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Exclamation "Heavy Gunner" Build incl. Playstyle Suggestions

I thought that i post maybe one or two of my setups to explain what i mean by setups and how to use them. Please be aware that these are just suggestions and i am not telling anyone what to do or what it the best in my opinion. This are personal opinions. If you do not like them, fair enough.

Be aware that with this setup and some skill you will be a bullet magnet. People with shotguns will hunt you down and Sniper will be on the lookout for you.

"Heavy Gunner" Build

Weapon: RPD (Grip)
Sidearm: Desert Eagle (or the best pistol you have)
Grenades: Frag, Smoke
Perk 1: - (you can not choose one because of the Grip)
Perk 2: Stopping Power
Perk 3: Deep Impact

Best Gametypes for this build:
Team Deathmatch
Mercenary Team Deathmatch
Ground War
Hardcore Team Deathmatch (only for advanced players)

You will be really good at medium to long range. Every map that gives you the possibility to shot long range should be your kingdom. The Grip will give you an unbelievable ammount of accuracy on long range as long as you know how to use this weapon proberly. Short controlled bursts is the most important fact to remember with this setup.

The recoil is not to strong when you use short controlled bursts. On long range targets do not aim for the head. Instaed aim directly for the chest with a controlled burst of two or three bullets per target. The small recoil over long range has the effect that the second or third bullet is a little bit higher and most of the time result in a headshot.

A lot of people do not properly understand what Deep Impact even does. All weapons have the default ability to shoot through different surfaces like doors, wood or even concrete walls, but with Deep Impact more bullets go through and they are a lot more powerful when they come out on the other side. So i would actually say that Deep Impact is one of the better perks for a heavy gunner especially in combination with Stopping Power and definetly a lot more useful then Steady Aim on long range.

Never run up front. Let the Assault guys do the jobs to clear houses or to run around a corner. Provide cover at long range or penetrate house's from the outside for support. The team will thank you for it that they can advance without the fear that an enemy jumps in there back.

Be sure that you know what you do if you get into fight's with sniper. Most of all Snipers on the XBox 360 Version of the Game are totaly useless. Always be on the move and look for cover that you can use for your advantage. If you see a sniper take the shot as soon as possible to kill him. Most of them are still busy with aiming when they get shot.

If you have bad luck and the sniper knows what he is doing, you are dead. Should you survive or not go into fights with Sniper at all, use your Smoke and advance into another direction or wait for the enemy to do the same. Also the team will thank you for it. Smoke is one of the most underastimated tools in Multiplayer (same with Flash and Stun).

Only reload when you are sure about it that you will survive. 90% of all my death's are a result based on the fact that i decided to reload my weapon at the wrong time. This is the typical reaction that everyone does when coming from an Assault Rifle build. You don't have to reload after each kill. It is possible to have a nice killstreak of ten to fiveten people without having to reload once. Search for cover or make sure that you get covered from some teammembers. Always switch to your Deagle first and then look for cover to reload. Reloading takes a long time with the RPD.

Last but not least one or two more words about how to use your sprint. Only use it if you have to escape a dangerous situation like Grenades or Air Strikes. NEVER use it to advance from one position to the other. You carry a very heavy weapon and can not sprint for long and then you stand in the middle of a grenade field and can not get out anymore.

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