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Originally Posted by Dla911 View Post
ya i know what you mean, i have the 1942 as a table top (i got alot of other classic ones as well too),

if it was abit cheeper like 400 i would be grabing alot of the stuff from the arcade, But its too much i dont bother because i can get my hands on the boards for the table tops and just change them out
1942 as a tabletop? >_>
I'm going to assume such a game is a strategy game, and the version on live is in no way shape or form the same game.
As far as table top games go for their arcade translations, you usually save money by getting them on live. I know Catan is like a 40 dollar board game, and Ticket to Ride as well as Carcassonne aren't cheap games as well. Just throwing out there.

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