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Connect the dots 20 Complete 100 Warfare matches played to at least 3 points.

I would advise you do this with bots or another controller as you could also aim for "Being a Hero" while doing these matches. If your doing "Around the World" that will contribute a lot to this. I would not do this legit with other players online as Warfare games can take an age to finish if both teams are of equal skill.

Easy way: A easy way to do this is set up a Warfare game with just you and 2 godlike bots on the level Market District with force respawn on. Then, just leave it playing and do something else until it unlocks. The map Market District has no vehicles at all, so it takes the bots less than 1 minute to blow up your core. They have to do it twice in order to reach the goal of 3. The reason this is the best method is because there's no vehicles, the bots (even godlike ones) love to get stuck in the vehicles.

Serial killer 20 Get the "Killing Spree" award in 20 matches.

Get 5 kills in a row in a match without dieing to get the Killing Spree award. This needs to be done once in a match over the course of 20 matches. You will get this very fast if you're doing the weapon kill achievements.

Sir Slays a Lot 20 Get the "Monster Kill" award in 20 matches.

This is how this works:

Double Kill - 2 people killed within 4 seconds.
Multi Kill - 3rd person killed within 4 seconds of a Double Kill.
Mega Kill - 4th person killed within 4 seconds of a Multi Kill.
Ultra Kill - 5th person killed within 4 seconds of a Mega Kill.
Monster Kill - 6th person killed within 4 seconds of a Ultra Kill.

Do this with max bots on Rising Sun and gamemode Deathmatch in multiplayer with the mutator "Super Berserk" on.
Get it 20 times in different games to unlock.

Killjoy 10 End sprees in 20 matches.

A spree is 5 or more kills without dieing. Ending that is killing a person after they have got 5 or more kills without being killed.
You could set up a second controller in multiplayer on Rising Sun and kill your main character 5 times and then kill the second controller or player to get the award. Do this 19 more times in different matches. If you have a spree you can also kill yourself and still get this award so if you want to do it that way you can.

Off to a good start 10 Get the "First Blood" award in 40 matches.

Get the first kill in a multiplayer match 40 times (once per game). Should come easily if your boosting for the gun kill achievements or any others with novice bots.

Lets get it on 20 Complete a multiplayer match in every game type.

Must be done in multiplayer non ranked matches. Just play every game type, there are only 5 in total so this should come very easily.

Around the World 20 Win a multiplayer match on every map.

You will get this achievement in a matter of time if your going for the weapon achievements, played games or ones like "Hat Trick" or any others. Just keep changing maps and gamemodes and setting the modes to achievement requirements like 3 flags and 20 points ect. Choose novice bots to play against for this.
If you want this fast just play novice bots to the lowest requirement for the game (such a 5 kills or 1 capture).
This is not recommended though if you have not unlocked the weapon kill achievements or the 100 games played ones.

Get a life… 50 Get 200 kills in multiplayer on 50 different days.

Get 200 kills in a day on 50 different days. This does not have to be done in a row.
I would advise playing loads of novice bot games until you achieve 200 kills and then have a rest until the next day (or whenever) and rinse and repeat. Do this in multiplayer matches. A good tip is not to play close to midnight and I would advise to play on Rising Sun with max bots on Deathmatch to 20 (10 times to 200). You could also work towards other achievements when doing this.

Just warming up 10 Finish playing a "Versus" Ranked match.

Just finish a ranked match on any game mode.

Winning is the only thing 10 Finish with the highest points in a Ranked match.

Basically win a ranked game on any mode. If your playing CTF, VCTF or Warfare make sure you keep doing objectives as thats the most points.

Equal opportunity destroyer 20 Win a Ranked match in every game type.

Just play all 5 game modes and win in each one. Team games are easier because you have a 50/50 chance more or less.

Ranked Champion 50 Win 500 Ranked matches.

Win 500 ranked matches in any game mode. Try and play Duel one on one and see if anyone wants to boost, if not quit and try again.


Thanks to all the people that helped make this guide great.
It would have been not half as good without the input of so
many people to correct and also help out with this guide.
Kudos to all of you!


You CAN NOT get most of the multiplayer achievements in instant action.
There is only about 2 multiplayer achievements that can only be done
in that game mode. Read this first and don't waste your time, get them
in multiplayer mode as suggested in the guide.

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