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Achievement Guide

Hero of Venus 20

To gain this Achievement you must complete level 3. If you do the level in under 25 minutes then you will also complete goal 3, which goes towards the perfectionist achievement.

Hero of Mercury 20

To gain this Achievement you must complete level 7

Hero of Mars 30

To gain this Achievement you must complete the final level which is level 10.

Weapon Specialist 15

To gain this one all you have to do is fully upgrade one weapon to do this you will need to collect 2125 titanium. The best weapon that I thought was best to upgrade first was the shotgun. read bottom for more general help. The titanium looks something like this:

Well Defended 20

This achievement is the most boring to get I think but it is not hard to get at all just very time consuming. To get the wicked armour you need 4200 carbon. but in order to get the wicked armour you first need to buy the good armour (600) and then the super armour (1200) and THEN the wicked armour (2400) the carbon's look like this:

Perfect Skill 10

To get this one you will need to ever complete the game and put all your exp on to one stat or you can keep replying a level that you think is best for you until you get a total exp of 505,000. I highly recommend putting it on hit points as you can then live long making it easier to get more exp.

Medallist 10

This will be your first achievement as all you have to do is get a medal. you get medals for completing goals. There is 3 goals per level. on Boarded! the first level the goals are:

.Kill 3 martion elite's
.Defuse all 6 bombs
.Complete the level in under 400 seconds (which is about 6:30 minutes)
for the complete list for all level see perfectionist.

Overachiever 15

See perfectionist on how to get a gold for all ten levels.

Perfectionist 20

All the minutes is just a estimate.
.Kill 3 Martian Elites, Defuse 6 Mines, Complete in under 400 seconds.(6:30 minutes)
.Kill 95% Terra Troopers, Save 24 Prisoners, Complete in under 870 seconds.(14:30 minutes)
.Kill 90% Terra Turrets, 95% Light Martians, Complete in under 1490 seconds.(25 minutes)
.Kill 100% Mumbas, Kill 100% Melee Martians, Complete in under 280 seconds.(4:30 minutes)
.Kill 80% Martian Troopers, Kill 2 Scorches, Destroy 70% Torpedoes.
.Kill 90% Mumbas, Rescue 18 Prisoners, Complete in under 670 seconds.(11 minutes)
.Kill 6 Martian RPG's, Kill 95% Martian Drones, Complete in under 750 seconds.(11 minutes)
.Kill 6 Martian RPG's, Destroy 50% Torpedoes, Complete in under 500 seconds.(8:10 minutes)
.Kill 80% Martian Drones, Kill 90% Light Martians, Complete in under 1000 seconds.(16:30 minutes)
.Kill 300 Martian Troopers, Kill 19 Terra Techs, Complete in under 1150 seconds.(19 minutes)

Multi Player 10

All you have to do is complete one level on a online game.

Big Winner 20

To unlock this achievement all you have to do is win 3 levels online with 3 other players present. to win all you need to do is collect all that space money (Titanium, Newtonium and Carbon).

Smarter Than A Ball 10
In level 6 Liberation of Armada you will be cased by a rolling ball to unlock this achievement all you have to do is not get crushed by it. If you fail you could always retry the level.

General tips

EXP is used to training your skills which will help you during your adventures.

What i did when i first started i did level one (boarded!) quite a few times just so i got a bit of exp and space money (Titanium, Carbon and Newtonium)

when you upgrade your weapons it will also upgrade your pistol as well. Which you will notice as you progress through the game.

you will also need to collect Newtonium which looks like this:

you can use this to buy inventory items like health and revives.

I strongly recommend buying all 5 health packs and the 1 revive as you will most probably need them when you first start off or even for bosses later on in the game.

After each level you complete even if you repeat the level you will be offered a upgrade to your looks and will also have a + something like HP or speed.

i recommend also full upgrading the shotgun as it is very strong and spreads out quite far. After that or before that do the razor as it appears on the game quite a lot.

Thanks to AcA Scorpion for helping me with my grammar.

P.S sorry about the drawing not very good at drawing
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