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Category 1 Perks:
  • Bomb Squad - Ability to see nearby enemy explosive
Bomb squad is one of the most useless perks available, compared to the other category 1 perks. It will identify all enemy explosives with a large exploding skull above it. Bomb squad is useful for obtaining the 'Backdraft' challenge. It is also quite effective in Search and Destroy, however most players will choose Claymores or Frags for the gametype.
  • C4 x 2 - Remote detonation explosive
A very useful perk if used correctly. The C4 will kill anyone who is in close proximity to the explosive. Be careful though, C4s are easily spotted and are just as dangerous if shot. You can double tap 'X' while holding another weapon to detonate the C4s you have placed.
  • Claymore x 2 - Trip activated explosive mine
Possible one of the most useful claymores. Plant and leave. They can be used to guard entrances, with claymores floating around the corner of doors, waiting to kill anyone who dares enter. They are especially useful in Search and Destroy, Sabotage and Headquarters. However, they are easily spotted when in the open, so be sure to place them just behind walls.
  • RPG-7 x 2 - Rocket Launcher with 2 rockets
These rocket propelled grenades can be used as anti-personnel weapons, often taking out multiple enemies with a single rocket. They are also used against enemy helicopters, which can take two rockets before it is destroyed. Using this perk enables you to spawn with two RPGs.
  • Special Grenades x 3 - 3 special grenades. No smoke
Using this perk enables you to carry three stun or flashbangs. Especially useful if you constantly throw these types of grenades.
  • Bandolier- Extra ammunition magazines
Not very useful, considering most people will die before running out of ammunition, especially so with LMGs. However, those who constantly get large kill streaks may find this very useful, instead of looting the corpses of fallen teammates.
  • Frag x 3 - 3 fragmentation grenades
This perk allows you to carry 3 frag grenades. Very useful in Search and Destroy and if you just love throwing 'random' grenades up in the air in hopes of a kill(s).

Category 2 Perks:
  • Juggernaut- Increased health
This is one of the more useful perks, allowing the user to have more health and thus being harder to kill. When attacking someone with Juggernaut equipped, a medical cross appears underneath the crosshairs.
  • Sleight of Hand- Faster reloading
Very useful for reloading LMGs in tight situations. Where normal reloads take around 7 seconds, it will take 2 or 3 with sleight of hand equipped.
  • Sonic Boom - Higher explosive weapon damage
An awesome perk if you like massive destruction. Equip an RPG and fire if you like a fireshow (and some kills). This perk increases all explosions from frags, RPGs and airstrikes.
  • Stopping Power- Increased bullet damage
THE most useful perk available. This perk, as it says, increases your bullet damage by about 100%. You take less bullets to kill an enemy while also being able to take advantage of single fire and burst fire weapons, which may kill with one shot or a single burst.
  • Double Tap- Increased rate of fire
Useful with SMGs and LMGs. They increases the rate of fire by 100% but the gun eats up more ammunition quicker. Useful if you know you die every few seconds.
  • UAV Jammer- Undetectable on enemy radar
Extraordinarily useful for Search and Destroy. Combined with a silencer, you will never appear on enemy radar, even when they have UAV recon enabled.
  • Overkill- Carry two primary weapons, no pistol
An interesting perk that allows you to spawn with two primary weapons. Most players will go for a simple weapon, ie; a SMG, and a sniper rifle. However, if you equip Last Stand perk, you will mystically pull out a pistol when in Last Stand...

Category 3 Perks:
  • Deep Impact- Deeper bullet penetration
Not useful for LMGs, as they have a default ability to shoot through walls. This perk enables other weapons to be able to shoot through thicker walls, useful for the 'X Ray Vision' challenge.
  • Extreme Conditioning - Sprint for longer distances
A completely useless perk. You can sprint for longer, which has no effect on the battle. You should not use this perk.
  • Last Stand - Pull out your pistol before dying
A neat little perk if you have a long kill streak. You will pull out your pistol while bleeding to death on the ground and attempt to get a kill. All kills in Last Stand mode count towards your Kill Streak.
  • Martyrdom - Drop a live grenade when killed
When killed, you will drop a frag grenade with the pin pulled in a random direction. One of the perks deemed 'nooby' by other players who experience death from martyrdom.
  • Steady Aim - Increased hip-fire accuracy
Nice perk for players who run around with an LMG and don't even bother scoping in for a kill.
  • Dead Silence - Movements make less noise
Useless perk that makes you inaudible to enemies. Instead of the noise that you hear when someone sneaks up on you, you won't hear anything.
  • Iron Lungs - Longer breathe for steadier sniper shots
Useful perk if you, as a sniper, hold your breath the moment you see an enemy soldier. You can hold it for approximately 100% more.


  • Red Dot Sight - Replaces iron sights with precision reflex sight
  • ACOG Scope - This is not enhanced version of the Red Dot Sight as you may be led to believe. Essentially, when looking down the sights, your perspective will zoom in considerably, but the aim of the weapon will be wavy and not as steady as the Red Dot Sight or the iron sights. Also, longer range by 15%, less accuracy by about 10%.
  • Grip - Reduces recoil for shotguns and LMGs - replaces perk 1
  • Silencer - Makes the user invisible on the map when their weapon is fired and reduces muzzle flash; also reduces kickback. Also reduces range by about 10%.
  • Grenade Launcher - Only for assault rifles and replaces perk

There are three modifiers a player can attain throughout playing multiplayer: UAV, Airstrike, and Helicopter Support.
  • UAV Recon- Requires three consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to see exactly where the opposing team's players are on the map unless they have UAV Jammer for perk 2. UAV also activates the mini-map and Radar in hardcore matches
  • Airstrike - Requires five consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to call for three jets to fly in and drop bombs. The player chooses where to send the plane on his/her map. There is no Team killing in Multiplayer what so ever, So your Airstrike WILL NOT harm friendlies (unless in a Hardcore Match) although you can Airstrike yourself and die. Additionally, enemies killed by the bombs dropped by the jets will count as a kill by whoever called in the Airstrike, which can easily count towards a 6th and 7th kill, which will grant a valid Helicopter Support modifier.
  • Helicopter Support - Requires seven consecutive kills without dying. This modifier allows the player to call for helicopter support. The helicopter hangs above the ground, firing at opposing team members whenever they come into view, and will stay until the helicopter is destroyed by the opposing team or until two minutes have passed; whichever comes first.
There is only allowed 1 airstrike at a time along with 1 helicopter. There cannot be two airstrikes or helicopters running at the same time, unless the glitch is done. Players must wait to 'activate' their airstrike or helicopter after the previous attack is finished; This is on a "first come first served basis"

Once earned, these this air support can be used instantly, or reserved for use later in the game-even after the player that earned them dies. But say you get an Airstrike, and don't use it, die, then get 3 kills, you will lose it, and get the UAV.

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