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I found this on gamefaq , should help until there are maps.


#01 World Financial Center
#02 Behind the Woolworth Building
#03 20 Exchange Place
#04 Third Building South of The Flat Iron Building
#05 Beside the Empire State Building- Fall into it
#06 Madison Square Garden
#07 US Trust Building
#08 The building north of the Reuters Building it has a cool star shaped top. a flat top not pointy the jump ring is horizontal so you'll have to look up to see it [near old times square] check your map first. it's the building directly above it in the map.
#09 South of Time Square, near #8, a little further south between a skyscraper and a smaller buidling, it's down low
#10 Swiss Bank Tower
#11 Citigroup Center
#12 Carnegie Hall
#13 Time Warner Center
#14 Just South East of the Empire State University Subway
#15 North Central Area of Central Park
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