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Shadow Complex
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4% Completion: Guide/Walkthrough

Now that the sequence break has been revealed, I want to make it as easy as possible for people who have not had a chance to do it. The purpose of this thread is to save people from having to sift through multiple threads.

Included at the bottom is a video on doing the actual sequence break. Follow the video exactly, and it should work for you.

Everything from bellow this is not my own work:

Posted by Slaifer

4% Insurgent run, fully explained

It seems that if you want to do an insurgent run, you have to search through several large topics to find answers to all of your questions, so I'm creating a comprehensive explanation of how to do the insurgent run. If you don't know, check the Achievements section of the main menu in game and scroll right. You will see several Master Challenges, The Insurgent being one.

Golden Guns room is unlocked (get all gold bars on a previous playthrough.
Level 30 or above (need infinite foam)

1. Start a game on Casual (you can do it on any difficulty, but Casual will save much frustration and death)

2. Progress through the game normally up to the handgun room. It isn't confirmed if getting caught by the cameras at the beginning of the complex affects anything, but avoid them just to be safe. Once at the handgun room, head LEFT into the golden gun room so that you don't trigger the cutscene. Pick up the shotgun (not required to have this particular gun, but is VERY helpful)

3. Drop back into the vents and progress all the way to where you get the grenades. Feel free to get the health power up after the save point, as this will give you 4% at the end, or avoid it to get 3%. (Do not get ANY power ups other than the ones specifically mentioned here.) The health power up will help you avoid death (obviously).

4. Grab the grenades, then fight the spider walker.

5. Head up, but AVOID THE GREEN DOOR. You can land on the ledge with the green door, but be sure not to touch it. Backtrack to the save room next to where you got the health power up.

6. Continue backtracking until you get to the doorway with three barrels in front of it. THIS IS THE TRIGGER POINT. After passing this point you have about 30 seconds to get to the secret door.

7. Run quickly to the underground lake below, swim across it (I recommend holding X and jumping out of the lake while going forward, it's faster than just swimming) Ignore all of the enemies. Before reaching the opposite side of the lake, dive underwater and swim left into a tunnel with some pipes. Surface, and run left where you should notice a gap in the floor before the missile door. Drop into it.

8. You will end up in a secret room where you will receive constant fire damage. On casual you should have plenty of time to navigate this room, so don't feel rushed. Jump to the moving wall as it is moving upward, then jump for the next ledge once the gap opens up. Head up.

9. Move up the ladder and head left into the next room. You will be in a large room. Crouch at the ledge to grab onto the ladder. Head down while pressing the analog stick down and to the right (do not hold X) and you should drop and grab onto the ledge below with a soldier on it. Shoot the soldier from that position, then climb up and head through the door.

10. Continue forward until you get to a Foam Door and a Foam robot. DON'T KILL THE ROBOT. You need it to shoot the foam door for you. This can be a little tricky, just stand in front of the door and jump around until it hits the control at the top. If anybody has a surefire way to get this to work, please speak up. (I personally found the easiest way to get the door to open was to stand on the door [walk as close to it as you can], and spam jump. The robot seems to almost always tag the sensor doing this.)

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Gamertag: Tripts
11. Exit the left door in this room (saving at the save point) into the room with the rocket turret. Dispose of all of the enemies in this room and exit through the now open bottom door. Progress until you acquire the foam gun in the usual place.

12. Destroy the generators to exit the room, and head back to the rocket turret room. You will have to take a slightly different route to get back, going through several Foam Doors. If you ever get stuck somewhere that you need double jump, remember you have infinite foam! Build a bridge by shooting continuously just below the location you wish to get to, or a tower by shooting 2-3 shots directly below you, jumping, the repeating. There is no limit to where you can go with infinite foam. (except for missile doors, of course).

13. Slightly to the right of the turret is a room above with a missile expansion. Build a foam tower underneath it until you get to the expansion. Good luck with this one. For some reason the passage to the expansion hinders your progress, and won't allow you to jump, so you need to force your way up. Just keep shooting foam and jumping, shooting foam and jumping. You may get stuck and have to start again. After several tries you should eventually make it.

14. Now you have all the items you need to beat the game. Get on top of the Ranger Tower (the Orange section) from the outside. I got to the outdoor area to the left of it and built a foam tower to a platform above. From there it is easy. I believe you can also access it from the right side as well.

15. Get to the bridge, and drop down and to the right to get to the missile door. If you drop all the way to the bottom, dispose of the two enemies and climb the ladder to the right. Head through the missile door to the bridge controls. Activate them, and run quickly out of that area. Once back into the bridge area, build a foam bridge to the door directly to the left. Head through that and up to the bridge. Cross the bridge, go through the door, and be sure to save at the save point.

16. Head through the missile door into the control room. Foam you way up to the top to activate the destruction sequence. Don't skip the cut scene as this will give you a few more precious seconds for your escape. QUICKLY make your way back to the bridge. This may take several tries until you perfect the wall jump up the elevator shaft, just keep trying.

17. Once safely on the bridge, head left and foam your way up onto the ledge above the door. Get up to the top of this tower and foam to the top of the right tower. From here head right to the final battle, the route should be very easy with just a little bit of foam work.

18. Beat the game. You should know what to do at this point.

Congratulations, you have completed the 4% Insurgent run!

Credit to dantheengineer


Having trouble embedding the sequence break movie. You can watch it here.

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Old 08-24-2009, 12:56 AM   #3
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Good idea to make a new thread, now SLAIFER's guide will be easier to find !
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Old 08-24-2009, 04:55 AM   #4
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Great guide, just managed getting through it.

You can just backtrack step 12 the way you came from though, but I'm not sure if that's faster.
What we do on Xbox Live echoes in eternity.
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Originally Posted by SjaccoPopino View Post
Good idea to make a new thread, now SLAIFER's guide will be easier to find !
YES sure
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That's really cool! I had never heard of this "big secret" how did you guys find out? luck? and exploring?
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A tip for step 13:

When you approach the windtunnel and you can't jump any further, crouch, shoot 1 piece of foam below you and jump.
Keep crouching, don't let go of the left trigger.
Just repeat it till you are at the top and grab the missile pack.

I found out this was the easiest way to get to the pack.
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Old 01-03-2010, 06:18 AM   #8
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Awesome walk through,helped alot!
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E vee dub
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Great guide. And my advice and compliments.

This guide was fantastic.

---When making the foam tower up to the missile expansion, there is a fan above it, so that's why it's hard to climb up. Once up there, make yourself little foam ledges left and right so you can grab them and climb up.
Also, try squatting and shooting foam downward at the same time.

---If you're going for 100%, do not goof off and get this missile expansion ahead of time. If you do, you won't be able to pick the initial missile expansion, thus you'll be one missile short for the 100%.

---This guide unlocks "The Insurgent" Master Challenge, and it also unlocks the following achievement...

Minimalist 10
Complete the game with less than 13% of items

---I was able to complete it in 56mins and then 41mins on my second try. 41 mins ranked me at about 800.

---Also, you can access the tower above the orange section from either side.

Thanks to whoever made this guide and to whoever posted it. Great job guys.

Shadow Complex 200/200 on 01/06/10

"CLASS OF 2005"

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Old 01-17-2010, 01:09 AM   #10
Lex Talionis
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Are there any tips out there on how to escape the exploding room?

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Old 01-17-2010, 04:59 AM   #11
Lex Talionis
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I finally did it. When exiting the exploding room remember this....
Make sure you have 300 health, that you are on casual, and watch the entire cut scene.... Time your jumps so that you never stop running... i.e. You can jump over most ledges

Use x for turbo until you get to the elevator... At that point simply use the joystick and a to jump back and forth up the elevator shaft...

My health was still at 280 as I started jumping up the elevator shaft. Before that I was getting stuck climbing over two ledges, one in the exploding room and one jumping off the ladder... Both ledges can be jumped over without stopping with good timing.

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