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Originally Posted by Bear 078 View Post
Really none of the achievements are hard... just time consuming...
i agree on this, i thought that some of these achievements would be quite hard, and it turns out that i was completely wrong. they all will take a while, but they aren't hard at all.
i haven't finished them all, yet, but i don't see it being too challenging.
the direct assaults are a piece of cake.
the local ranking scores (except boss battle, i haven't unlocked it yet) i thought would be hard and i got all of them on my first or second try.
i decided to start on the laser assassin one last night, expecting that to be a pain in the butt; played area 1, got 100%; played area 3, got 99.44%; i already was above 95% for area's 2 and 4, and i'm going to do area 5 tonight, but i don't expect it to be too hard anymore.
i am hoping to be at 200 gamerscore points if not by the end of the night, definitely by the end of the week. (8:00am finals every day this week may make it hard to do all in one sitting)
i can't wait for either a Rez 2 or some DLC! (i can hope, can't i?)
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