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Beat K on the 2nd try. Sed and all immortals at lvl99.

First time I missed using Sed for the first Reversa and K cast the Annihilation on 3rd turn. That wiped all my guys out (immortals at 101 HP and Sed at full HP).

Second try casted 9 Reversa's on my first turn. Second turn Kaim casted Complete Defense on himself just in case Annihilation was on it's way for 3rd. Lucked out cause K didn't cast Annihilation at all on 3rd turn. He casted some Keloleon-all (don't remember the name) spell which killed 2 of my guys. Got K at the last turn cast by Kaim. If that didn't kill K I'd have to try it again cause 3 of my guys were at 1 HP.

Thanks for the guide. Made it a lot easier!

Note: Getting the immortals' health down was easy for me...

On floor 23/24B I kept running around until there was this one robot guy (don't remember its name). One of the security bots you'll read about from those message posts. Put Sed in back formation and all immortals up front. Keep defending for a couple of turns until the immortals are all knocked out. Heal Sed if nec. Then turn tail. Then use the lowest heal items from the Y menu to heal the immortals to 101.

After that Flee every battle. When you reach the final door for Prof. K set your formation back to Sed up front and the rest in back as Dezmond's guide says.

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