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I've got to ask, are you blind? There is already an Achievement Guide made for this game.
Welcome to the Achievement Guide FAQ. This FAQ is designed to provide an organized and consolidated one-stop shop for those members of the great x360a community who are interested in writing or improving guides.

There are several steps to writing and submitting an achievement guide. The quick and dirty steps are below, followed by detailed instructions:

1 – Find a game where the guide does not exist or needs significant improvement.
2 – Post a message letting the group know that you are working on the guide for the game.
3 – Write and format the guide.
4 – Submit the guide.
5 – Receive thanks and signs of gratitude.
David Creech: Re: Achievement Guide Go for it. If yours is better, we will use it instead.

now i would not of wrote the guide for no reason. i asked David like it sed in the FAQ and he said go for it as you will see if you read. good point have you read the other Achievement guide and then mine, I bet you just sor the name and posted that message dint yer you should of read first. if you dint like you should of just sed and told me why so i could of changed it.
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