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Need help on Mysterio on hard

Ok this is f#$^ing pissing me off. I'm playing through on hard getting the platinums and beating the game. I cannot beat the last form of Mysterio. The ironic thing is, I got platinum on the Deapool and Carnage levels easy( only Electro is giving me a tough time). Guys are getting stuck in the rocks and the island will reset itself time to time thus making sure I get pummeled by the stupid energy clouds Mysterio throws. I can't beat it on hard let alone going for platinums so please, any advice would be welcome. I'm about to break the disc

EDIT: Ok I just beat it after almost an hour and dying multiple times. It must've glitched on the last part cuz after dying for the 12th time I was able to complete it. I'm leery about going back to get platinum on the time though...

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i got hit by 4 of his clouds when the camera panned to the object and came back to me. almost killed me instantly

i know you beat it but heres my two cents:
on the last stage there are three platforms, 2 of them have set peices you can hide behind the first is a truck lure the enemies near and spam Y, the other is just a pile of rubble and this blocks mysterio's attacks as well and also lures the creatures for spamming Y
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Jay Leon Hart
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CURSES! I only need Carnage or Mysterio Combo Platinum for 1,000/1,000 - highest I can get on Carnage is 16k and I just finished Mysterio with 18,880 >_<

[Edit] YAY! 4 more attempts and with a little help from the Cosmic costumes, 20,093 [/Edit]
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E vee dub
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My method...

Use Y+B to speed things up

For the last fighting sections, use the Y+B attack to control groups (no need to lock on enemies).

For your combo Platinum, use a variety of combos in a condensed amount of time. (This is true for all Platinum combo medals.)

I swung straight over to the platform with no cover from his purple blasts.
You don't have to stay on the platform.
You can jump off when his blasts hit, and then tap A in mid-fall to get back up.

Then you can recover the spider emblems atop the arches to regain a little more health.
Now defeat the enemies using the cover provided on the other platforms.

After 3 attempts on Hard, I got platinum on combo and time together.
I did the collecting run separately.


"CLASS OF 2005"

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Tha Bass Jedi
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Thats an awesome tip I have tried to beat this level so many times on hard and always end up dying stupidly from those energy things thanks for that
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