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Dark Knight DC
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25 Ranked Wins Achievement Guide


As a group...decide who is the main spokesperson for countdowns and starting the party chat. Pick someone who is constantly at all meetings and has a quiet but has a powerful voice. By that I mean you speak when you have to but let others give their input.

Have a backup leader just in case something comes up.

Meet around 5am-7am. Prime time = 6am.


Basically everyone search for matches. Someone will gain a streak. Once you get to a high number of 10-15 you need to focus and be patient. Don't be foolhardy and jump in when everyone is not ready. I MADE sure by calling out everyone's name in the party chat before the main person jumped in. This is what you do when you get a high streak.


Veteran MK people online. You will learn this lesson well. You will notice that people with 3000-7000 wins are online during your session. It is your job to designate certain people in your group to keep these VETERANS busy.

People who keep the veterans busy are those with: low/no streaks, people who connect with them often (trust me you can tell when you are one of these people), or the lucky ones who have 25 wins already done and are there to help you guys out. (THANK THEM for their generosity and kindness. It's sad that I must say this but common courtesy is quite rare so I thought I'd add this in there).

"ON THE LOOSE” (I coined this term lol...ya) ^_^

We used this strategy quite a lot. These veterans care about their win/loss ratio. Notice these people on your recent player list once you battle them. When a person has a high streak...please be aware of those Veterans online who are "on the loose". Designate people in your group to keep an eye on these people. When they are "on the loose", it will state that they are on the main menus. Yes...main menu means they are searching for battles and not just sitting there doing nothing. You will want your high streaker to go when the veteran is in online kombat. It will be safe for them to go search with others. If the veteran can't find someone...send a person in your group to search and keep that veteran busy.

"FACTS” as of February 2010

(1) You maintain your streak if it states "disconnected" from session.
You do not receive a win nor a loss. (status quo)

(2) You get a win if your opponent leaves game. (Your party chat group needs to leave for the high streaker as to not waste time with pointless match.)

(3) Do not pull out your internet cord/disconnect. You lose your streak. Run the possibility of
corrupting game save not do it.

(4) High streakers, give it your best shot if you go against a veteran. Sometimes you get lucky, sometimes you improve your skill level, or a rare occasion of kindness from them has occurred. Don't give up and please other people let that person concentrate if they want peace and quite.

"EXCEPTION” : fellow AUSSIES can match up with each other with ease.

Please Note: I will fix formatting later. ^_^

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Evo Kazz
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Lmao at the banner, I didnt know whether to thank you or get my wallet out.

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Dark Knight DC
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Lol, thanks guys. ^_^
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Amber U Rocked !!111 d(*^_^*)
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Dark Knight DC
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Hey Malt...thank you....haven't been on in a while
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To be honest, all you have to do is get a partner that lives close to you, and you'll get him 99% of the time. I did it at 11AM for me (6AM for Americans) and I got my boosting partner 24 out of the 25 times. I got a random for my 9th fight, but I quickly dispatched him.

Edit: I think I beat that Britalian guy several times when I was randomly playing online.
Thanks to Mr Chaotix for the signature!

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I just got this today. The 10:00AM EST on a week day worked for me. I tried late at night and early morning and there was just too much activity, even in 2013.

Good luck on this frustration achievement.
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