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Activities Achievements

One Hundred And Eighty

In a darts game score 180 with 3 darts. 10
Go to any bar/pub that has a dartboard, you do not need to do this with a friend. If you don't know where to go to play darts, you can call up a friend and ask to play some darts. After you pick them up, the location will be on your radar. Once at the pub, walk up to the board and start the game with . Then, when the target is hovering over the triple 20 (inside ring, top number), press to steady your aim, throw the dart by pressing .
Then do it 2 more times in a row.
**Can be done after completing story mode**

**Note About Darts**
This is for those of you who are not familiar with the rules of darts. The particular game played in the pubs is "301" which means that both players start at 301, and work their way down to 0. You need to hit 0 exactly, if you go over (under) you will bust and have to try again.

On the board you will notice 20 slices each worth a different number of points. Shoot the dart into a slice, and you will knock that amount of points off your total on your way down to zero. Along the outer rim of the board, you will notice a ring. This ring is worth double. So if you're shooting at a 20, and your dart lands in the double ring, it's worth 40. Likewise, you will notice an inner ring, which is worth triple points (and the one needed for this achievement).

Now, above and beyond simply shooting darts for this achievement, it is also required that you beat all of your friends at darts (who enjoy darts, and are needed for 100% completion). As you work your way down to zero, you need to keep in mind that your final dart that brings you exactly to zero must be shot into the doubles ring in order for you to win.

For example, if you have 13 points, shooting a 13 will bust your score (no double), as well as shooting a 14 will (going over). An example of a winning set for a 13 score would be to shoot a 3, and then a double 5 for your final dart.

Pool Shark

Beat a friend at pool.10
The quickest way to get this started is call up a friend and ask to play some pool. This can be done while you're working for any of the friend achievements, such as "Dial B for Bomb" and also when you're trying to pick up a girl for "Warm Coffee."

After you pick your friend up, the location will be on your radar. Once at the pub, walk up to the table and start the game with . Billiards can be a rather complex game, but GTA has done a fairly good job of simplifying it. In essence, one player shoots the striped balls in, the other shoots the solids, and once a player has their balls sunk, they may shoot for the 8-ball. When the 8 is pocketed after all other balls are, that player wins. However, if the 8 is pocketed before the rest of your balls, you lose.

When it's your turn, you will see a dotted white line coming from your ball. This is the path your ball will take when you shoot. The computer actually does a very good job of lining the shots up for you. If you do no aiming, take the shot that it gives you, you should make the ball almost every time.

When you are looking down the path your ball will take, press
to enter shooting mode. Now pull back to pull the stick back, and push it forward to shoot. Those are the basics you will need to win the game. Almost all advanced billiards mechanics such as English are included in the game, but to obtain the achievement you shouldn't need to worry about those things.

If you find yourself struggling, as is stated, one of the main rules of billiards is if you shoot the 8 ball early, you lose, so wait and eventually an opponent may shoot that ball in for you, granting you an automatic win.

**Can be done after completing story mode**

King of QUB3D
Beat the High Score in QUB3D. 15
QUB3D is a machine that can be found all round the island. There is one in first strip club as you go in the front door on the left. There is also one in the same bar as the first pool hall you enter. (See "Pool Shark") The high score is 10,950, but the achievement will not unlock until after you finish the game. The main point of Qub3d is that blocks will fall from the top to the bottom much like Tetris, and you need to get similar colors to land so that 4 blocks of the same color are connected, and then that color block will disappear.

**Can be done after completing story mode**

Here's a video from
HotShotCMS showing how Qub3d is played:

Gobble Gobble
Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling.10
A great tip for the 3 Strikes in a Row (Bowling) which always works, is the following:

- Choose a Half-Time or a Full-Time Game, it doesn't matter.
- Go to the left (first) lane.
- Wait till Niko gets the ball in his hands.
- Hold the to the left, till Niko does 2 whole steps to the left.
- Press to get into shooting position.
- Push the down for 1 second (if you bring it back too soon, you will throw the ball too fast and you won't get the strike), then push it back up. When pushing it forward, try to push it straight up, and just a hair to the right.
- Repeat 2 more times in a row

**Can be done after completing story mode**
Thanks to HotShotCMS for this video as well!

Odd Job / Side Mission Achievements

Courier Service
Complete all 10 package delivery jobs.10
These are Little Jacob's side missions, and require you to deliver some..... "product" for him.

This is much easier than the game leads you to believe. Call Jacob on the phone and ask him for work to get the mission started. Hail a cab with , and have them take you to the car where the product is. Once you get out of the cab, immediately hail it again so it doesn't drive off. Then get in the car, and immediately get back out and run to your waiting cab. Have the taxi take you to your destination, and get out and hail it again. Run to the drop off point, deliver the package, and call Jacob for another job. The taxi should be still waiting for you to begin the process all over again.

There are three types of deliveries that will take place:
*You drop off the drugs and you're done (taxi will still be waiting for you)
*You get ambushed by a rival gang (taxi will still be waiting for you)
*You have to lose your wanted level (taxis will not wait for you if you have a wanted level)

Go here for in-depth mission details:

**Can be done after completing story mode**
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