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Do a little...

Just a humble contribution because I just nailed the 1000...
after my first run I ended with 920GP and pulled a double 99 on the canisters.
So I pulled the (updated) map and started over.
Here are some things that made my life easier...

- Do a little mission work. Let the game guide you through the first steps (climbing the building etc.) and than help the reporter on the first new york mission.

- this will unlock subways and enclave teams. With this you can unlock both jump upgrades and sprinting in no time (matter of minutes really). This allowed me to clear the map in 90 minutes. BTW I also used the "punch travel" a lot. This is when you do a charged jump and in mid air you do a charged punch. Hulk will stop its ballistic curve do a flying punch and than resume the curve, which allows you do do a lot of rooftops in a very short time.

- of course I used the "paintshop-cross off the map" as well, which I only saved AFTER I used the subway.
I forced myself to save after every 10 canisters. This was kind of a "freeze-crash"-proof way.

Thanks again for the map.
Hope that helps.

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