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Gears of War
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Gears of War: COG Tag Locations

Gears of War: COG Tag Locations



Prison area

1 - Exit the cell and make your way forward to the first open area. You will see almost directly in front of you a big red Gear of War logo. You will find your first COG tag in front of it.

2 - After you have made your decision of which path to take you will come to a room where the Locust will cut through a door. Kill them and look toward the back of this large room on the ground level to find the tags near an ammo crate.

3 - Exit the previous area through the door which the Locust entered through. You will see a set of stairs as soon as you exit on your left hand side. Head up the stairs and look to your left once you get to the top.

Trial By fire

4 - After the cut-scene head up the stairs and into a small courtyard. You will need to deal with a few Locust before you can proceed. At the end of the courtyard you will see a Gears of War logo on a broken piece of wall. Look just to the right behind a small wall. You will be directed by a tutorial to collect it.

5 - Continue onward until you cross over the bridge and enter the building. You will need to deal with two Locust holes before you can proceed. just after you close the one near the exit look under the window just to the left of the doorway. You will find the tag hidden among the weeds.

6 - Once you have watched the cut scene and made your way past the Troika you will enter a big open area with a fountain in the middle. Head directly to the forward to the back wall and look to your left. You will find the tags up against the wall near a set of windows.

Knock Knock

7 - Proceed forward until you enter this next chapter. You will enter a huge open area with the House of Sovereigns in front of you. If you look to the left as you enter this area you will see a white van with the Gear of War logo. Just to the left again you will see a huge hole in the ground and the tag sitting on the stairs in the corner.


8 - Once you gain access to the House of Sovereigns you will need to make your way through and save Cole. Just after you have killed all the Locust you will make your way through to a long hallway where Jack needs to rip a door. Head to the left once you enter this hallway and run to the far end, the tags are behind a stone block on your right hand side. At this point you will be trapped while a horde of wretches attack you.

9 - You need to make your way through the hallways and through the courtyard. There will be two Seeders on your way which you will need to kill to progress. Keep following the set patch until you walk past the second dead Seeder and head into the Auditorium. Short after this area you will find the body of Rojas, just to the right you will find his tag behind a pillar. Cole will be stood in front of it so it may not be visible.

China Shop

10 - As you start out you will see a soldier run off into the Berserker, after the cutscene go up to his body and collect the tag. You will need to turn around and head back down the corridor to collect before you progress.

11 - This one may cause you some issues if you are having trouble dodging the Berserker. Break through the first door, then proceed and break through the second door. Once you have entered the second chamber before you break the third door look to your right. The tag is sitting in an alcove right at the end of the room next to the third door.

12 - Once you smash through the third door and enter the courtyard follow the wall around to the left. You will come to a wall and a boarded up door, look around in the grass to find the tag next to a stone planter.

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Tick Tick Boom

13 - Make your way through the chapter, you will have to make your way past a few Boomers and a Troika before you re-unite with your team. Once you have cleared the passageways you will rip a door using a Jack. Follow this next alley to an open room, as soon as you enter head down the catwalk and down into the center. You will see another set of stairs leading down to a couch. Head down and cut up the couch to find this next set of tags.


14 - Press through the next section where you will see a Corpser go through the area underground. You will have to fight with a few Locust and a Boomer. Once you have cleared this area you will enter a warehouse where the Corpser will knock out the catwalks you are using. Follow the catwalks around and exit the building, as soon as you exit there will be a set of stairs. Head down them and turn around, you will find the next tag behind a pile of rubble in the alleyway.

15 - Make you way to the bridge and clear the way through to the settlement. Once you get to the settlement games look to your left and you will see a destroyed card, just behind it you will see three newspaper stands, this tag is hidden behind them on the sidewalk.

Lethal Dusk

16 - Make your way to checkpoint one and keep progressing until you encounter your first emerging hole. You will need to go right and down a long road to make it to the second checkpoint. Just to the left of the hole you will see a dark shed, shoot the propane tank inside and collect this tag before progressing.

17 - Keep going through the level until you enter the area where you need to control the spotlight, Just before you help Dom make his way across this open around move the light to the left area of where you entered through the tunnel. You then need to head back down stairs and collect the tags.

Dark Labyrinth

18 - You soon find your way to a the Ruined House, make your way through the house and exit into the street. The tag will be directly to your right as you exit near a car.



19 - Start the level and keep following the path until you have to fight the Wretches. Shortly after you will make your way around a catwalk with storage containers, as you leave the catwalk to proceed you will see two buildings on your right. Look behind the building with the elevator to find a dock, you will need to continue to the end of the dock to collect this tag.


20 - Save the stranded and follow him until he takes you to a room full of rotten unstable floorboards. The tag is located in the bottom right hand side of the room near the exit but be careful as if you make one wrong decision the floor will fall through. Just take your time and step carefully as you make your way through this part of the level.

21 - Now that you have found the cart control room walk straight up to the carts as soon as you enter. At the bottom of the small set of stairs you will find the tag sitting in a pile of weeds just to the right of the stairs.

Darkest Before Dawn

22 - Use the drilling platforms to decent down underground. Once you get to the bottom follow the pathway until it forks. Take the right path and following it until you see the Gears of War logo with a blocked up door. The tag is on the ground in front of this doorway.

23 - Continue onward down the other pathway and you will soon come to a fast downward running river. You will have to watch a small cutscene and then kill the Locust that ambush you. Once the area is clear look on the ground near the stairs which lead up to the small building.

24 - A little further into the level you will need to split up and take two paths. Shortly after you re-unite there will be a small narrow around with several Locust and Wretches. Make your way through this tight area and out the other side As soon as you exit you will see a Corpser on the left hand side. Head to the far right just as you exit and you should see an ammo crate. Run to the edge of the cliff and follow it until this find this next tag. It's located just to the left of Marcus's head in the image.

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Campus Grinder

25 - As you start the level you will be in a big open space, run straight forward and into the garden, just to your left you will see a small set of stairs. Go up the stairs and run around the walls of the building until you find this tag, it's hidden behind a second set of smalls stairs on this risen platform.

Bad To Worse

26 - Right at the start of this chapter you will have just finished watching a cutscene with a down chopper. You will start out with a damage car in front of you on the road. Run up the road and look for a second card, just behind the rear end is the tag. This is across from the pillars.

Imaginary Place

27 - Make your way through the level until you enter the mansion. Once you have looked around and cleared out all the rooms you will need to head back down stairs and through a set of narrow hallways. One your way through you will enter a room with four pillars and a desk. You need to use the chainsaw to cut threw the desk and find the next tag. If you make your way to a gate that needs to be opened you have gone to far.


Train Wreck

28 - Once you get onto the train make your way across all the open platforms to the end where you will need to enter a locked door. Deal with the Berserker and then enter the door way, you will see the cog tags on the floor just to your left as you enter.

29 - Once you have dealt with the Reavers exit the passenger car and make your way across the next open area. Enter the passenger car and head to towards the closed door. Before you open the door look behind you on the right side of the car to find the tags on the floor under a window. If you make it to the ladder you have gone to far, go back into the passenger car and look on your left hand side as you enter.

30 - The final tag is located inside the last passenger car before you enter the car with the weapons cache. You will need to press a button to clear the way of the giant storage tanks. Run down the side of the car and you should see the COG logo on the side. Run inside the car and open the door located at the back of this area.

The following are PC only collectibles.

[PC Version Only] 31 - Quite a ways into the PC-only levels the Brumak will be stomping above you as you go through a tunnel filled with wretches. When you come out, you will be in a garden and directly in front of you is a half open gate. Behind that gate to the left is a cog tag.

[PC Version Only] 32 - At the end of the parking garage you go up some stairs. Before you do that, go down stairs for the cog tags.

[PC Version Only] 33 - When fighting the Brumak, go all the way to the back of the fight area and look for the cog tags near some ammo and a washing machine.

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thx for the guide, definitely going to bookmark till i get all the tags, one more question though, does anyone no if you get a gamer pic with this achievement??
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Thank you for the guide its been a ton of help
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I should have had this open as i ran through the campaign!!! Now i get to figure out which ones i do/do not have and run through it all again looking for them... Thanks for the hard work! I know this will help a ton!
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Wooroo SOB
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Thanks I missed the one in act 2 and couldn't figure out where is was
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Thank you for the guide it really helped me out.
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I wish I could've used this, instead of a YouTube video. Having to pause, and wait till I'm at the point in the video was a pain in the ass. This is actually alot easier to use.
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Animus Mortis
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At least, a decent way to find the tags! Thank you!
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Thanks for this guide
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thanks for this, great having images along with it

can i say one thing tho, i found it much easier to get the cog after you get dom to the building when you shine the light on top of the building for him then shine the light where you need it to pick up the cog because all the lights are on then and mostly if you try before he gets to the building he dies and you have to restart over.


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great guide, looking back at this brings back some great memories
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x IF L ii P
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Thanks BIG help
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thank you so much
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so much help. thank you so much
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I found all the cog tags without a guide a long time ago.
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thanks. this really helped me out.
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Gregor Lenko
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Thanks for the help, great guide 5*
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found em all last one i missed wwas one in the desk in the fenix mansion
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I played this game when it first came out and recently started playing it again with my girlfriend. I remembered where all of the Cog tags are for Gears 1 and 2 but there were times where I felt paranoid about missing one here or there and your picture guide is indespensible
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ugh....just spent forever going back to get these and I am missing ONE. no clue which.
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"Cog Tags Found" Record Deleted

This might not be the best place to bring this up (or maybe it is), but after the last mandatory XBox Live update, I realized that my stats for the amount of COG Tags found has dropped back down to zero. Has this happened to anyone else, and if so, were there any solutions found?

Born, raised, lived, and escaped from where the wild things are.
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Missing one and I've no idea which
Special thanks to Rajeanero
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Thanks so much for the guide, really helped find them all again whilst replaying the game years later
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II BeNtOn 92 II
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Anyone had problems with the achievements popping? I have them all but didnt get the 2/3 or all achievements.

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