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Originally Posted by JohnnyRock84 View Post
Combo Killer: 30G

Venice: Veni, Vidi, Vici" (Casual)

As WyldThingUK and HAYxDEN stated in the guide, you need a 15x Combo when finishing the level to get the "Combo Killer" achievement.

Thanks to Illusion01 for the tip on how to kill the Bonus Enemy.

A few tips first.

Learn the route.

Learn when you can reload.

For enemies #7 and #10 get close to to them before shooting to give you more time to reach the next enemy without your combo bleeding down.

1. Run out of the starting point and shoot the distant skullshot on your right.
2. Shoot the skullshot in the alcove to the left of your starting point.
3. Shoot the first enemy.
4 & 5. Run down the steps and shoot the next two guys.
6. Into the doorway, shoot the 3rd skullshot in front of you. Reload.
7. Follow the route, get close to this guy, then kill him.
8. Immediately turn right, fall off the raised area and shoot the guy coming up the stairs.
9. Shoot the skullshot above the doorway and follow the path.
10. Again, get close to this guy before killing him. Reload.
11. Use LT to aim at this guy, auto aim is useless here. Reload.
12. Continue on the path, shoot the skullshot at the top of the stairway.
13. As you come out the doorway, shoot the guy behind the sandbags.
14. BONUS ENEMY: He runs from right to left behind the exit. Strafe to the right, Use LT and aim left towards his exit doorway.
15. Finally, shoot the remaining enemy who should be to your left, then shoot down the door as you run towards it.

Once you've tried a few times you'll get it fairly quickly.

The only tricky kill is enemy #11 as he has the shield, you MUST kill him before he raises his shield or your combo will bleed down.

That was my path to the achievement, hope it helps somebody!
for some reason the bonus enemy isnt being released for me, any idea why that would be?

Edit: It says bonus enemy released but no one appears.....

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