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Smile Brilliant... best comedy I've read this hour!

This has to be a 5* thread, it's absolutely brilliant. Such sarcasm, such satire, such irony. Brilliant. I can't say it enough, how brilliant it is. An 18 year old 'pretending' to be 'a slow learner' who has no basic grasp of grammar and spelling (despite claiming to be from Inger-land, the home of English grammar), yet he's got enough intellect to complete 7 retail and 4 XLBA games (except Rocketmen, he's only got 150/200)... I like it! And the poor Samaritan, trying to help this person and being knocked around by all-comers, wishing he'd never intervened in the first place! It's like an episode of Joey, but without the subtle nuances that gave Matt LeBlanc no chance of playing the lead character other than, well, Joey!

And the guide? Well, it seems to contain a lot of details that I (personally) added to JohhnyRock84's already pretty perfect guide. I realise I do not own any intellectual rights to anything he (or you) have written, but a LITTLE credit where it's due would have been nice. JohhnyRock84 spent ages playing each level, getting all the data he could to make the guide as perfect as possible. I fear you have not been as industrious in creating your guide. Almost as industrious as I would if I decided, now, to make one myself.

Other than that, I just gotta say again... BRILLIANT! English humour is the hardest to master, but easily the funniest when you get it! Keep it up, dude!

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