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Looks like you beat me to the punch, i was also in the midst of making my own guide, here a couple of things worth considering.

Like the back of my hand: Click this link -

Around the world: In the guide u advise to boost for this but there is no point as you have to win 100 multiplayer matches of each game type anyway. Doing it with small teams on novie bots makes it quicker as you wont have to do 200 (100 for the boost partner), also everything is stackable, so if u kill 15 people with a weapon and get an award, preform a hat trick flag capture and pick up the udamge, invulnerability etc each game u play then u'll be working towards many achievements all at once. You can also use all the mutators whilst working toward around the world just switching it for each map. Also many maps are the same for different game types, eg, maps from deathmatch are the same as team deathmatch so dont waste ur time doing a win in each game type as they are the same map. Also remember that you'll ahve to do each maps to get the power ups so my advice is ignore this achievement as it will come in the process of getting others.

Paint the town red* (100 deatmatch games to 20 kills): You likely get this doing weapon achievements doing rising sun so dont worry about it, its very quick and easy compare to what u might think. It would also be important to remember that you'll get it on you way to get a life as you'll have to do at least that many games to get the required kills.

Flag Waver*(100 CTF games to 3 ponits): Do the map Facing worlds with the two towers with 4v4 novice bot player matches and it will come very quick, you'll also get hat trick and its the best map for 20 mins of u damage and brain surgeon. Each game will take no longer than 4 mins if you go direct back and forth using the teleport gun to get to the enemy base. Also easy map for first blood, jsut pick up the sniper behind the tower when u spawn and shoot acroos the lower ground to get first blood and between 1 and 4 headshot kills easily.

Connect the dots* (100 Warfare matches to 3 points): The best maps are the maps without a centre node (Usually these maps have a countdown node, ignore it as you can destroy they enemy core long before it destroys yours anyway). Ignore vehichles except the manta and use the hover bord to get about, also go nowhere without the orb and do not destroy enemy orbs just gaurd it till it self destructs by itself (unless its in ur base anyway - which it shouldnt if you've got any skill whatsoever), thus avoiding delays via death etc. Best maps are in my opinion are Serenity. I cant recall if thre are any single node maps which arent countdown ones but i will report back after further investigation.

30 minutes or less* (100 VCTF to at least 3 points): Best maps are Corruption and Suspense, due to an easy route back and forth to the enemy base, again only use a manta to get to the enemy base and dont use the hover board to return until u KNOW you wont get shot off.

*For all these games i recommend a 4v4 novice bot player match (Online as kills will count toards get a life) and 4v4 cos its the optimum amount of players, easy for you to handle and small enough for your team to handle as well, at least as an effectice destration and defence group whilst you do the main stuff.

Equal opportunity destroyer: As already stated in the guide team games are easier, however dueal matches retain the 50/50 advantage and if you host the deathmatch game and set max players to 2, kill count to 5 and use the instiga rifle mutator then it is also very easy to get the win. In the process of getting this achievement you will also get "Just warming up" & "Winning is the only thing" (from winning a duel you will obvioulsy be MVP).

Get a life: I believe the best way and safest way is not to play close to midnight unless ur sure you already got 200 kills. I do three 60 kill deathmatches on Rising sun and a 20 kill one (=200) between 8pm and 9pm, and then carry on with normal play for achievements, thus assuring i'll get it. I think the achievement is linked to the time displayed on ur console so dont worry about time zone differences.

Ranked Champion: Quickest way is the deathmatch set up explained in equal opportunity destroyer (above).

Here is a list of achievements that will come from naturally playing the game during a 15 hour(approx) amount of normal playtime. I do not see any point in "boosting" for them as they'll come anyway so it would be a waste of time to do a double controller set up etc.

Off to a good start
Sir slays alot
Killjoy (I THINK killing youself when on a spree also counts, when doing weapon achivements i would kill myself when my gun ran out of amo so i couald pick up a new one, i think i got it when i died and ended my own spree)
Serial killer
Being a hero (If playing campaigne and online matches properly - i.e not boosting etc).

Best maps for special power up time, many are available on multiple maps but these are the ones i use, check out all locations on all maps;

Udamage - Facing worlds (CTF) - located above the main entrance to each tower/base, can be accesed from outside main entrance or inside using the teleport gun. Its takes about 90 seconds to respawan so instead of waiting run to the next tower and get the enemy AI's to speed things up. Equally quick is Biohazard (see berserk below, as u can do 2 achievements at once, but there is only one UDamage.

Invulnerability - Fearless (Duel) - located in main room on top of statue.

Invisibility - Searchlight (CTF) - located between the two buildings. There is statue in the middle of the area and its facing a path through some arches down a ramp, the power up is there, spawns after about 2 mins. there are 2, one on each side of the map (go back and forth to speed up spawns)

Beserk time - Biohazard (Duel) - located in a hole in the floor with a UDamage, can do both at once

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