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Ha, hell no am I listing *every* canister. I was just going to list the two rage ones I had trouble finding. (Much like slumber/pants party did with the SW of MSG one.)

Right now I could either go through all the points yet again and hope to find the one remaining canister I need, or I could just start a new game and collect them all. The latter seems like it will actually be faster, or at least less excruciating.

Edit: I started a new game and collected them all after the subways opened up. This whole process took about 1 and 3/4 hours, in which time I got a whole mess of feats and unlocked all the subways. Much easier than trying to track down the last canister, and alot less reliant upon luck. Also, a second run-through the canisters did not reveal which one I had been missing.

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