cars and a roof over the middle of it. A small building is located on the edge of the parking lot where snipers can pick off soldiers on the second floor of the TV station. From IGN's impressions, the best game modes are Search and Destroy and Team Deathmatch. Some places are switched around as the news room is downstairs instead of upstairs, and the windowed rooms are inaccessible. A skylight is above where the bomb area B spawns. It is well liked by most players and is the most popular map in the map pack.


Chinatown is a remake of the popular Call of Duty 1 and 2 multi player map Carentan for the Variety Map Pack. Its layout is exactly the same as the original. This map's theme revolves around fighting in a heavily Chinese themed area. Almost every building in the map is open and able to be occupied. The grenade is perfect for a mix of mid-range and close quarters combat. Many players who prefer sniping will be utterly disappointed, as there are few hiding spots and most combat will take place where a sniper rifle's advantage is diminished. It is good for almost any game mode.


Creek is a map from the 1.6 PC version and the Variety Map Pack and is the largest map in the game. It is great for players who enjoy long range combat, but it won't be popular with players who enjoy getting in close. The map is divided by a ravine with small houses on each side. A waterfall is on one side with tunnels along the ravine wall. The hills leading to the ravine are lined with sandbags to protect players from the constant fire from long range weapons.


The design of the map features missile silos, small hangers (2 on each side of the map, rather close to each other.), blast shields that offer some cover, and tank trucks to climb. Intense battles usually occur on this map, this is evident on gametypes such as headquarters, sabotage and domination. Most effective classes are Sniper, LMG, and assault classes. Digital camouflage is often preferred.


Crash is a decent sized level with many two-level buildings and 1 three-level building that is perfect for snipers. Most of the crossfire takes place over a downed helicopter near the center of the map. Most effective classes are Assault and Sniper classes. Desert camouflage is often prefered.


Crossfire is one of the largest levels with perhaps the most buildings and places to hide. It is a favorite of snipers and campers alike. Most of the combat is between the two 2-story buildings at each end of the long street in intense sniper battles. Another majority of fighting occurs inside the small interior buildings that line the main street. Desert camouflage is often preferred.


District is a very urban level. People who enjoy exploding cars will find whole streets full of them. Long range combat can be found on the long, intersecting streets, and close range combat can be found near the center marketplace. Desert camouflage is often preferred.


Downpour is a level with low visibility due to the unceasing rain. There are two Machine gun turrets on the level, although it is said that one has a much better position and view than the other. Helicopters are often destroyed easily due to one side nearly always having a MG. Woodland camouflage is often preferred.


Killhouse is a very small map from the Variety Map Pack and it is inspired by the tutorial level "F.N.G.", it is symmetrical map with a looking post in the middle. The buildings are wooden and the walls are concrete. It will sure be home to some very fierce battles as the map is not a lot larger than Shipment. The games will be fast and deadly so if you can't master close quarters combat, you will be frustrated about how fast you are dying and will most likely lose in this map. Don't be fooled by the cameras, they are not mounted guns as some players believed when they first saw them. It is the least played of the maps because


Overgrown takes place in a large Russian field. It is very open and perfect for snipers, who can often see across the level. Gillie suits easily conceal a sniper in the lush vegetation. There are two machine guns on the level. Woodland sniper camouflage works best.


Pipeline is a large multiplayer map in Call of Duty 4. It's main design centers around two side-to-side warehouses out in the middle of Russia (or somewhere exotic) and the immediate areas around it. The map features a good variety of sniper positions throughout the level. Including on top of the roofs of the two main warehouses, and the green hill they both face. The level also has a rather elaborate network of tunnels beneath it. These tunnels can provide undetected movement from one location to another, as they mostly go unused by many players. But sometimes other players may decide to use them, so don't let your guard down completely.


Shipment is a small map ideal for quick and short games. Domination and Headquarters are great for this map. When playing this map most players will arm themselves with shotguns and SMGs.


Showdown is a small, desert bazaar type map. It's circular design is perfect for flanking the enemy. Despite it's size, short range weapons often have a disadvantage on this map. Desert camouflage works best.


This is a large map with a few key positions on it. There are long lines of view, and most fighting occurs building-to-building across the streets. People tend to enjoy this map most with team deathmatch or headquarters settings. Desert camouflage is often preferred.


Vacant is a small map that is based in an abandoned office. Shotguns and SMG's are a must. The level appears to be half indoors and half outdoors, although almost all combat occurs indoors. Helicopters and airstrikes are nearly pointless on this level considering most of the map is indoors. Woodland or Digital camouflage is often preferred.

Wet Work

Wet Work is a medium sized map with nearly identical sides. Frag grenades work especially well. Helicopters and airstrikes are dreaded because of little cover and the linear shape of the playing field. Blue Tiger and Digital camouflage are often preferred.

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