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Originally Posted by dda24 View Post
I tried it once by myself and I finished it like 5 minutes over.. I grabbed my wife who also knows how to play the game and ran through it together and we still had several minutes left when we finished it. Don't worry about the coins at all and just try going for time. Maybe if you can play with someone that would help you move faster.... Hopefully that will help. I use buba fet for most of the game jar jar runs a little faster than the other characters also so it might cut a little time off running with him also....
Thanks, but in SUPERSTORY you can't use the characters of your choice. They're given from the story. All the chapters in episode 6 take so much time. For example the level on endor with your speed bikes. But in chapter 4, I guess, there, after you got down with a lift, there is a little river, cross it and then there is a lawn with flowers (-> build a tractor) and then head straight to a console for I guess it's C3PO. Then you can go right AND left. Right, there are 3 places and left 2, I think. And then I don't know what to do.
Sorry but it isn't easy to describe it. You might know.
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