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Originally Posted by Link2430 View Post

OSHA Violation
5Kill 3 enemies using the crane.

In the chapter, Highway 17, you will come to a magnetic crane in which you need to pick up the buggy and place it on the higher level. When you get into the crane, 3 guys will come out from the building and start shooting you. Just pick up a huge container, and start swinging it at them. You can also drop it on them to kill them as well.

Targetted Advertising
5 Pin a soldier to the billboard in chapter Highway 17.

Just before you cross the bridge to that farm with many foes, there is a big car pile up. If you look next to it, there is a hill with a tree on it. Get up the hill and there should be a corpse with the crossbow. The player should still be able to stick that guy from the hill provided they aim slightly above the target.

Where Cubbage Fears to Tread
5 Defend Little Odessa from the gunship attack.

Story related so you can't miss it.
you messed this one up.

"where cubbage fears to Tread" should be before these two....

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