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Detailed Collection/Mini-game/Feats guide

This thread is for supplementing the Main achievement guide (would be too large). For the interest of Keeping things orderly (and on the first page is necessary), The first few replies will be dedicated to the various in-depth guides for:

"PPO'd"/"Anger Management" - Fury/Gamma Canister locations
Comic locations and their unlocking missions
Subway and jump challenge locations
Feats - Note that these are mini-objectives in the game. You must complete all of them if you want 1000/1000 anyway.
"All that Glitters" - 23 Gold medals in Mini-games

Feel free to add to this, as I may include it on the first page. If you have a faster/better way to do something, post it here!

There seems to be no way to complete the "defeat 25 enclave assault groups" feat once you evict the Enclave from the city. You should have taken care of the city better, because now you have do do it ALL OVER AGAIN if you want Patron of the arts.
Investigations are currently ongoing to determine if a mission or mini-game spawns Enclave assault groups, so don't erase your save data yet... you can join the experiments and get a mention in the guide(s).

Fury/Gamma Canister locations

I would first of all like the thank Bluegoggles from wikicheats for his home-made (and royalty-free) map with all of the canister locations. The link is here:

I found 1 gamma canister was out of place. If you go EXACTLY south from the United Nations flags, it is on the block before you hit the highway on the northern half of said block. You should be near a subway and the block on its left has a fury canister.

Edit: aCzarX Found the missing canister AND one I forgot. Thanks aCzarx!

Thanks to Deus.EXE and ShadyMorph
#. Title
Mission Unlocker

1. Face the Monster
He Must Not Escape
Latverian Embassy
2. Bruce and Goliath
The Enclave And Rick Jones
Stark Tower
3. Floptastic Four
A Friend Who Can Help
Baxter Building
4. Sonic Assault
Just Take him down
Two blocks west of One World Plaza, two blocks north of the Reuters Building,
where the two intersect, on a ledge mid-building.
5. Bye Bye Bibeast
A Mass Mind Control Device
At the southern tip of the near the docks. It's in a pass through the building.
6. Talbot The Madman
This Guy's Bad News
Daily Bugle
7. Just a Hop, Skip
Destruction in a Single Bound(mini-game)
On the domed roof of the World Financial Center.
8. Blonsky Broken
Our Old Research Data
Go to the Latverian embassy, head toward central park, then when you get to
the last building before central park turn south and it is on top of tallest
building with the domed top
9. Turret Syndrome
The Problem is the Hulk part 2
Central Park subway terminal
10. Fire From The Sky
The Problem is the Hulk part 3
Rooftop of Nelson and Murdock, Attorneys at Law
11. The Lesser Of Two Evils:
The lesser of two evils part 2
On top of a fountain near the Flatiron Building
12. Enclave's Ultimate Weapon
The Lesser Of Two Evils part 3
On the Belvedere Castle in Central Park near the lake. It's unmarked on the map.
13. This is Only a Test
We Can Use Their Technology part 2
Start at the top right corner of central park and go up 1 block,
go right 1 building and you will see it in the upper left of the lower
roof of that building.
14. Betty's Peril
It's Time To End This part 2
On top of the Flat Iron Building
15. Abomination Domination
We've Got The Antidote Now!
Marvel Comics Office front door

Subway locations

List (Filter X 2007):
Map by its delicious (aCzarX edit of a Bluegoggles edit):

Jump challenge locations

Thanks again, aCzarX!

map edit (little gold rings) by Twizted Karma:

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