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Boog's Guide and FAQ's Disscussion and Help Thread.

There are 46 achievements worth 1000 points. There are 32 secret achievements. The achievements for this game have been rated as Simple (2/10). The offical Open Season website can be found HERE. This guide will cover all the achievements from Open Season. Boog is the main character in the movie and the Xbox 360 video game. Here is a list of all the achievements. Adventure completed! (50), Maximum Wild Points Obtained! (100), Butterfly Badges! (15), Flower Badges! (15), Trash Badges! (15), Feather Badges! (15), Beetle Badges! (15), Acorns Badges! (15), Track Badges! (15), Mushrooms Badges! (15), Leaf Badges! (15), Buddy with all animals! (15), Collection Rewards! (100), Wild Skills! (65), Buddy with Rabbits! (5), Buddy with Skunks! (5), Buddy with Deer! (5), Buddy with Squirrels! (5), Buddy with Porcupines! (5), Buddy with Ducks! (5), Buddy with Beavers! (5), Perfect Dinkelman Dreams! (20), Perfect Timberline! (20), Perfect Puni Mart Picnic! (20), Perfect for Hoof it! (20), Perfect Scare Bear! (20), Perfect Wake in the Wild! (20), Perfect Meet the Skunks! (20), Perfect Mine Shafted! (20), Perfect Snow Blitz! (20), Perfect Fowl Duty! (20), Perfect Hunted! (20), Perfect Crazy Quackers! (20), Perfect Duck and Cover! (20), Perfect Beaver Damage! (20), Perfect Rocky River! (20), Perfect Shaw's Shack! (20), Perfect Start the Battle! (20), Perfect Protect the Clan's Tree! (20), Perfect Tanks a Lot! (20), Perfect Clear the Ducks! (20), Perfect Trouble with Trappers! (20), Perfect Chainsaw Cha Cha! (20), Perfect Reilly's Rampage! (20), Perfect Toothy Torpedoes! (20), Perfect Shaw Showdown!(20). There are no online (Xbox Live) achievements, and these achievements are achievable within 5-10 hours of gameplay.

[Guide comeing soon]

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