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Super Meat Boy
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Old 10-26-2010, 10:55 AM   #1
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box
Super Achievement Guide

Last Updated : 22/10/10

-Estimated achievement difficulty: 9/10 - Not for the casual gamer
-Offline: 12 (200)
-Online: 0 (0)
-Approximate amount of time to 200: 20-30+ hours - Depends on skill, its quite hard you see.
-Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1, you can replay levels
-Number of missable achievements: None
-Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
-Does difficulty affect achievements?: No/Yes - Each level has a harder version of itself,
which is part of the Dark world. Needed for 'The Real End' Achievement
- achievements: I'm A Golden God! - see belowTshirt
-Unobtainable achievements: N/A
-Extra equipment needed? : None, Patience?
Avatar Awards: 2 - and Prop
-Gamer Pics: 2

Super Meat Boy is a platform game developed by Team Meat, It is the successor to Edmund Mcmillen's and Jonathan McEntee's Newgrounds flash game Meat Boy, Meat Boy was originally released on in October 2008 and can be played *here*. However SUPER meat boy is a new game built from scratch. If you like n+ you should give this a try.

The game is split into 8 different Chapters.

0 - Teh Internets
1 - The Forest
2 - The Hospital
3 - The Salt Factory
4 - HELL
5 - Rapture
6 - The End
7 - The Cotten

1 to 5 each have 20 levels [1-1 1-2 1-4 etc] Finish 17 out of the 20 and you'll open up the boss level, Finish the boss fight and you'll open up the next Chapter.

After these 5 you will get to the chapter called 'The End' this has 5 levels and a boss. You need to beat each level to get to the boss. Kill the boss and you beat the game. But its not over, there is then an extra chapter called 'The Cotten Alley' yet again 20 levels.

Also Each level has a par time for finishing it. if you beat the par time you then unlock the 'Dark' version of that level. look at is as EXPERT MODE these are numbered 1-1x 1-2x 1-3x 1-4x etc

Achievement list:
These are the 12 Achievements for Super Meat Boy, Click one to see the corresponding post

Nostalgia 15
Living in the Past 20

The Commander 10
Tin Boy 5
Iron Boy! 10

The End 65
The Real End 20

I'm A Golden God! 20
Sticky fingers 5
Business Time 10

Secret Achievements:

The Kid 10

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Old 10-26-2010, 10:55 AM   #2
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box

Nostalgia 15
Find and unlock a warp zone.

The first Warp Zone is
found in level 1 - 5: Holy Mountain

See '
Living in the Past' Below

Living in the Past 20
Find and complete 5 warp zones.

Warp Zones are found Throughout Super Meat Boy. These Swirling Purple Blobs take you to Retro Styles levels. Think Super Mario Bros. With these they also bring back
life's. If you fail the Warp Zone level you lose a life. lose all your life's and you get kicked back out of the Warp Zone losing any bandages you picked up along the way.

Here is 2 Videos By Durrpy of the Light World Warp Zones

They also Come in sexy HD

The Forest

Warp Zo
This Warp Zone is found in level 1-5: Holy Mountain.

Keep jumping up the right side wall and on your way up to get the princess you will see a purple swirling blob to the left of you in a shed. Jump into this to Unlock your first warp zone.

Warp Zone: The Commander!
Found on level 1-12: Revolve

Jump over Bandage girl and its on the left side of the screen. This Warp Zone Unlocked Commander Video. Finish the Warp Zone to get '
The Commander' Achievement.

Warp Zone: Space Boy
Found on level 1-13x: Tommy's Condo

This can be found on the dark level 1-13, as you come to the top of the level head up and to the left. its in the top left of the level.

Warp Zone : HAND HELD HACK - Game Boy style
Found on level 1-19: Intermission

This Warp Zone is at the top of the screen half way through the level.

You can get to it by walking through a broken wall.

The Hospital

Warp Zone: 1977
Found on level 2-5x: Agent Orange

The warp zone above the first circular blade at the start. Keep juping up the right side till you get to the seccond fan then push over to the left side for the warp zone.

***This should be 5 Warp Zones for the Achievement***

Warp Zone : The Bootlicker
Found on level 2-8: The Sabbath

This Warp Zone is at the top of the screen half way through the level.

Warp Zone : Castle Crushers
Found on level 2-12: Above

First get the key then run to the left, There will be another key which will fall to the left of the warp zone - [Thanks to
Jakez123 for te info on the key]

Warp Zone : The Blood Shed
Found on level 2-15: Gallbladder

This is the first timed Warp Zone that i know if, you need to be quick up the side of the building. when you get to the opening to go right look above and its behind the walls. Think like in sonic when there are rings behind a wall.

More can be found in the Videos above

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Old 10-26-2010, 10:56 AM   #3
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box
The Commander 10
Find and unlock Commander Video.

On level 1 - 12 there is a warp zone on the other side of the princess. In there you will get to play at Commander Video. finish the 3 levels to unlock him.

Tin Boy 5
Complete 10 levels consecutively without dying.

Levels 1-1 to 1-10 are easy. just replay them!

Iron Boy! 10
Complete a full chapter without dying.

The Forest is the easiest place to get this, just play from 1-1 to the end of 1-20.

If there is a level you keep getting stuck on you can finish that first and then do the rest as it doesn't matter which order you do them in. so doing 1-20 then 1-1, 1-2, 1-3..etc might be easier



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Old 10-26-2010, 10:57 AM   #4
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box
The End 65
Complete the main game.
There are 5 main Chapters,
These consist of 20 levels [1-1 1-2 1-4 etc] Finish 17 out of the 20 and you'll open up the boss level, finish the boss fight and you'll open up the next world.

'The End' is 5 quite hard levels and a boss fight. to get to the boss fight you need to beat each of the 5 light world levels. they are all set in a floating fortress...think Bionic commando, Sonic, all them games where the evil guy had a flying fortress and you get what i mean. There will be spikes.

1 - The Forest
2 - The Hospital
3 - The Salt Factory
4 - HELL
5 - Rapture
6 - The End

Get to the End of The End and
defeat Dr Fetus, after this you'll have to escape, just run back long the level to the start. Achievement unlocked

The Real End 20
Complete the Dark World.

Each Level has a 'EXPERT MODE' which is unlocked by beating the par time for that level. If you beat the par time you can select the level from the menu screen and press X to go to the Dark World. This is where you can select the dark version of that level again. however don't expect it to be easy. Super Meat Boy is not like games that come out now. Its happy to be hard. I'll post videos of Hard World levels if they turn up.

Once you get to the 6th Chapter 'The End' and beat one of the levels par time you can then go to the dark world for that chapter. Here are 5 more dark levels and a Dark boss fight.

To unlock this fight you need to beat 85 Dark levels, Not beat the par time, just beat them. As there is about 100 levels from chapter 1 to 5 you don't need to do every dark level to get this achievement.


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Old 10-26-2010, 10:58 AM   #5
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box
I'm A Golden God! 20
100% the game

You need to:
  • Beat each light levels par time.
  • Beat each dark level.
  • Beat each boss.
  • Beat each Warp Zone.
  • Collect every bandage.
There is a statistics section on the main menu, Check there to see how you're overall percentage is doing.


  • Beat each dark level par time
  • Beat the Negative zones

Also Some people have said there's a glitch where you can keep collecting the same bandage over and over in a level to boost your percentage. This has lead them to get this achievement without finishing every level. This is why Beating each dark level under par time might not be needed.

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Old 10-26-2010, 10:59 AM   #6
russian box
Join Date: Oct 2007
Posts: 183

Gamertag: russian box

Sticky fingers 5
Collect 10 bandages.

See 'Business Time'

Business Time 10
Collect 50 bandages.

Bandages are Not found on every level. some can only be collected on the Dark version of that level. This means beating the par time for that level then going to the Dark world and re-doing the level while collecting the bandage. If you die you need to collect the bandage again.
Here's a list of where Bandages can be found.

There are 101 Bandages, 20 Warp Zones and 16 Unlockable Characters.

Here are Video Guides for all the bandages.

Chapter 1: The Forest [Light]

1-4: Nutshell – Bandage
1-5: Holy Mountain – Warp Zone [Sky Pup]
Warp Zone: Sky Pup 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Sky Pup 1-2 – Bandage
1-7: Diverge – Bandage
1-9: Safety Third – Bandage
1-11: Fired – Bandage
1-12: Revolve – Warp Zone [The Commander]
1-13: Tommy’s Cabin – Bandage
1-18: Altamont – Bandage
1-19: Intermission – Warp Zone [Hand Held Hack]
Warp Zone: Hand Held Hack 1-2 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Hand Held Hack 1-3 – Bandage
1-20: The Test – Bandage

Chapter 1: The Forest [Dark]

1-3X: BZZZZZ – Bandage
1-5X: Creamsoda – Bandage
1-10X: Walls – Bandage
1-13X: Tommy’s Condo – Warp Zone [Space Boy]
Warp Zone: Space Boy – Bandage
Warp Zone: Space Boy – Bandage
1-14X: Mystery Spot – Bandage
1-15X: Kick Machine – Bandage
1-17X: The Clock – Bandage
1-19X: The Queener – Bandage

Chapter 2: The Hospital [Light]

2-2: One Down – Bandage
2-5: Big Empty – Bandage
2-8: The Sabbath – Warp Zone [The Bootlicker]
2-10: Johnny’s Cage – Bandage
2-12: Above – Warp Zone [Castle Crushers]
Warp Zone: Castle Crushers 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Castle Crushers 1-2 – Bandage
2-13: Ulcer Pop – Bandage
2-15: Gallbladder – Warp Zone [The Blood Shed]
Warp Zone: The Blood Shed 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: The Blood Shed 1-3 – Bandage
2-16: SYNJ – Bandage
2-18: Destructoid – Bandage
2-20: Day Breaker – Bandage

Chapter 2: The Hospital [Dark]

2-4X: Blown – Bandage
2-5X: Agent Orange – Warp Zone [1977]
Warp Zone: 1977 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: 1977 1-3 – Bandage
2-6X: Cher Noble – Bandage
2-7X: The Moon – Bandage
2-10X: The Kracken – Bandage
2-12X: Grey Matter – Bandage
2-15X: Insurance? – Bandage
2-16X: P.S.Y. – Bandage

Chapter 3: The Salt Factory

3-1: Pit Stop – Bandage
3-2: The Salt Lick – Bandage
3-4: Transmissions – Bandage
3-5: Uptown – Warp Zone [Cartridge Dump]
Warp Zone: Cartridge Dump 1-1: Bandage
Warp Zone: Cartridge Dump 1-3: Bandage
3-7: Mind the Gap – Warp Zone [Tunnel Vision]
Warp Zone: Tunnel Vision 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Tunnel Vision 1-3 – Bandage
3-10: Breakdown – Bandage
3-11: Box Tripper – Bandage
3-16: Mono – Warp Zone [Ogmo]
3-18: The Grundle – Bandage
3-20: White Noise – Bandage

Chapter 3: The Salt Factory [Dark]

3-3X: The Red Room – Bandage
3-5X: Wasp – Bandage
3-6X: Not You Again – Bandage
3-7X: Pluck – Bandage
3-8X: Salt Crown – Warp Zone [Kontra]
Warp Zone: Kontra 1-2 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Kontra 1-3 – Bandage
3-14X: Salmon – Bandage
3-16X: The Chaser – Bandage
3-19X: El Topo – Bandage

Chapter 4: Hell

4-2: Brindle – Bandage
4-6: Leviathan – Bandage
4-8: – Warp Zone [Brimstone]
Warp Zone: Brimstone 1-2 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Brimstone 1-3 – Bandage
4-9: Deceiver – Bandage
4-13: Lazy – Bandage
4-14: Adversary – Warp Zone [The Key Master]
Warp Zone: The Key Master 1-2: Bandage
Warp Zone: The Key Master 1-3: Bandage
4-16: Bow – Bandage
4-17: Lost Highway – Bandage
4-18: Boris – Warp Zone [The Fly Guy]
4-20: Babylon – Bandage

Chapter 4: Hell [Dark]

4-3X: Char – Bandage
4-4X: Altered – Bandage
4-7X: Thistle – Warp Zone [MMMMMM]
Warp Zone: MMMMMM 1-2 – Bandage
Warp Zone: MMMMMM 1-3 – Bandage
4-8X: Billy Boy – Bandage
4-10X: Gallow – Bandage
4-14X: Old Scratch – Bandage
4-18X: Sag Chamber – Bandage
4-19X: Long Goodbye – Bandage [There is actually 2 Bandages in the level, one above, one below, but the game will only count 1]

Chapter 5: Rapture

5-1: The Witness – Warp Zone [The Skyscraper]
Warp Zone: The Skyscraper 1-2 – Bandage
Warp Zone: The Skyscraper 1-3 – Bandage
5-3: Ripe Decay – Bandage
5-5: Panic Switch – Bandage
5-7: The Fallen – Warp Zone [The Guy!]
5-9: Abomination – Bandage
5-12: 10 Horns – Bandage & Warp Zone [Sunshine Island]
Warp Zone: Sunshine Island 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Sunshine Island 1-3 – Bandage
5-16: Rotgut – Bandage
5-18: Gate of Ludd – Bandage
5-20: Judgement – Bandage

Chapter 5: Rapture [Dark]

5-4X: Alabaster – Bandage
5-5X: Nix – Bandage
5-8X: Downer – Bandage
5-10X: Pulp Factory – Bandage
5-11X: Blight – Bandage
5-17X: Millennium – Bandage
5-18X: Stain – Bandage – Thanks to Carbo for this final addition.
5-20X: Quietus – Warp Zone [Meat is Death]
Warp Zone: Meat is Death 1-1 – Bandage
Warp Zone: Meat is Death 1-2 – Bandage

Chapter 7: The Cotton Alley [Dark]

7-12X: Pink – Bandage

list with help from MoldyClay87

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Nice guide, I'll have to refer to it if I stop cursing at my failure.
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OMG!!! This is f%@#ing amazing!!! I can't believe my eyes. After that video i'm stopping thinking that this is hardest game ever.

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In 2 days I have got everything else but only 100% and the cotton alley achies are missing.Kill count something 3450

Nutty Female Gamer, So Nutty So Crazy!
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Great guide!
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Best guide I have seen in ages. A++++++++

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Thanks nemesiscw, well, I 101 or 102%ed the game, no achievement. I guess I'll have to wait for the update.

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My fingers are BLEEDING from this game!!! And yet I love it and can't stop playing it.
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Great, great guide. Got my 100% on it a couple nights ago. It wasn't too bad because I had a whole lot of fun playing it. I guess all my N+ practice helped me out in this game. Hardest level for me was definitely 7-19x, that one took me about 45 minutes to pass, I was half asleep while playing it to my defense.

9/10 seems about right, if I really had to rate the difficulty, it would probably be an 8 or so.

Again, thanks for the guides, really helped me out.
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Great guide! Its very useful to me

First on to complete Zeno Clash 2!
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Awesome guide this will help me get 200/200 in no time. ^_^

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Super guide, someone sticky this

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Awesome guide man. I'm playing the games these days and it is very useful!
"Super guide"
I agree with those saying the game should be considered a 10 out of 10 though. Dammit tough!
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Thanks for the guide!
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Great guide! Thanks a lot!
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Shadow XBL
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Teh Internets is no longer 20 bandages, if it ever was. I only have 19 and it's been unlocked for awhile. Maybe it's 10?
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So I completed Hell, both dark and light, A+'ed every level, have all 20 bandages, all warpzones unlocked (per this guide) and even went and dug up the negative zone just in case that is it. No such luck. Not only is it annoying due to the achievement, but in games like this I tend to be a completionist.
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9/10 + warning message ''Not for the casual gamer'' is about right for that game.

10/10 got the games like Robotron 2084, Mutant Storm reloaded, some JPN shmups, which is a really rare someone to have them completed.

Excellent guide
russian box, and big thanks to Durrpy for all of the videos!
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Major props on this achievement guide man! This helped me tremendously!
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Superb guide, very enjoyable to read and a good help to obtain the achievements!

Thanks !!
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Not that it matters and maybe this has been discussed upon, but the level 5 video has some incorrectly labeled levels.
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I get tired of not getting the last 100 % achievement

really i think what needs to be done are the negative world of rapture and the end am i right?. But, they dont show up and i dont know how to get them open.

i try to die maaany times in one level, beat it but they do not open.

all 7 worlds light a+ beated, dark worlds all expect 10 of world 7.
no bandages anymore, no warp worlds.

i really think world 5 and 6s negative world missing..
how to open please? >.<
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I remember playing this game on Kongregate and can't wait to play it on Xbox! Thanks for the guide!
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Terra Branford
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Thanks for the amazing guide. I tried my absolute best not to resort to using the video walkthru, but there were a few stages that I just could ~not~ for the life of me, figure out.

And having a bandage checklist allowed me, and my friend, to know what stages we were missing... and made us double check areas we would have never thought to search.

I'm not quite as good at SMB... I'm clocking in over twenty-thousand deaths (yes, I'm that bad), but I've only got the three Warp Zones in Rapture to finish, the Dark World version of stage five in "The End", and Cotton Alley. After that, I'll have my CA and 100% achievements.

I have to say... this is one of, if not the, hardest game I've ever played... and I've mastered N+ and beat pretty much every platformer I own.

Edit: Finally beat the game, and got my 100% achievement... so I'm at 200/200. I didn't get to use the bandage glitch (my copy of the game refused to spawn the infinite bandage), but I'm glad for that... having to EARN all the achievements the absolute hard way was good for me. Though... it was the longest week of gaming I've ever spent. I'll probably do those "Teh Intarnet" stages next year... it'll be that long before my nerdrage goes down enough to want to touch these stages.

Also... was anyone else majorly unhappy to learn that Meat Ninja doesn't auto-teleport? Had I known that, I'd not have been solely motivated to get 100%, and might have settled for doing it later. Ah well.
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