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Watchmen: The End is Nigh
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Mar 02, 2009 Watchmen: The End is Nigh on XBLA This Week
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Old 07-19-2009, 02:41 AM   #1
Owen H Brown
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"Turbo" Achievement Guide

I thought I would offer some help on a level by level basis.

I recommend using a fully upgraded Nite Owl as well as a stop watch to track your progress. Stop the stopwatch when the cut-scenes are on, but leave it on during in-level cut-scenes, just make sure you skip them.

I also recommend a HUGE 15:00 minutes to defeat Underboss, I cannot stress enough how important it is to have plenty of time to defeat this guy in order to avoid risk-taking, and potentially ruining 80 mins of hard work. Whilst it is not impossible to beat him in less than 10 mins, it would certainly not be a favourable time-frame.

In General

If you die, start all over again, that is the only way to unlock this achievement.

In order to beat each level in short time you will need to take on big numbers of enemies at once. You should therefore be very prepared to use counter attack (RB+X) as a means of inflicting minor damage on enemies, when surrounded try and get one heavy attack in (Y) before using the counter attack again.

Repeating the above steps will not inflict a significant amount of damage on the enemies. However, the above is also a means of filling your "Charge" meter. I recommend that you use the special electric attack whenever possible, but in the instance of it turning red in the midst of a one or two enemy fight, it may be more practical to save it until you're faced with a larger number of enemies.

Once Charge is initiated, use the YYY combo to defeat what enemies you can. Grounded enemies should be your first targets.

Finishing moves are slow and costly; ONLY use them when an enemy is grounded.

Level 1 - Sing Sing Prison

Throughout this level, where an instant throwing death is not possible, use the YYXXY combo.

In the first area, the yard where you first land, you must defeat every enemy before the door will open. When the door opens you will enter a prison block. Before fighting any enemies turn right and run down the corridor and then turn left into a small area with flames and a gate you need to lift for Rorschach. Defeat all the enemies in this area. If you're lucky Rorschach would have caught up to you by now. If not, quickly help him clean up remaining enemies and then open the gate for him.

Run quickly through the second yard, bearing left up the stairs. Quickly turn on the generator, skip the cut-scene and run onto the balcony (overlooking the yard you were just in). You have the ability to run right through the balconies and stairs, right to the first guard/lever room at the end of the cell block, however it is very probable that Rorschach would be smothered by enemies, requiring costly back-tracking. I recommend you throw 4-5 enemies over the balcony very quickly to water down his opposition, and then rush to the guard-house and defeat the enemies there. There should only be a minimal bit of backtracking to get Rorschach by your side and the gate opened.

Once opened you will be able to enter a fiery cell block, Rorschach is usually pretty good at handling these enemies, so run to the end of the cell block and defeat all the nearby enemies to open the door in the next room. Then again, run as far as you can until you reach another closed door then defeat all enemies to open it.

Run down into the middle of the next cell block (the one with the 2nd guard/lever room) and defeat all the enemies, back track if necessary to fetch Rorschach and open the gate.

Run through to what appears to be a toilet block and initiate the blast down the corridor. Defeat all the enemies in the toilet block and run to where the explosion came from. Walk over to the large hole and when the cut-scene starts, stop your stopwatch.

Recommended time: 9:30

Level 2 - Path to Rumrunner

This level contains a lot of doors that require opening either by you, or by defeating surrounding thugs. It's best to run straight to these gates and defeat all the enemies, however try and lure the enemies to follow you, otherwise you will run right past them, leaving enemies to swarm Rorschach, requiring costly backtrack. It is much more effective to defeat the enemies yourself.

In the first sections of alleyways, bear left to avoid any gates that you cannot open without Rorschach's lockpick.

When climbing over rooftops you will be required to defeat all enemies in an area before progressing, do this as quickly as possible or throw them off the edges.

The next time you are separated from Rorschach, it will only be for a few seconds. Follow the rooftop path and look for the drop-down to the rum-runner back alley at the end of the barbed wire. Drop down and defeat the enemies here as quickly as possible, run through the open glowing red doorway and stop your timer.

Cumulative time: 20:30

Level 3 - Dockyards

Defeat the first few enemies in the first part where you land and when the gate opens IMMEDIATELY run through it. Do NOT use your Electric Special attack here, save it for later.

Run down the stairs into the dry-dock. Run up the stairs on the other end of the dry-dock and straight towards the shipping containers that block your path. This will initiate a cut-scene which spawns Rorschach next to you and erases all the enemies you just passed.

Run to beneath the crane and unleash your electricity, beating up every enemy and then grappling up to the crane. Try to climb the ladders and quickly as possible and then return to the new path that you have cleared.

Defeat enemies on the wharf and lower the bridge. This will lead you to a very long shipyard. At the end of the shipyard is an area where Rorschach must climb a pipe and open the door for you. You should try your hardest to bait all the enemies into following you as they will swamp Rorschach. It will take a bit of time, but work as hard as you can to defeat all enemies so that Rorschach jumps over.

Soon you will reach an area where Nite Owl must grapple to a ledge in a small building. You will drop down to a small, long yard where you must defeat a small number of enemies in order to be allowed to open the gate for Rorschach. Save your Charge because you will both be swamped once the gate is open. Defeat these enemies in order to open the gate to the next area.

After a large area with lots of enemies you will come to a ship next to a dock you are supposed to walk down. Now is a perfect time to RUN as fast as possible (don't try and lure any enemies). First turn right into the warehouse. Keep going until you enter a large dome with a locked door at the end. Defeat all the enemies and open the gate.

The rest of the level is a simple case of running as far as you can and beating enemies as quickly as you can when you get there. Stop your timer when you reach the dirt path to the Fairground.

Cumulative time: 40:00

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Owen H Brown
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Level 4 - The Sewer

Run as fast as you can to the closed gate where the mercenaries will appear for the first time. Defeat them and allow Rorschach through the gate where he will open the adjacent gate for you.

Run as quickly as you can through the level until you reach large open area with pillars with you alone on a balcony, follow the balcony to the right and turn the wheel to open the gate flor Rorsachach. DO NOT go through this gate, as that is the area Rorschach just came from. Make sure you run to the gate at the opposite end of this large, flooded, pillared area. You will be swamped by lots of mercs, use your Charge attacks to defeat them as quickly as possible. Once victorious, Rorschach will open the gate for you after climbing a pole.

Continue through the level until you reach a large area with four gates, two on both sides, and catwalks at the far end of the room. A large wave of mercs will leap from the catwalk, defeat them as quickly as possible and prepare for a second wave. Once defeated, open the gate on the left for Rorschach, and he will in turn open the gate on the right for you.

Run through to the next area and defeat the mercs in order to climb up the ledges, run through the next area as quickly as possible, which involves lots of stairs and bridges over waterways, take care in making sure you are following the correct path. When you reach a gate, defeat all the enemies that have followed you and rush up the stairs and open the gate. Defeat the enemies that arrive to allow you to activate the next lever, opening the second gate.

You will enter a flooded area. Turn right to turn the wheel. It might take Rorschach a while to keep up with you, so when you turn the wheel keep holding (A) until the cut-scene appears. When three wheels have been turned, run down to the bottom, up the central stairs and once at the top, pull the dual levers to open the gate. Pass through this gate and stop your timer.

Cumulative time: 55:00

Level 5 - Police Ambush

Defeat all the cops in the first area so that you can allow Rorschach through the door and then grapple to the roofs, following the path and defeating any enemies.

You will meet up with Rorschach later on the roofs and will be ambushed by many cops at various stages. You will reach a part where a ladder will be inaccessible until you defeat a large wave of cops. Once up this ladder just keep running until you can grapple away from Rorschach again.

Follow the next rooftop pathway until you find yourself back on the street without Rorschach. Keep running until you reach a junction leading to two dead ends. GO STRAIGHT and NOT LEFT, grapple up to the ledge. Be careful no to grapple down once you get there. Now follow the rooftop paths until you reach a street with Rorschach in it. Follow the path past the cops until you reach a narrow dead-end with a closed roller-door, defeat all the enemies and open the door for Rorschach, he will open it for you in return. Run a little further down the path and stop your timer when the level ends.

Cumulative time: 65:00

Level 6 - Underboss

DO NOT PANIC - You will have lots of time and the henchmen are weak, like the prisoners in level 1. USE BLOCK.

DO NOT bother fighting his henchmen at the beginning of the level, just run after Underboss as he criss-crosses up the building. Climb any ladders he climbs and jump any gaps that he jumps.

You will eventually reach a ladder that cannot be climbed until a wave of weak henchmen is defeated. SAVE UP YOUR CHARGE for the last few enemies or until you have climbed the ladder. You will then have your first melee encounter. One or two attacks with the electrified YYXXY combo will send him running to the next section. Here he will unleash another wave of henchmen whilst attacking you.

I strongly advise you use counter attacks on henchmen to build up your Charge and to avoid attacks by Underboss. Make sure you block whenever he swings at you. When you have enough charge, attack him again with an electrified YYXXY combo to send him up another ladder, where he will pick up a pole as a weapon.

You will probably not have charge now, so be careful to block when he swings the pole at you. He won't have any henchmen so it will be easy to get in a couple of YYXXY combos and send him onto the suspended pipes where he will activate the flamethrower.

It is important that you now take your time and think clearly. There is no rush, you should by now have 8 minutes (or more) to take your time and avoid being killed. You do not need to go anywhere near his flames.

First, note that henchmen will be dropping down from ether end of the catwalk, confine yourself to one end and keep using counter attacks or YY attacks on the henchmen as a means of boosting your Charge and replenishing health.

When you have some Charge (flashing red), throw (B) a henchman directly at the pipes that Underboss is standing on. He will lose his balance and jump down to join the action. DO NOT be near where he lands, activate your charge and lay into him with a couple of electrified YYXXY attacks until he leaps back onto the pipes.

Simply repeat the last couple of paragraphs until the pipes break. Underboss now has no other option but to face you head on. By now you should have some charge and his health should be very low. Activate charge, YYXXY and he will be finished in a flash, and you will have the achievement.


It took me 75 mins to complete the game

In some instances Rorschach will stand idle, it will only take a very quick and dedicated effort to push him into the next area in order for him to activate and resume normal play. This is not necessarily a death sentence, so do not panic, this happened to me on my successful Turbo attempt in level 3. It depends on how lucky you are and on how fast you are to act.

DO NOT expect to get this achievement first time through. If you fail, take a deep breath. You will simply fly through the next attempt because you will remember your mistakes, leaving more time to fight Underboss. It took me 3.5 attempts to unlock Turbo.

Please post any times you achieve for each level, particularly if they improve on my recommendations.

This is guide is the intellectual property of Owen H Brown. Please do not copy or use it elsewhere unless referencing me. Thanks!

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great guide but does pausing also affect time cuz sometimes I may have to take my dog out or something like that.
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Thank you very much for this great guide.
Took a little bit over 71 minutes on my first try
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Bladez x360a
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Thanks ill be using this when i get time to play watchmen again.

The only thing i worry is about underboss i carnt seem to take that guy out in time but practice makes perfect i suppose thanks again
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Owen H Brown
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Originally Posted by Womi View Post
Thank you very much for this great guide.
Took a little bit over 71 minutes on my first try
I helped you get it first go? Well I am stoked!
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is this achievement possible to get in local Co-Op?
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Originally Posted by Owen H Brown View Post
I helped you get it first go? Well I am stoked!
got it my first try as well, Right around 72 minutes for me. Great great guide. Thanks.
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Owen H Brown
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Over 1,200 people have views this guide. Will that qualify me for a forum award? How do I go about getting recognised?
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Granny Smith 07
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holy crap, I only read like 5 words of this guide then said screw it and went and tried, did it on my first try with literally, I kid you not, a time of 79:34....needless to say i was FREAKING out by the last seconds...I'm so happy to have it though, I'm sure your guide is great and helped a lot of people get it, so good work man

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Great guide. It helped me a lot to get this achievement which I think is the hardest out of both Watchmen games. Here's some things I'd like everyone to know.

Pausing is allowed. I can 100% say this as I paused and took about a 30 minute break and came back to finish the game to unlock the achievment.

I don't know if doing finishing moves really hurt your time that much, I say this because for the first 3 levels I was using a bunch of finishing moves and then I read this post and from the op suggestion, I stopped using the finishers. When I beat the game, I was overtime by 2:30, but to my surprise, the achievement popped. I don't know why, but I can assume that maybe when you do the finishing moves, it slows down the clock as your fighting becomes slowmo when you pull off a finisher. Thoughts??

As far as the bathroom scene on the first level, Here's what happened to me. I ran in, beat up a few guys, then the explosion happened. I then thought to myself, "Run to the end of the level." I ran to the end, but it did not end the level, I thought "crap! I gotta backtrack now." But when I turned around there was one enemy right behind me, I beat him up and the level ended.

I did not think I was going to be getting this achievement on the 1st try, but I did. I was running way way behind schedule and I lost a lot of time on the sewers. By the time I was at the final boss, I only had 6 or 7 minutes to do it in, I thought I was screwed, but I went through it anyways.

Tips I'd like to add:
*Just keep going even if you think you are running long on time, you might be surprised and unlock the achievment anyway.
*don't have to use finisher combos. I never figured out how to use them properly, I just used YYY most of the time.
*If you are only down to 1 or 2 guys from a group, but they just keep countering your attacks (very annoying) and you are loosing a lot of health, use your charge to save you even if it means using it with only 2 guys around. You don't want to risk dying. Stay alive at all costs.
*When fighting Underboss at the top of the tower with the pipes he jumps to, after he uses the flame thower once and enemies start appearing, you throw an enemy to knock Underboss off the pipes, beat up Underboss, but keep some enemies around if possible. Once he jumps back to the pipes, immediately grab an enemy and throw him at the pipes. Do this before Underboss can even use his flame thrower. Keep repeating this till he's dead. You'll save a lot of time and he'll never get a chance to use his flame thrower on you again, he will only use it the first time.

I hope my extra tips help anyone reading this. This is probably the most annoying achievement I've done in a while, but it is definately doable. Just know where you need to be going and run, run, run to the next group of baddies to beat up. Thanks to the Op of this thread. You helped me to get this achievment and for that I am grateful.
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The Remdizzle
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hell yes! did it on my first attempt while following the guide. didn't use a stopwatch but it had to be close... thanks for the help!
I RARELY boost games nowadays, but send a message if you want. You never know...

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Dark Knight DC
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Thank you so 78 minutes with your guide.

This was extremely helpful and should definitely be a sticky.

(Had to do it 3 times but it was just because my xbox froze on the first 2 attempts due to too many enemies on the screen at once)

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