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You forgot one, one for Team Deathmatch: Friendly Fire

Spice of life 20 Play a match with every mutator, using only 1 per match.

Play Instant Action matches with every mutator, if you have played deathmatch and used all the mutators 1 per game and you have not got this don't panic as there is 3 more in CTF, Warfare and Duel. When you finish playing a match with the last mutator the achievement will unlock.
Here is a list and and gamemodes you should play them on as to not get confused. Work your way through this list and you will get it. Remember it is only 1 per match.

Big Head
Kills Slow Time
Low Gravity
No Super Pickups
Slo Mo
Speed Freak
Super Berserk
Weapon Replacement
Weapons Respawn

No Orbs

No Translocator

"There are two types of friends, those that help you and those that help you hide the bodies."
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