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AOS Puck you are boring me now, i said i am a bad speller and you rhink that that is an ecsuse BUT ITS NOT!! its just the way some people are born i and i live with it but like i said it does not boost no ones conferdents if you are putting them down. but then again you said you arn't puting up but telling me i should not be posting new achivement guides . but THERE IS NOT A GUIDE YET AS IT HAS NOT BEEN SUMITED. now the guy you did write the guide will no dont get his gude but forward but hay you lern from your mistakes but you say you are here to help but not to boost my confendest at the same time then what sort of person are you. Am only 18 years old and i cant spell very good not because i am stupid because i did not get the help i need from school and now i am allways trying to leran so peopel like you dont help!!!!
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