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Level-by-Level Veteran Guide

Call of Duty Classic Level-by-Level Veteran Guide
By Nevander

Do you want this achievement?

War Hero - 30
Complete the game on the hardest difficulty.

Well you're in the right place.

I. Introduction:
Welcome to the level guide for Veteran for Call of Duty Classic on the XBLA! On Veteran in this game, you have a set amount of health and you must make very good use of it. Save every little bit you can, if you loose a significant amount, just die and reload the checkpoint. You WILL need the health. Getting through levels without taking damage is absolutely crucial! There are no health packs provided to you on Veteran, so you can understand why this is key. Try to avoid any damage you can take in other words. It’s important to know what to be doing when, and this guide will hopefully get you through Veteran with ease. Unlike most CoD games, there’s a very easy way to beat each part. You don’t have to cross line after line of enemy forces, which is good. In most parts, there are even set numbers of enemies, it’s only infinitely respawning in some parts and unless you don’t move up to a certain point. I hope this guide will be of great help to you on your quest for the Veteran achievement! Enjoy!

II. Pointers/Tips:

In this game, missions work in a different way. Missions are divided into different parts called levels. At the end of a level, it loads the next and you will carry your previous weapons with you, until a new mission begins. Use this to your advantage. Follow everything I do below to pass difficult areas of missions. Your allies are actually good in this game for the most part; they can actually take some people out if they can see the enemy. Sniper rifles and FG42’s are god in this game. Use them well and pick off enemies from afar, works best in many and most cases. Use auto aim as much as possible. Cover is amazing in this game, as it was before the whole “let’s make bullets penetrate things” era when this game was developed, use cover at all times. The enemies are more stupid than in the other CoD’s. In this CoD, they will aim slower and when you shoot them, they don’t shoot again until they’re standing up completely. Watch out though, when you get close, sometimes they’ll go apeshiv on you and melee the piss out of you, try it on Greenhorn, you’ll get the picture.

Here is a video playlist on YouTube of each and every mission. I figured this might be helpful to those who either wish to see the game's campaign or see the missions first hand before you decide to play it, also it will be helpful to anyone who may get stuck and what not. There are a total of 29 videos; I don't want to embed each and every one, so here's a link to the playlist of them all. The guy in the videos is playing on Regular, but this guide will help you, along with these videos to show you where, when, and how I do things mentioned in the guide. Enjoy! Thanks to ravhin21 for the videos!


III. Missions:
01. Training Mission
Weapon of Choice: N/A
Mission Difficulty: N/A
I really hope you don’t need help on this mission on Veteran, let alone Greenhorn. There isn’t any real way to die or fighting, unless you want to be like Pvt. Bell and not keep your head down. Just follow the objectives and you’ll finish it. It is very, very simple.

02. Pathfinder
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 1/5
This mission is fairly short and easy. Use the M1 Garand near the dead paratrooper’s body to kill enemies from far away and use the Thompson provided for up close and in rooms. When you get to the houses in front of the field, after you plant the beacon, run up to the house and wait outside until the game allows you to pass. Take room by room slow and steady and work your way to the backyards of the houses. Watch out for enemies as you exit, I had one kill me right before I finished the level.

03. Burnville
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is a tad harder and longer, but as always, there’s a way to tackle the tough areas. At the start, run up to and lay down behind the dead cows to the right for cover. Peek around them and use your M1 Garand to pick off the MG gunners one by one, there should only be two. Move up against the side of the house and kill everyone inside, I usually rush upstairs with a Thompson to kill them. Before you get to the halftrack, use the crack in the wall in the second house on the left to take out the soldiers near the bushes, and then move up to the windows inside. Peer around the windows and clip the gunner’s head with the M1. At the wall, throw a grenade inside each doorway and kill the MG gunner lying down. Rush up to the far left behind the small wall outcropping. For the rest of the level, take it slow and steady picking off enemies from afar. They have worse accuracy when you are far off and in cover.

04. Dawnville
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is right after the last, but in the morning. When Johnson goes to the door, follow him out but run to the left and get inside the little nook area behind the church. Use your FG scope to kill any enemies you see. When you have to take out the first tank, be careful as soldiers will continue to drop around you, and some have FG’s as well. Grab a panzer and work your way back to that nook and zoom in and take it out from there. Go back inside the church and lay down beside the MG. Don’t get on it because you’ll be an open target. Use your FG scope and take them out one by one. Grab another panzer, and continue on and push them back. When you are going back to the town center, a tank will burst through the wall behind you if you’re facing the gate. Use your panzer as soon as it lands on the ground in front of you to take it out quick. Work your way back to the church and head to the next tank around the wall and watch your fellow soldiers blow it up. Go over to the destroyed wall farther back behind that last tank. Grab the scoped Kar98 lying there and take out the MG gunners and the sniper in the hay tower one by one. Use cover; go prone, whatever you can do to avoid taking fire. Mop up and take out the mortar crews and you’re done with this level.

05. Car Ride
Weapon of Choice: FG42
Mission Difficulty: 1/5
This level is easy for the most part, it’s sort of like CoD1’s version of Game Over from CoD4, there’s also another level like this later called Truck Ride and Airfield. You NEVER have to lean out of the window, never do this. Use your FG42 un-scoped and one shot everyone you can. The key here is to kill the Kübelwagendrivers as soon as you see them; they’re really the only ones who can hurt you. When you finally get to the part where you have to protect Elder as he hi-jacks the German Kübelwagen, go upstairs and scope with your FG, if you still have ammo, or with your scoped Kar98 if you still have it, and take out the guys far off. It doesn’t take him long to get it, so once it does, run down and jump in. The end of the level is very close after that, I was able to get in, take a good bit of damage, and then I didn’t take any more.

06. Brecourt
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This level is sort of tricky, but these pointers will get you through it no problem. At the start, when Sgt. Moody tells your squad to flank, take the right path and work your way around back near the farthest back tree. Use it for cover and take them all out. Throughout the trenches, walk in crouch and have your Thompson out. After you take out the second gun, there will be a door that opens up to an underground passage. There will be two guys that come out from here, be ready. When you have to give cover fire for Sgt. Moody, get back past where the medic was shot, behind the other two soldiers standing there, and peek out occasionally here and take out guys. Sgt. Moody can actually die here, but you don’t fail the mission if he does, instead, you’ll have to go out there and grab the explosives off him, I doubt you’ll want to do that. Keep him alive and you’re in good shape. At the house where you grab the second documents, don’t get on the MG, instead camp at the top of the stairs with your Thompson and take out the enemies as they come up. At the last gun, there will be two sets of two enemies that come out from doors on the left and on the right if you’re facing the house, watch out for them.

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07. Chateau
Weapon of Choice: BAR
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This mission is very close quarters, so be careful around inside the Chateau and watch your corners. At the start of the mission, switch your BAR to single shot and work your way up beside the rock and trees and pop the MG gunner. The BAR is like god in this mission; it’s so easy to use and it kills enemies in the blink of an eye. There isn’t much to warn of in this mission, other than just being careful in general. Capt. Foley and Sgt. Moody pretty much leave you to do the mission yourself and leave you a guy or two to use. At the first large open room, the one with the orange floor, there will be two guys that burst through the door and two in the balcony to your right. At the second large room, guys will burst through the door above you in front of you and some will be running from your left. I camp inside the white rooms and zoom them out with my BAR. When Capt. Foley and Moody blow the gate in the cellar, watch out, there will be an MG gunner and an extra man inside, be ready with your BAR. After that, I pretty much just spray with my Thompson or continue to use the BAR.

08. POW Camp
Weapon of Choice: Springfield, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is one of the hardest, simply because you are timed. Take your Springfield and head around to the right side to the rocks and snipe out the guards. Once you snipe the first one, the ten minute timer will begin. At this point you will need to make good time. Do this by working your way up into and around cover and letting your teammates do some of the work. Move around the back of the buildings at the start and snipe out the guys if you’re good at sniping, if not, use the Thompson and spray. Guys will burst out of doors occasionally, so be ready to spray them down with the Thompson. Once you make it to the jail cells, the tower to the left will have a rifleman in it, watch out for him. Work your way back the same way you got there, snipe out who you can and spray everyone else and take the long way to avoid getting shot. Once you hit the truck the timer will stop, so if you’re low on time, run around the buildings and skip fighting and touch the truck.

09. Pegasus Night
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is kind of tough, but not as tough as the next one. At the start, run over to your left and jump behind the green boxes. Your guys will push forward by themselves as long as you keep killing the MG guys, they’re pretty much infinitely respawning until someone moves up to the bunker, whether it be you or your allies. Once the area is clear, you’ll be told to go across the bridge. I would sit back and take out some guys before you decide to go across. Once it’s clear enough for you, go ahead, but hurry and rush over to the house on the left side, as a tank will come from the end of the road. Capt. Price will tell you to get the allied soldier to fix the Flak 88. After he tells you, there will be a small group of guys that spawn behind you, so be ready for them. Run and go prone behind the green car, then run and go prone behind the small wall, then crouch walk towards Pvt. Mills. Get him to go to it, and once you do, here’s where things can get tricky. Crouch walk back to that small wall, then run to the sandbags in the road. Now crawl towards the railing on the left side of the bridge, if you're facing the Flak gun. Keep crawling and crawl behind the railing, the tank can't hit you here. Once you get across, go prone behind the sand bags until he fixes it, then hop on and take it out. Once the tank is out of commission, you just need to help mop up some guys, I had about fifteen left to take out.

10. Pegasus Day
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG, Panzerfausts
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission blows, one of the hardest, no doubt. At the start you will have to defend the North bank. Use a combination of the mounted MG in the bridge booth and your Bren. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have to cover them as they come back across. Use the same things to cover them. After they’re back over, you’ll have to take out seven tanks one by one. Don’t worry you can camp and not have to destroy a single tank. Hide out in the little guard post, go prone and face the doorway. Once the timer stops, you’ll need to eliminate the rest of the enemies and regroup with Capt. Price. Congrats, you just beat one of the hardest missions in the game, very easily.

11. Dam
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Kar98, MP40 or Sten
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission is pretty hard, mostly because you’re all alone. At the start, work your way around to the left. Snipe out everyone along the dam. Work your way down planting bombs on the AA guns as you do so. Near the end there’s an MG gunner. After you plant the last bomb, there will be a door that opens behind you and a guy will come out. Inside of the dam, just watch your corners like in Chateau. For the most part inside, I just spray with the Sten and then grab the MP40s lying around and spray with them. When you reach the room overlooking the turbine room, take the right path and not the one that you're facing when you enter. The right path is so much easier. After you’ve planted the last two charges, you have to go back up to the top of the dam where you entered. There are a few more enemies that have spawned inside, so be careful. Don’t think the whole dam is clear now. The first elevator you ride coming back up, if you’re facing the wall inside the elevator, this is where the enemies on the next level will be. I’ve been killed by them numerous times because I was facing the wrong way. Once you get to the top, get in Price’s truck and face the back. Let him do the driving and you sit back and kill anyone that doesn’t get ran over.

Here's a checkpoint guide by Muckrak3r: GUIDE LINK

12. Truck Ride
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG, Panzerfausts
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission can be a little tricky as well, it’s very similar to Car Ride, but this time you have Panzersfausts! Yay! Now, the best way to use the panzers is to lead your shots a little bit and use them on trucks. You’ll end up using a few on some Kübelwagens but not many, and NEVER use one on a motorcycle. Spray those with your Bren, you can also use the Bren on the Kübelwagens but use a panzer if you’ve got it. Try not to miss ANY, panzers are very useful, and you need to use them quick. At the bridge part, snipe the enemies closest to you first. If they cross the bridge you fail the mission. When you encounter the second group of two trucks, that’s the end of the mission.

13. Airfield
Weapon of Choice: Bren LMG
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission follows right after the last. This is possibly the second hardest mission because of the ending. You have to shoot down incoming planes WHILE you’re being shot at from above. This mission is a lot like CoD2’s mission in El Alamein where you have to do the same exact thing. In this mission, the beginning is pretty tough as well. Kill the soldiers in the trucks that have Panzers because they can kill you if you don’t kill them first. Once you reach the AA gun, be prepared for a hell storm. The best strategy I can give you is to take out the guys above you to your left on the roof, then take out the Stukas flying in, then get back off the AA gun, take out more guys on the roof, then back again to the AA gun. Repeat this process as that’s how it works. The sandbags provide good cover from the guys above, use this when you’re not on the AA gun. Make sure all the enemies are dead above you on the roof before you get on the AA gun. If you lose health near the end, that’s fine as the ending is as soon as you get back in the truck and drive over to the plane. Whew.

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14. Ship
Weapon of Choice: MP40, Kar98
Mission Difficulty: 4/5
This mission is a little tough as well. Follow Capt. Price all the way to the armory, as long as it takes, when you finally get there, grab all the MP40s and Kar98s (for ammo) and the explosives. The engine corridors are the second hardest part in this mission. Use the doorways as cover and move up and then use those pipes to your left for cover. The riflemen here can really take you down, so be careful around these spots. Anywhere else inside the battleship, spray with the MP40. When you exit that hangar that you used to enter, be very careful here, as this is the hardest part. There are SMG guys to your left and right, they either sit on the sides, or rush you. There are also riflemen above you, I mean way above. Take out as many as you can from inside, then run for it. Run for the doors that are lit up on either side. You’re safe from the riflemen here, but SMG guys may still be around. The rest is simple, just spray with your MP40 and use your Kar98 when applicable. When you reach the boat, that’s the end, but watch out though, I died as the level was ending from a guy who came up to the boat staircase.

Here's a checkpoint guide by Muckrak3r: GUIDE LINK

15. Stalingrad
Weapon of Choice: 5 bullets you don’t get to use
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
Anyone who’s seen Enemy at the Gates will recognize this mission. Now, this mission is mostly scripted out for you, so you don’t have to fight anyone directly. While you’re in the boat, stay crouched so the Stukas don’t hurt you or kill you, you’ll need all your health to get up the hill alive. To start off, grab your five bullets you can’t use, and work your way up the hill. Avoid the MG fire by using cover, you know how it goes. When you reach the top, you’ll see a sniper guy behind a destroyed wall, run over to this guy, its ok if you loose all your health except a little sliver, you won’t need it anymore. He’ll have you be the bait for the MG gunners as he snipes them, twice. Once that’s over, he’ll ask you to run downhill into a destroyed building and almost get killed by a Commissar. Don’t worry, he’ll team kill him for you. After that, a radio guy will call in an artillery barrage at the top of the hill and then all you have to do is enjoy the fireworks. There’s some amazing visual work in this mission I’ll tell you that. After the artillery barrage, head left and follow your comrades through the building to end this short and sweet mission.

16. Red Square
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a little bit of luck too, not getting shot by the stupid MGs. Never fear, there’s a way to avoid them. At the start, you have to be really careful with your health. Run and go prone at the little hill made of debris to your right at the start. Pick up a rifle if you can and make your way from cover to cover. Use the giant obelisk type statue as cover, then go prone and crawl around inside the fountain area towards the guy that’s waving at you. Once he tells you to find a way around, run and jump and go prone to your right and a hole will blow through the wall. Be ready here with your rifle and kill the guys inside. Move up and grab an MP40 and spray your way through this area. At the end of the hall, trade your MP40 with the PPSH. Continue up the stairs and to the windows on the top floor. Switch your Mosin-Nagant for the scoped one. Take the officers below; there are two in the trenches and two by the big columns. Kill everyone else and go back out the way you came. Wait for the tanks to get blown up and then go through the underground passage. When you come out from here, to your right there will be two snipers. One is in the tower and another in the top right window of the building to the left of the tower. Take them out and continue on. The rest of this level is going through the destroyed buildings, watch your corners and scope out guys with your rifle and you’re done when you walk up to the doors at the train station.

17. Train Station
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This level for the most part is easy. At the start, get out your PPSH and run up the left stairs and mow down the guys up there. Switch back to your sniper and slowly take out the guys that are around corners. When you get to the windows with the MGs, take out the MG gunner first in the far back building window. Snipe out all the rest of the guys. Jump down and walk a little bit down the walkway and four guys will spawn on the wall to your right. Two from the left and two from your side. Kill them and jump down into the rail yard. Walk around the far right side to make guys spawn and come out of the door behind the trains. Snipe them from underneath the train cars to avoid direct contact. Go up the stairs they came down from and kill another set of four guys that spawn on the wall to your left. Walk down the walkway and be ready for a group of guys to come around the corner. Continue on through the level and when you get to the big area with the trench type walkway in the ground, take this area slow and snipe out guys, when it’s safe, move up to the far left wall and kill the rest. Go around the corner and there’ll be another group of guys and an MG gunner. You’ll come to another big area, this time all the enemies are on your side. Snipe them out and go around the statue to finish the level.

18. Sewer
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a little tricky, but with your riffle you can handle it, unless your sniping sucks. There isn’t much to say about how to do this mission; it’s really up to you. Do it like you did Chateau. At the first big opening, there will be a couple guys in the passageway above you and a couple in front. At the second, there will be four snipers. Two are in white and are on the balconies directly above. The other two are in dark green and they are to your left and right on buildings. At the part where there are pieces of wood and there’s water everywhere, walk up and when you hear the German guy say something about you, there will be two guys that come from the far end and two on the walkways to your left and right. Be careful here, this part may take a couple tries. At the last opening, the one where all that destroyed rubble is in your way, there are about six guys or so in the building, so peek out and snipe each one before you go running out there, you can see your comrades unfortunately make that mistake. Once you kill them, run up and into the building to finish the mission.

19. Pavlov
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, MP40
Mission Difficulty: 5/5
This mission is a little hard, and by a little, I mean very. You have to defend this building and take out these tanks with these anti-tank rifles. If you’re out of Mosin ammo, or close, you’re in luck. There’s another one at the end of the little trench. Provide cover fire for that idiot as he runs right out there, the enemy snipers will be in random balconies, windows, whatever. When you get up to the wall, this part gets a little tough. The way I did it was approach the wall and go to the far left where it’s still intact and go around it that way. Snipe out all the guys that are on the destroyed side and then when it’s clear, run out and over to the little wall by the building to your left if you’re facing the main building. There will be a guy that comes from the top floor and the second floor at this point. Once you’ve killed them, and this side of the building is clear, move up and into the first floor. Work in and around the first floor to clear out the building. Clear it out VERY slowly with an automatic. Peer up through floors to see enemies up there, you can get shot like this as well. Meet up with Pavlov, as soon as he’s done talking, the first tank will show up, so get him to start talking, and immediately go down to the gun on the second floor. If you don’t take it out fast enough, it will shoot a shell at you. Destroy the two indicated by the mission objectives, then go down the hallway and drop down to the ground. Go to that same little wall mentioned before and go prone behind it. Stay here the entire time and nobody will find you. When the counter is at two minutes, you'll get a checkpoint. Once the timer stops, just let your allies kill everything left and then go out. Congrats, you just beat the hardest mission in my opinion. Whew times two.

20. Factory
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is a bit of a break from the tough missions, thank god. Luckily, the hard missions are over. This mission is pretty simple. Just use your Mosin wisely and snipe out everyone and use your PPSH to spray when you feel it to be necessary. Not much to warn of here or give pointers on, just take it slow and kill everyone. Make good use of cover and make any teammates you have do the work.

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21. Railyard
Weapon of Choice: Any rifle, any machinegun
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission follows right after Factory. From the start, go prone and snipe anyone you see under the train cars. Once you have done that, go out and to your left. Work your way around the rail yard, sniping anyone at the same time. Move up to the MG placement and spray with your PPSH. Mop up anyone around the train cars, and then move up. Grab a panzer and camp by the wall, snipe out the MG gunner first, then poke out and blow away the tank as it comes out from the garage. Pick up your other weapon and carry on towards the garage. By now you should be out of Mosin and PPSH ammo (about time!), so switch them for a Kar98 or MP40 combination, whatever, does not matter much. In the garage, be careful as there are a lot of guys in here and they’re all camping like noobs. Take them out slowly one by one then move through the garage carefully. Proceed through the rooms and exit the garage, kill all the guys around this area, mission complete.

22. Tank Drive Country
Weapon of Choice: The T-34! Duh!
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
Note: For the tank, you can take three hits before exploding.
This mission is pretty simple, as well as short. Just stay back, take your shots when you have one, let your allied tanks do most of the work. There isn’t any wind or shot fall in this game, so you don’t have to worry about leading shots or anything. Just shoot the enemy tanks when they stop moving. It usually takes one or two shots to kill them. That’s pretty much it for this mission, other than to watch out for the foot soldiers behind rocks, they have panzerfausts. To kill them, just shoot the ground behind the rocks. Piece of cake.

23. Tank Drive Town
Weapon of Choice: The T-34, again.
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
This one isn’t much harder, it’s shorter even. Do the same as the last mission and take it slow and steady. You’re not timed, and if your allied tanks die, that’s perfectly fine. After the enemy tanks drives over the destroyed wall, there will be a panzerfaust soldier in the destroyed building on the top floor in front of you. A little while after that, there will be a group of soldiers that run out from a building to your left. Then another panzerfaust guy on the ground around that corner, and two more in buildings later on.

24. Hurtgen
Weapon of Choice: M1 Garand, Thompson
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
Wahoo! You’re on the third to last mission, and these last three missions are easier than most of the whole game. This mission resumes with the Americans in Hurtgen forest. At the start, follow your squad mates and when you get to the decline that leads into like a canal type thing, crouch and walk up to the hill to the left of it and take out the guys near the guard post area. Move up and go to the first bunker. Spray everyone with your Thompson inside and grab the documents. Take the left flank when moving up to the second bunker. There will be a group of guys down in the river basin, so be prepared for them. Work your way around the back of the bunker and do the same as you did with the first one, go in and spray with your Thompson. Before you grab the documents, pick up a panzer. Then grab the documents, run out and up the hill, and over to the boxes behind the Flak gun. DO NOT use the Flak gun; you’ll be an easy target. Use the panzer you picked up to take out the first tank. If it doesn’t work, grab the panzer sitting on the green crates beside the Flak gun. Run back down the hill and grab another inside the bunker if the first one didn’t work. If the first one DID work, grab the one on the green crates and use it, if it doesn’t work, go get another from the bunker. Mission complete.

25. Rocket
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Kar98, Sten
Mission Difficulty: 3/5
This mission is pretty cool as well, it’s a little long, but it’s still cool and easy-ish. Take it slow and snipe out everyone you see. When you get to the part where they ambush the convoy, watch out because the drivers will still be alive. A lot of the guys like to come out of nowhere, so watch out in general on hills and such. Sniping is key on this mission. Once you regroup with your squad, and you get to the MG bunker over the hill, go around the left side of the map and when you see the big tall bunker in the middle, snipe the two guys inside so they don’t mow you down. Once they’re dead, keep going around the left side of the map until you reach the bunker entrances. Take the one that is right below you when you walk over the bunker top. Work your way through the bunker with your Sten and find the fueling controls. To get there, go down into the bunker, go straight through to the next doorway that leads to a down ramp. Go down it, being cautious and killing enemies as you go, take the left path and the controls will be right there on the wall. Turn them on; go outside, plant charges on the three rockets, then escape. Watch out while you plant charges as guys in the opposite bunker can get you.

26. Berlin
Weapon of Choice: Scoped Mosin-Nagant, PPSH
Mission Difficulty: 2/5
The final mission. Oh joy. Don’t sweat it, it’s actually very easy, and very similar to Downfall in CoD:WaW, but without the hard-ness. To start off, snipe everyone you see and work your way up through the debris filled streets (there’s a lot of sniping involved in this game isn’t there?). Watch out for the MG gunners, they can really get you. When you get to the enemy tank, kill all the foot soldiers first, then run along the far left wall beside it and you can avoid getting shot by it. Destroy all the Flak guns and the tanks will push up and blow a hole through the wall to let you proceed. It’s ok if a tank gets destroyed by a panzerfaust. Move through the building and you’ll come outside to the beautiful Reichstag. Take cover by the destroyed tank and snipe off MG gunners to wait for the tanks, once they arrive, push forward (you won’t be getting shot at now) and work through the Reichstag. It’s a lot smaller inside than WaW’s is. Reach the roof and you’re done. Congrats on beating this game on Veteran.

IV. Conclusion
Well, it’s been a long road, and you’re finally at the end of it. You’ve successfully beaten the original Call of Duty for the XBLA on Veteran and you’ve secured your 30G achievement entitled War Hero. Good job, you deserve it.

V. Credits
Yea, umm, about the credits. This guide was written all by me using the PC version on Veteran as a reference, I have beaten it myself and the levels have the best strategies they possibly can, I think. I'll throw out a big thanks to IW for making such an awesome game and an awesome series. So yea. That’s it.
I have moved to PC gaming, so I
won't be on Xbox LIVE anymore.

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That's quite some guide.
It should come in handy if I ever decide to go for the achievment, though I can't see that happening very soon since I really don't feel like going through all that for 30g.
Nice work.
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A 2rue boofer
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I would like to 200 this game this weekend after I 1k Modern Warfare 2. Thanks for the swell guide Nevander.
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Nice guide
I'm not going through on veteran yet, I'll get the easy 170 first.
But it's good to see where each set of country missions ends.

Wish I could raise the brightness in the game though.
(I would on my TV but it's got some weird setup with a few different options that I don't want to screw up).
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Just a reminder.

In Mission 10. Pegasus Day, you don't need to destroy all the tanks coming at you. I just destroyed two or three and got a checkpoint. Then I rushed to the mid-section of the metal bridge and went prone until the timer was over. After that, slowly move out to kill the remaining enemies. So, this level isn't too bad.

EDIT: One more thing I seem to find is that you must have at least 50% of your health bar to acquire a CHECKPOINT at a certain point during your mission, which makes Veteran even HARDER.
Eat this!

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One tip: At the 21. Railyard mission when you have to blow up the tank with the panzer you should switch it for your sniper. I first switched for my MP40 with like 240 bullets and when I picked it back up I only had 30 but when I switched it for my sniper with 10 bullets I got it back for 70.
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Great guide man, still stuck on the Dam level cant seem to turn fast enough to catch the blighters before they hit me though :-\ even with the sensitivity up at 100%!
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Edited for angry content, written in the midst of a COD Classic-induced gamerage.

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Edited for angry content, written in the midst of a COD Classic-induced gamerage.

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Originally Posted by daninthemix View Post
Guess that makes me a complete **** then, because this is a whore of a level and more than a 2/5.

I struggled a bit on that level also. It wasn't until later I learned he made the guide based off of playing it on the PC where you can apparently save any damn time you feel like. Making Veteran NOT HARD.

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Edited for angry content, written in the midst of a COD Classic-induced gamerage.

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I just beat Veteran in a couple days. The only level that gave me serious trouble was "Dam". A few levels were just somewhat difficult. Most levels were easy.

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Nice written guide. Helped me a few times but nothing can beat Trout2327's guide that led me through the whole game without any frustations.
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EDIT: yes! finally done. thanks for the guide.

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Majin Marty
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Well it's been a long, long (and WINDING) road but I finally reached the end of it. Big thanks to Nevander for writing the guide and a very special thanks to Muckrak3r for writing the checkpoint guide for both dam and ship. Couldn't have done it without you!
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Great guide! currently on mission 15/26

Edit: Finished the game on vet! woohoo! great game!

I just started the german version and im already on mission 20 in like 6 hours. A piece of cake the second time around.

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Thanks... Finally beat this stupid game!
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Old 12-22-2009, 12:41 AM   #21
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lol wish id read this guide before i did pavlov, i waited for reinforcements the hard way and it was hell i tells ya
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Old 12-24-2009, 04:57 AM   #22
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Thanks! This should help.
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Old 12-29-2009, 07:36 PM   #23
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Seriously, Pavlov is the hardest level I have ever played. When I finally made it to the part where you destroy the tanks, I did not get a checkpoint. After spending a good 1/2 hour carefully clearing the building and praying that I did not die, I finally cleared it. But then I could not find the anti-tank gun fast enough and some dude gunned me down.

So I repeat. NO F*CKING CHECKPOINT?!?!?!?!? Are you serious? They expect me to survive clearing a whole building basically alone and then destroying tanks and waiting for reinforcements without a single fucking checkpoint? Yeah, this game sucks.
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Finaly Complete Veteran
Thanks the Guide
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Old 01-31-2010, 11:24 PM   #25
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I got my 200 GP today, and thanks to Nevander and all else who posted to this thread. I could not have done it without your contributions.
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im stuck early on in the game so i bookmarked this.i think im gonna need all the help i can get.
read a little bit of this and looks like a good guide,thanks
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Burning Pandama
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Thx, great help, I'm gonna try to finish it this weekend
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Thanks so much for this it was a big help!!!

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Thank you for making this guide. This game is one of the most frustrating around and your guide definitely helped!
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Just started playing this again after a hiatus. The guide has been invaluable so far. Thanks!

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