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Originally Posted by HxS F4T4L1TY View Post
I can't play the game (much less buy it) for another 10 or so hours (at time of this post). Can anyone tell me if there are crazy variations? I know there are 6x6 and 12x12 to accompany the "standard" 9x9, but is there anything else? I'm definitely picking up the DLC. Anybody else get it? Lemme know if there are some good variations. You'll help me soil myself in anticipation.
Crazy variations, like Duel mode where completing groups removes a lone figure from the opponents board. Givens and completed groups are protected from removal. Try that in a 12x12 for a real challenge. I really wanted to make a battleship type game though, with users having 30s-1m to analyze the puzzle and select shapes of cells for their ships, and then both players would have to solve cells to find and sink the other player's ships. A couple other variations too. More for future Sudoku, if this does well.
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