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Infinity Mode Food Locations

This is a list of the food you can find in infinity mode (not the stuff you get from psychos) to help you along the way...

The very first thing before you do ANYTHING is get these books:
Health 1
Found in Sir Book-a-lot in Wonderland Plaza, adds +50% to the effect of food.
Health 2
Found in The Sinister Read in Entrance Plaza, adds +50% to the effect of food.
Found in the empty store next to Crislip's Home Saloon, adds +100% effect to
health restoring items.

This will boost your recovery items healing capabilities to 200% when you have all 3 books

If anyone has anything to add that they don't see here let me know... I didn't do the math but if you have the 3 books, everything here looks like it adds up to be close to 400 healing blocks, maybe 4-5 days worth of food, so you will need to actually fight psychos/survivors and not just rely on these items.

Paradise Plaza:
1. On the bottom floor, in "Jill's Sandwiches" theres 2 breads and 1 Orange Juice
2. On the bottom floor, in "Kid's Choice Clothing" theres 1 Orange Juice
3. On the top floor, in the coffee place, theres 2 pies and 2 Orange juices

1. In the consession stand, theres 1 coffee creamer and 2 snacks
2. In theatre 2, theres 1 pie and 1 coffee creamer
3. In theatre 3, theres 1 bread and 1 coffee creamer
4. In theatre 5, theres 1 cabbage

Entrance Plaza:
1. On the bottom floor, outside "The Distinguished Gentleman", theres an Orange Juice in the rubble of items
2. On the bottom floor, inside "Rafael's Shoes", theres a grapefruit
3. On the top floor, inside "Kicks for Her", theres an Orange juice
4. On the top floor, the store to the left of Shoehorn, theres a yogurt and apple

Food Court:
1. In "Chris's Finefoods", theres 4 wines
2. In "Spicy Meatball", theres 2 zucchini's
3. In "Central Tacos", theres 2 corns
4. In "Meaty's Burgers", theres 1 bread

Al Fresca Plaza:
1. In "Hamburger Fiefdom", theres 3 Orange Juices
2. In the coffee place, theres 3 pies and 1 milk
3. In the gym, theres 1 milk

Wonderland Plaza:
1. On the bottom floor, in "Jewels", theres 2 apples
2. On the top floor, in "Lovely Fashion House", theres 1 yogurt
3. On the top floor, the store to the left of Philos Photos, theres 1 apple

North Plaza:
1. In the safe area were you meet Isabela at midnight (when Carlito shoots her), theres 2 wines
2. Inside the home hardware store, by the cash registers, theres an orange and japanese radish

Meat Processing Plant:
1. Theres 2 milks

EDIT: Here is a list of what the psychos/survivors and when/where they spawn... they drop a hefty amount of food when you kill them

Rooftop- Otis (day 1) Jo (Day 2)
Security Room- Greg (Day 2)
Entrance Plaza- Paul (Day 1) Carlito (Day 2)
Al Fresca Plaza- Isabela (Day 1)
Food Court- Carlito (Day 1) Stephen (Day 4)
Wonderland- Adam (Day 1) Sean (Day 2)
North Plaza- Cletus (Day 2)
Crislips- Cliff (Day 2)
Leisure Park- Snipers Trio (Day 1) Convicts (Day 2)
Maintenance Tunnel- Carlito (Day 2)

The psychos are able to spawn in new locations after their first incarnation, later in the game.

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