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Originally Posted by azamon View Post
Right. Pedle Zelnip (PZ if you don't mind!), I agree pretty much completely. Matty Cheetham and those of

<much beautiful text deleted for brevity>

such matters around in the common interest of better, fairer, more playable games!
That might be the single greatest critique of a game I've ever seen posted in a public forum. Well said.

As an addition to my original comments: I've now played a fair bit more of the game. One of the things I did was got together with a buddy to boost a couple of the achievements which can be done in player matches. What I found was that that was actually an insane amount of fun. Why? Because instead of worrying about the AI screwing you over, I could just simply enjoy the game for being full of crazy, over-the-top crashes. Try getting together with a friend and do a race with both of you in flatmobiles is really fun because it gets so over-the-top with it's craziness (and more importantly because it doesn't matter who wins so the luck aspects don't matter anymore).

After playing with the friend I then sat down with a renewed enthusiasm for playing through Flatout mode. I managed to get through the Derby class and into the race class before getting to the "throw my controller across the room in frustration" point once again. The single-player game is simply not fun (for all the reasons mentioned in azamon's critique), it is purely an exercise in agonizing frustration as you simply have to persevere through it. I've lost count on how many times I've had an absolutely incredible lap, but made up no ground on the computer, or had a lap where I had to reset half a dozen times, yet ended up in first place by the end of it. When you have a situation like that the resulting frustration completely overshadows any appreciation of the spectacle that is the car crashes. The fact that 90% of the time if you're involved in any kind of crash you'll drop half a dozen places means that you spend most of the single player game avoiding crashes, which in a game like this seems contradictory to the purpose of the game.

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