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Originally Posted by Spasmolydic View Post
I generally don't read review sites. In this particular case, I heard about a game with a premise I found interesting by a company whose RPGs I like (Atlus). The game type (strategy/tactical RPG) appeals to me, so I tried the demo on XBOX live when it was available. Since I liked the demo quite I bit, I bought the game the day it came out. I've put over 20 hours into it so far, and am having a blast.

It's amazing how you can make good decisions when you don't let the internet do your thinking for you. ^_^

(and yes, I did buy it at GameStop, lol)
Couldn't have said it better myself. I just picked it up so I only have 30 minutes with it before work. But very happy I found it. Only one copy at the store!
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