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Pedle Zelnip
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Does anybody else think this game is insanely hard?

<pointless rant>

Seriously, I have 1000/1000 in Burnout Revenge, and I've had a lot of people say that's non-trivial, but compared to this one that game's a cakewalk.

Horrible sluggish controls, rediculous physics, frustrating minigames, and expectation of perfection to progress through the game. I'm at 55/1000 and I think I might quit now before I decide to destroy my TV in frustration.

I've played the first carnage mode race (the water canal one) probably 20 times now and my scores are binary: either about 49K (just short of gold) or about 15K (nowhere near any medal). Seems completely arbitrary as each time I've scored 49K I've done nothing really different than the 15K runs, just lucked out on one or two car crashes.

And don't get me started on the physics, I can plow through a water tower without batting an eye, but a small pylon will throw my car into a flying spin. Or having wreckage that gets stuck on your vehicle. In a derby race I went around a good half a lap with a tire stuck to my roof. Apparently someone decided to lace it with crazy glue so that the poor fool who ran into the tire would be unable to get rid of it.

Okay, I'm done now, thanks for listening.

</end pointless rant>
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