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Originally Posted by WrottenSandwich View Post
Workbench, man I hope you are wrong I think it has the classic and a new updated graphics version. I am really excited about it coming out also. I dropped a lot of quarters into that game back in the day. I never beat it if I remember correctly but I sure did enjoy playing it......
I don't think any one of us imagined that 1942: Joint Strike would be the same as the original. The developers even admitted that JS takes its inspiration from the entire 194X series, but tries to stay true to the spirit of the game. I'm betting that they've included some "ultra-moves" more akin to Raiden Fighters, just because that seems to be the path that vertical scrolling shooters are taking. It might be less believable, but heck, the first game had ONE plane fighting off thousands of Japanese planes. It should still be fun, if its 400 or 800MSP.
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