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Originally Posted by its delicious View Post
After my first attempt, I have two fury canisters left. (Got all the Gamma ones.) I'll try to remember to post which ones, if and when I find them.


1.) Between the Latverian Embassy and Central Park, on the same building as the comic book. The comic book is on the very top of the building, the Rage canister was on the west side of the same building on a ledge. Poor camera angles made this one difficult for me to find.
Woah, Delicious...listing 200 or so canister descriptions may be a bit much.
If you really want to do something like that, may I recommend getting a clean copy of the gamma/rage map, numbering them, and writing your own little guide on how to get them. Submit to a new thread and/or GameFAQS/Wikicheats, as many people will be looking to it for assistance. Good luck if you want to go through with it. If you want, after you number the map and I'm sure a couple of forum posters will post a few descriptions you can use . OR you can take a screencap of each one before you get it and upload it to a picassa album (see crackdown - hidden orbs guide).
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