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Originally Posted by Wreggitt View Post
I have what I think is an improvement on your strategy. After doing exactly what you posted 4 times and always failing by the tiniest amount I decided in round 2 he seem to always cast reflect.

So instead of casting reversa 8 times the first three people who hit in your party should cast flare then reversa, and the final person should double cast reversa. This makes the damage caused by reversa so small all your people should stay alive without Persistence kicking in. In the four times I fought and lost Kaim always died in the first round through a combination of forceus and reflect from a reversa.

By doing this you basically insure that your whole party will be intact to cast double reversas the next round regardless if he casts the kelo-cannon thing.

Yeah, it's true that it would help greatly if you cast reflect on yourself in the first turn. However, I have to ask, did you put the Immortals in the back row and Sed/Tolten in the front? Because a mortal with full HP should tank the Forceus.

Also, it would be much better to go into the battle with 2HP and not 1HP as you will make use of persistence.

I finally managed to beat him for the first time on my 3rd try, using Reversa and anticipating the "inevitable 2nd turn reflect"

Attempt 3:
I had 3 Immortals with 1Hp, Sarah at 3000HP and Sed at 5000Hp. Defeated him in 4 turns, casting 3 Flares (Reflected and Nulified by my party) casting Reversa all the way.

Attempt 4:
I wanted to save people from going through this dungeon multiple times, so I decided to do a quick video. Tried the same strategy with 4 Immortals at 1Hp and Tolten with full HP.
Turn 1: 8 Reversas hit
Turn 2: Anticipating reflect, I cast 3 flares and 8 reversas. I assume because he took a certain amount of damage, he did not cast reflect but instead kelotimate hit which killed Kiam and Seth.
Turn 3: At this point, he had recovered almost all his HP. So i started reviving Kiam and Seth while casting Reversa with Ming and Complete Defence on Tolten. Prof K casts Annihilation. Only Tolten survives.
Turn 4: I cast Self Sacrifice with Tolten. Prof K casts Kelocannon, 0 damage to Tolten.
Turn 5: Self Sacrifice works. Prof K casts Annihilation. Only Kiam survives.
Turn 6: I cast Self Sacrifice with Kiam. Prof K casts reflect.
Turn 7: I cast 3 flares, 1 Reversa and revive Kiam with Tolten. Seth uses Complete Defense. Prof K casts Annihilation and only Seth survives.
Turn 8: Self Sacrifice with Seth. Prof K casts Kelotimate hit, 0 damage to Seth.
Turn 9: I revive Seth and cast Reversas with the 3 Immortals. Prof K casts Annihilation. Game over.

Attempt 5:
Sed at full Hp with 4 Immortals at low HPs (1, 1, 500, 500)
I followed my previous attempt, casting flare. This time, Prof K didnt cast reflect and my flares didnt do enough damage. After 2 Annihilations, my party was wiped out.

Attempt 6:
Sed at full hp with 4 Immortals with 1 Hp
I cast reversa all the way. He did not use reflect on his second turn but cast generatus instead, suggesting (unconfirmed) that the AI realised it had lost too much HP to go on the offensive. I lose the battle because Kiam and Seth got killed by Forceus (they were in the front row) and I did not do enough damage to cover Prof K's regenerus.

Attempt 7:
What you have here now, Sed in the front row and Immortals in the back. I highly recommend you go into this battle with 2HP more as I got lucky when Kaim didn't die.

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