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Originally Posted by xXDeSolat3Xx View Post
Guys wth is going on lol, ive done this lvl a few times now and i keep missing 20 points out... i got all the badges but i cant get full points lol... i get 330/350 i die and go the other ways to get the other points too but hmm.. any help will do.
this might help. It help me. This was taken from the FAQ on gamefaqs

4.16 Rocky River

Flower Badges: 5
Feather Badges: 1
Wild Style Points: 350

You're riding down the river on an outhouse. Steer left around an outcropping.
Steer right around a falling log. Wild Style points earned 5.

Go to the right of the sandbar to get [Flower Badge 1/5]. Wild Style points
earned 5.

Steer left around the bend in the river and right around an outcropping. Hit
the jump to get [ Feather Badge 1/1]. Wild style points 55, 5 for the badge
and 50 for the jump.

Go around the bend pulling right to avoid the falling debris. Wild style
points earned 5.

Go under the center of the bridge. You can earn 20 Wild Style points as you
go under the bridge, two 5's and a 10.

Hit the jump ahead. Wild point points earned 20.

Two rewards of 5 wild style point can be earned going from one ramp to the
next here, while avoiding the rock.

Pull left to get [Flower Badge 2/5]. Wild Style points earned 5.

Pull right to the ramp. Wild Style points earned 20.

Go under the docks to get [Flower Badge 3/5] and crash through the end. Wild
style points earn 40 (5 for the badge, 35 for the crash).

You'll need to crash out a couple of times so you can get addition 5 and 10
wild style point rewards by going between each pair of support to the left
from under the dock.

Hit the next ramp. Wild style points earned 35.

Go between the rocks and hit the ramp. Wild style points earned 20.

You should land on [Flower Badge 4/5]. Wild style points earned 5.

Pull level around the rock. Right around the next one and left through the
gap. Wild Style points earned 10.

Steer around a few more rocks. Steer to the right to get get [Flower Badge
5/5] on the outside edge of the bend to the left. Wild points earned, 5.

(If you have less that 270 points try to crash out to repeat the run and get
some of the misc 5 and 10 point bonus for missing stuff in the river that
doesn't always register. There are at least 5 extra point to be earned.

Reached the beaver dam to complete the mission. Wild style points earned 80.
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