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I'm having A LOT of trouble getting Zhang He. I've tried everything I can think of. All the guide says is

"Zhang He-In Wei story 2-x meet up with Zhang and this starts a coversation. Now make sure he stays alive for the duration of the battle and your HQ is defended."

I've rushed for Zhang He killed the two officers there, rushed my HQ killed everyone there. Caputred all the bases around the level. Killed nearly all little foot soldiers, and all officers. I beat it with non of my officers dying. Tired also with defualt officers and with others. I can get the message "Allicane formed with Zhang Fe" but all he does it run back into a corner and that's it. Is there something I'm missing or am I just SOL!?

.....Uh nevermind.... I finally got it shortly after I posted this. I hate when that happens. But he decided to stop being tarded when I was playing with Da Ji, Lu Bu, and Musashi Miyamoto. Still did everything I said I was doing before. I guess it's was just random for me.

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