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Test Drive Unlimited 2
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Achievement Guide & Roadmap

Copyright/Rights of Use
This guide may not be used without written permission by either the author or website admins. This guide has been put together for x360a and should not be used without permission.

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 7/10
- Offline: 33 (675)
- Online: 14 (325)
- DLC (Online): 10 (195)
- Approximate amount of time: 70+ hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: N/A
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: None
- Does difficulty affect achievements?: No
- Unobtainable achievements: None
- Extra equipment needed?: None

The following is my first ever attempt at an Achievement Guide & Roadmap, so go easy and please contribute to make it as efficient as possible. Any help will be credited on the relevant achievement.


Test Drive unlimited 2 expands on the already massive free roaming world of its predecessor Test Drive Unlimited by adding another island, Ibiza.
You can drive all over these two islands on the winding roads through the mountains, across the dirt tracks and even on the race tracks!
TDU2 offers 99 cars and 61 houses, so plenty to spend your hard earned cash on. Earning the cash to buy them all, is a real hassle though. You'll probably find yourself repeating races over and over for a couple of the achievements, which can be pretty tiresome.

Single Player Racing
There are 8 licenses for you to get your hands on which can open up a world of 22 championships and 3 cups, which is a whole lot of racing!
You'll cover different terrains and different opposition in each race, allowing you to put your driving skills to the test with a different range of cars, in 3 main categories. Classic, Off-Road and Asphalt. There are over 11 categories of races, meaning there is plenty of variety to your driving experience.

Single Player Missions
There is plenty to be doing outside racing. Whether it's taking photographs, exploring the two islands for wrecked cars, buying clothes, haircuts, houses and even getting some surgery! There is a whole range of activities to get involved in with TDU2 which is a great way of keeping you satisfied if you get a little bored of racing.

There are loads to be involved in with multiplayer, whether it's being in a club and racing against fellow members or racing against other clubs. You can unlock exclusive cars and upgrade your club. You can chase outlaws in cop chases, or be chased as an outlaw! You can setup custom races for the Community Racing Center to test your skill against fellow racers or try and beat other racers times in their custom made challenges.
You can also get into the Casino in the DLC and play poker, roulette, slot machines and race against the clock in the Time Attack around the Casino Island.

There are many things to do in the game and going about completing them all is extremely time consuming to say the least. For some of the achievements, you'll need some help along the way. I'd suggest using the Achievement Trading Thread in order to find people in your position for some of the multiplayer achievements as they are very tricky to do against other racers.
Due to the nature of the achievements and the severe time consumption, this game is extremely difficult to 100% and would avoid if you care a lot about that completion percentage.
If you're looking for a really enjoyable racing/relaxing experience, I'd recommend playing this as you'll be lost in it for hours!


Small Collection - 5
Own 3 different cars

You'll buy your first car from the Used Car Dealership at the start of the game. During the progression of the championships, you'll be asked to buy different cars in order to race in the championships. After your first car, you'll be required to by a B4 Class car (I recommend Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE) and an A7 Class car (I recommend Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent). After these 3 cars, or indeed any 3 cars you choose to buy, this achievement will unlock.

One of each - 30
Own a car from each category (A7-A6-A5-A4-A3-A2-A1, C4-C3, B4-B3)

As you progress through the Championships in the Single Player mode, you'll be required to buy at least one car from each of the above classes to be eligible to race.
That said, it should come naturally. The following is a list of the best cars of each class, in order for you to only buy one of each class at the moment;
C4 - Lancia Delta integrale evoluzione
C3 - Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole
B4 - Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE
B3 - Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris
A7 - Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent
A6 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI
A5 - Audi TT RS Roadster
A4 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage
A3 - Ferrari California
A2 - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722s
A1 - Bugatti Veyron 16.4

God of Cars - 50
Own all purchasable cars

There are 74 purchasable cars in the game, to which can be bought from all of the in-game Car Dealerships.
Cars won in Duels, bought from DLC, collected from Wrecks, won in the Casino and from Pre-Order do NOT count towards this achievement.
The simplest way to go about buying all of the cars, is to first buy every car from Ibiza, then head over to Hawaii to complete the purchases as there is only 1 Dealership in Hawaii that isn't in Ibiza.
Here is the complete list of cars in Ibiza, in order of their Dealerships;

B3 - Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG
A5 - Mercedes-Benz SKL 55 AMG
A3 - Mercedes-Benz CLK 63 AMG Black Series
A2 - Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG
A2 - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Roadster 722s
A1 - Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren Stirling Moss

World Classic
C4 - Ford MUSTANG Fastback 302cid Cruise-O-Matic
C3 - Chevrolet Corvette C1 1957

British Cars
A5 - Lotus Evora
A4 - Jaguar XKR
A4 - Aston Martin V8 Vantage
A4 - Aston Martin DB9 Coupe
A4 - Aston Martin DB9 Volante
A3 - Aston Martin DBS Coupe
A2 - Aston Martin V12 Vantage
A1 - Aston Martin One-77

U.S. Cars (north)
A6 - Chevrolet Camaro 1LT
A4 - Chevrolet Camaro 2SS
A2 - Ford GT

B3 - Audi Q7 V12 TDI quattro
A6 - Audi S3
A6 - Audi TTS Coupe
A5 - Audi TT RS Roadster
A5 - Audi S5 Coupe
A4 - Audi RS6 Avant
A2 - Audi R8 coupe 5.2 FSI quattro

Italian Cars
A7 - Alfa Romeo MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde
A7 - Alfa Romeo Brera Italia Independent
A3 - Alfa Romeo 8C Spider
A3 - Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione
A2 - Pagani Zonda C12S Roadster
A1 - Pagani Zonda Cinque
A1 - Pagani Zonda F
A1 - Pagani Zonda Roadster F

European Classic
C4 - Lotus Esprit S3
C3 - Jaguar E-Type Coupe
C3 - Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

European Cars (north)
B4 - Volkswagen Touareg V10 TDI
A7 - Volkswagen Golf(6) GTI
A3 - RUF RK Spyder
A2 - RUF Rturbo
A1 - RUF Rt 12

Asian Cars
A6 - Nissan 370Z
A6 - Subaru Impreza WRX STI
A2 - Nissan GT-R

U.S. Cars (south)
A5 - Dodge Charger SRT8
A2 - Dodge Viper SRT10

Italian Classic
C4 - Lancia Delta integrale evoluzione
C3 - Ferrari Dino 246 GTS
C3 - Ferrari 308 GTS Quattrovalvole

A3 - Ferrari 612 Scaglietti
A3 - Ferrari California
A2 - Ferrari 430 Scuderia Spider 16M
A2 - Ferrari 430 Scuderia
A2 - Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
A1 - Ferrari 599 GTO
A1 - Ferrari Enzo

European Cars (south)
B3 - Spyker D8 Peking-to-Paris
A3 - Spyker C8 Aileron
A2 - Spyker C12 Zagato
A1 - Koenigsegg CCXR Edition
A1 - Bugatti Veyron 16.4
A1 - Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Grand Sport

The remaining cars can be found in Hawaii (Level 10 Required to travel to Hawaii via Airport)

British Cars (west)
B4 - Land Rover Range Rover Sport HSE
A3 - Caterham CSR 260
A2 - Ginetta F400
A2 - TVR Sagaris
A2 - Ascari KZ1 R Limited Edition
A1 - McLaren MP4-12C
A1 - Ariel Atom 300 Supercharged
A1 - Ascari A10

Mummy - 10
Complete 20 multiplayer challenges with bandages

This achievement will first require you to visit a "Cosmetic Surgery Clinic" in the game, in order to be wearing bandages. To see where a Clinic is on your map, bring it up by pressing then until you get the "Spots for Avatar" tab. The Clinic icon will be represented by a knife.
Once you've gotten the bandages, they will be removed in around 1 hour real-time, so this is your window to play Multiplayer Challenges.
Once you have had surgery, you cannot re-visit the clinic until the bandages have been removed.
In order to play Multiplayer Challenges, bring up your map again by pressing then until you get to the "Multiplayer Challenges" tab, to which you can pick a race and get going!
Please note: This achievement does not require you to win 20 races, just simply complete them.
To save some time, group this achievement with Multi-Challenger. See the achievement for more details.

Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
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- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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My Beautiful Caravan - 5
Own 1 house (caravan)

This will be the first achievement you unlock and will come naturally through the introduction to the game.
You'll be introduced to 'Solar Crown' and will be taken to a house where you can start off your driving career, once you've been taken to your Caravan, this achievement will unlock.

Subprime crisis? - 30
Own one house from each level

This description is a little vague and may cause some confusion. You are required to at least 1 house with each star rating.
The houses in the game are given upto a 5-star rating and you'll be required to purchase a house with a 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 and a 5-star rating.
As you will have the Caravan from the start of the game, you have 1 0-star rated house.
To buy a house, you can either find it in free-roam or visit your local Estate Agency in the "Spots for Avatar" tab in your Map ().
Here is a list of the cheapest available houses in each star rating;
0-Star: Caravan (Should have this house from the start of the game)
1-Star: Fontanelles house - $95,000 - Ibiza Area 1
2-Star: Refuge house - $198,000 - Ibiza Area 2
3-Star: Tropical House - $311,000 - Hawaii Area 3
4-Star: Kahuku Point Paradise - $1,110,000 - Hawaii Area 2
5-Star: Yacht - $5,000,000 - Ibiza Area 1 **

** There is a way to save money if you want to keep your cash from buying the Yacht.
Make a copy of your save game BEFORE you buy the houses onto another Storage Device. Then load up your game on your COPY device, buy all of the above houses for the achievement, then refer to your MAIN save, to have the money from before.

Fashion Victim - 10
Change your clothes or hairstyle 40 times

For this achievement, you are required to either visit a Barber and get a hairstyle then leave the barbers for it to register as a change. You can repeat this 40 times for the achievement.
Alternatively you can buy 40 different items of clothing, enter a closet in one of your houses, change your outfit and leave the closet for it to register as one change. Repeat this 40 times for the achievement, or you can group the two methods together through natural progression to save repeating this one over and over.

Hard earned money - 10
Bank the maximum level of F.R.I.M. (10)

See Easy Money

Easy Money - 10
Earn $100,000 with F.R.I.M.

F.R.I.M. is "Free Roam Instant Money", which allows you to gain a small amount of money while in Free Roam by either "Dodging" (Near missing cars while driving above a minimum speed), "Drifting" and "Jumping" (Driving at speed over a bump in the road, the higher the air you get, the more reward). It appears at the top of your screen and you can progress through the 10 levels, each of which you can "Bank" that levels amount of money. With each level increased you'll get a higher reward.
Before you upgrade your FRIM, level 10 offers $4,000.
After the upgrade, which is granted at Level 12 Competition & A1 License obtained (unconfirmed) the Level 10 reward is $10,000.
Due to the upgrade offering a substantial amount more than pre-upgrade, I'd suggest waiting until that happens before going for the $100,000. It'll save some serious amount of time.

There are 2 main methods - One is safe, the other is risky but a lot faster.

Method 1: Drifting - Find a patch of road/land that is farely secure and out of the way of other vehicles or obstacles.
The best place to Drift risk free is in the Airport. Once there, you can drift around the figure of 8 safely and build your FRIM til you hit the maximum level.
To drift, put your foot to the floor by pulling and hold for 1 second while moving the left or right. Make sure and hold the the whole time and try and keep the slide as wide as possible.
Keep repeating the Maximum level to get the $100,000 also. This is very time consuming and if you feel you can control your car, I'd suggest Method 2.
Here is how to get into the Airport;

Method 2: Dodging - The best car in my opinion to use for this is the Ariel Atom. It is a fast car that is extremely easy to handle. The best stretch of road to use is the road heading East from the Airport in Oahu, Hawaii.
When you exit the Airport, take a right going East and floor it, try to keep in the middle of the road dodging the oncoming cars (The reason it's the quickest way is by dodging oncoming traffic, this builds your FRIM meter faster than anything else) and cars going in your direction.
This stretch of road is possibly the longest, flattest road in the game. It gives you plenty of time to get the full level 10 FRIM by the end.
Once you've either hit the end, or you've hit level 10 - Just turn around and repeat until this achievement pops!

Big Tip: I'd suggest pulling out your Ethernet Cable/Wireless Adapter and doing this offline (both methods) as it will ensure you don't get any wreckless drivers colliding into you while you've built up a massive streak and wasting even more time.

Kangaroo - 20
Make a 100 m (109 yd) jump (any game mode)

Cruising - 5
Drive 200 km (124 miles)

See "The Explorer"

Road Eater - 10
Drive 1000 km (621 miles)

See "The Explorer"

The Explorer - 50
Drive 5000 km (3107 miles)

Throughout your game, you'll be racking up the miles in every game mode you play and every car collectively. To check your overall progress, visit one of your houses. Above your coffee table, you'll see an icon representing "Info", click this, then "MyTDULife". Now click to edit and select "Change" on any available option. Now hover over "Overall Progression" which is 4 across and 1 down on the list, represented by 3 bars.
Here you will see "Play Time", "Game Completion" and "Total distance driven", to which you can check your progress towards this achievement.

Car-tist - 15
Decorate 5 different cars

In the game, you can take your customizable cars to the "Sticker Shop" to get sprayed or apply stickers. Some cars you cannot customize.
Simply take 5 different cars to a "Sticker Shop" in the game, either change the colour and/or apply stickers and when you exit the shop on the fifth car, the achievement will pop.

Big Spender - 50
Spend 1 million dollars

This achievement does NOT require you to spend $1,000,000 at once on one item. It requires you to spend 1 million dollars overall, accumulatively over the length of your game, to which it will come naturally through the progression of the game as you will be required to spend that amount of money on either houses or cars that may cost you more than $1,000,000 alone.

Reckless Driver - 10
Drive around and hit 100 AI controlled cars and destructible objects

This achievement will be extremely easy to achieve if you drive like me! Don't try for this one immediately, you'll probably unlock it through natural progress like others. Anything that can be hit, AI cars, sign posts etc - Hit them all. Some items are undestructible however, so be aware of them and don't keep hitting them as they will not count! Like hitting walls, some hedges and bushes count as solid objects and won't count towards the 100.
As I said, hit cars, sign posts, lamposts and traffic lights all count.

The Beginner - 5
Win a championship

The first championship available to you will be the C4 championship. Once you've been introducted to "Solar Crown" and have gotten your first car and taken to your Caravan, you'll recieve a phonecall when you exit, asking you to get your C Class License. Upon completion, you'll recieve another phonecall asking to enter the C4 Championship. Finish first overall and you'll unlock this achievement.

King of Ibiza - 25
Win Ibiza Cup, area 1

After completing the C4, C4 High, B4, B4 High, A7, A7 High, A6, A6 High championships - You'll be offered the Ibiza Cup. You must finish first in every race to progress to the next race. Upon completion, you'll unlock this achievement.

Coronation - 75
Win all championships & cups

There are 22 championships and 3 cups overall. 1 Cup on Ibiza and 2 on Hawaii. Upon completion of them all, you'll unlock this achievement.

Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
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- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
Racing School Master - 20
Obtain all licenses

There is a total of 8 licenses in the game. These are seperated into each category of race in the game and by completion of each, unlocks the relevant championship.
These are;
C4, C3, B4, B3, A7/A6, A5/A4, A3/A2 & A1. Upon completion of all of these licenses will grant you this achievement.

Level 60 - 100
Reach level 60

The leveling system in this game is a collective between the 4 categories of sub-levels. These Sub-Levels are different varieties to make way through the game. These are "Competition" - By gaining licenses, winning championships & cups and multiplayer challenges. "Collection" - By collecting cars, houses, clothes and even getting haircuts will advance this skill. "Discovery" - By driving on roads, collecting wrecked cars, taking photographs and completing missions will advance this skill. "Social" - The Multiplayer skill which is raised by catching outlaws or escaping the cops in chase modes, playing co-op races, setting up races, playing a part in a club and simply by having friends.
At the moment, including the DLC there is a maximum level of 70, making this achievement very easy to obtain. However, if you do not have the DLC then this achievement is very tricky indeed.
To check your progress on your levels, hit the button then for the "Progress & Objectives" menu. Inside here you'll see your "Global Level" and each of your 4 category levels. Hitting either or will allow you to have an overview of each category and requirements to gaining the levels necessary.

Aloha! - 20
Make it to Hawaii

When you have reached level 10 overall, you will receive a phonecall asking to head to the Airport, heading for Hawaii. You do not need to go at this time.
Just bring up your map and look for the Airport in the "Spots for Avatar" tab. It'll be toward the south part of the island. Upon entering the Airport, it'll trigger a cutscene where the rest of the racers are also heading for Hawaii.
Once you've flown over, this achievement will unlock.
Please Note: You'll have to pay a one-off fee to fly the first time. Any other travelling done will be free of charge.

Learning - 5
Obtain The C4 license

This is the first license you will obtain. Upon being introduced to your Caravan and leaving, you'll receive a phonecall about getting your first license to be eligible to race. Follow the road on your GPS to enter the license centre and complete the objectives necessary to pick up your license. At the end, you'll have a photo taken and this achievement will pop.

Fast and Luxurious - 10
Drive at 400 km/h (249 mph) for 5 sec. (any game mode)

For this achievement, you can be driving any car and be in any game mode - Whether it's in free roam or a race, this will unlock.
It is confirmed that you can go to a car showroom and test drive a car and get the achievement. I'd highly recommend using the Bugatti Veyron.
Simply go to the European Car Dealership "European Cars (south)" just north of the Airport and test drive the Bugatti Veyron. When you are outside of the dealership, make sure you're going to the right - Now just floor it and dodge the traffic until you hit the speed.
Alternatively, you can purchase the Bugatti Veyron and go to Hawaii. Once you head out of the Airport - Head toward the right (East) and floor it. This is possibly the longest and straightest piece of road in the whole game, so this road is by far your best bet.

Say "Cheese!" - 10
Get clocked by the radar 100 times (Speedtrap game mode)

You should unlock this achievement naturally by playing the "Speed Trap" races in the Championships in Single Player mode. If you feel you won't get it, just replay Speed Trap races in Championships you have completed until you have unlocked the achievement. Wait until you have completed the Hawaii Cup Area 2 before replaying any races.

Tuning Addict - 5
Tune a car to the max level

In order to tune a car to any particular level, you'll need a certain "Discovery" level in the area of the tuner.
For example if a tuner is in Ibiza Area 1 and you wanted level 4 tuning, you'd need 100% discovery in Ibiza Area 1. Which means you'll need to discover 100% roads, complete all of the missions, take all photographs and find all of the wrecks in that particular area.
Only by doing the above can you gain access to tune a car to the maximum level of 4.

Cockpit Addict - 20
Drive 500 km (311 miles) using the cockpit view (any game mode)

Cockpit View is the in-car camera angle, like a helmet camera. It will not matter what car you're driving, nor if you're in free roam or in a race. It will count the total amount of miles you drive in all of these.
If you feel uncomfortable racing in this view, I'd suggest using it in the free roam mode so that you're not under any pressure and can drive at your own leisure.

Get rich or try driving - 25
Possess 1 million dollars

This achievement requires you to have accumulated 1 million dollars over time, not hold 1 million at one particular time.
Upon completion of the C4, C4 High, B4, B4 High, A7, A7 High, A6 & A6 High championships, you'll unlock the Ibiza Cup 1.
If you have not unlocked this before you win Ibiza Cup 1, then it will unlock afterward. You're prize fund for winning Ibiza Cup 1 is $1 Million, so it will come naturally through the progression of playing the Single Player championships and cups.

Multi-Challenger - 25
Win 5 challenges in each multiplayer mode (Race, Speed, Speedtrap)

This achievement requires you to win 5 Races, 5 Speed Challenges & 5 Speedtraps.
You can access these races by bringing up your map :back, hitting once to the "Multiplayer Challenges" tab and looking for a race in each of the above categories.
You can either join a ranked match and race against fellow gamers, or alternatively you can post in the Achievement Trading Thread and ask to help boost with someone.

Instant challenge, easy cash! - 20
Earn $10,000 in Instant Challenges

This can be done simply, by going offline and racing the AI cars. Pull out your Ethernet Cable/Wireless Adapter.
First of all, make sure your stake amount is set to $2,000 as the AI cars won't accept anything higher.
Hit then go to "Options". Go down 3 and select "Game settings", at the bottom you'll see "stake". Select $2,000. Now make sure you hit and not so it will save.
Now find an AI car, make sure you're driving a faster car and flash your headlights and hit again to accept the stake. The AI car will accept and all you have to do is beat them 5 times in a row and the achievement is yours.

Alternatively you could up your Stake amount to $10,000 or greater and flash your lights at another racer and try to win if you'd prefer not to race 5 times.

Fugitive Wanted - 10
Outrun the police 30 times in Online Chase Mode

To enable an online police chase, you'll first have to have people in your session. You can check this by either looking at your mini map on the bottom left of your screen and seeing how many people there are next to the little car icon. You'll need at least 3 down there.
Now you'll be looking for a cop car/ambulance or fire truck. Hit them repeatedly until it triggers a countdown saying "The Police are targetting you!". If 2 or more people accept a phonecall asking them for assistance, then you'll have yourself an online cop chase.

Now all you have to do is run... Well... Drive. Make sure you don't get caught up or else they might hit you with an EMP which will disable any power from your car.
You'll have a time limit of 2 and a half minutes to evade the cops, not getting arrested in this time will count as 1 escape. Just 29 to go!

Club Basher - 25
Win 30 Club vs Club challenges

When you go to the bar in your club house and either join or create a Club v Club match, you'll need at least 2 members of each club to race. Once the race has begun, make sure to keep an eye out for any collisions as it's a popular way to knock people out of the race, giving them virtually no chance of recovery. Winning 30 of these races will unlock this achievement.
This is a solo achievement, in the sense that it's not how many races the club as a whole has won, rather you have to be in 30 winning races for it to count toward your achievement.

Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
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- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Awards Showcase Donator - Level 1
Total Awards: 1 (more» ...)
Marshall - 10
Arrest 30 outlaws in Online Chase Mode

This has the same setup as the Fugitive Wanted achievement. By having another racer hit a cop car/ambulance/fire truck repeatedly, you'll have a phone call to which you can either accept to be part of the chase to help catch the outlaw.
Once 2 or more of you have accepted, the race will begin after the clock has counted down. Try and keep up with the outlaw, crashing into him at any time. Once you are close enough, you can hit to charge an EMP which will disable his power. Hitting will begin charging the EMP and will charge fully if you stay close enough to the outlaw. If you lose too much distance to the outlaw, the charging of the EMP will stop and you'll have to charge it again when you get close enough.
You have 2 minutes and 30 seconds to catch the outlaw before they have escaped.

Ibiza Photographer - 10
Find 5 viewpoints on Ibiza (photographer)

See "Reporter"

Reporter - 30
Find all viewpoints (photographer)

There are 40 viewpoints altogether. 20 in Ibiza and 20 in Hawaii. Visit the Photo Store to check the book in order to find out what is required in each picture.
In some photos you will be required to be in a certain car, have certain weather or be there at a certain time of day/night or a combination of them all.

For all the Viewpoints in Ibiza, please refer to the following video;

For all the Viewpoints in Hawaii, please refer to the following video;

Hey! What's this car!? - 5
Own 1 bonus car (treasure hunt)

See "Tyrannosaurus wrecks"

Tyrannosaurus wrecks - 25
Own all 6 bonus cars (treasure hunt)

There are 10 wrecks to find in each area of the game, each area representing a bonus car when you find the 10 wrecks. In total there are 60 wrecks to find.
Here are some videos showing where they all are;

Ibiza Area 1;

Ibiza Area 2;

Hawaii Area 1;

Hawaii Area 2;

Hawaii Area 3;

Hawaii Area 4;

Helping hand - 15
Succeed in 10 missions

See "Events Accomplished"

Events Accomplished - 40
Achieve all missions

There are 100 missions in total; 20 in Ibiza Area 1, 20 in Ibiza Area 2, 15 in Hawaii Area 1, 2, 3 & 4.
You can check your overall completions of the missions by going to the Start Menu , going to the "Progress & Objectives" menu, going to the "Discovery" tab by pressing and selecting "Events".
The Missions on your map are represented by a bomb icon.
If you cannot see any missions on your map, try reloading the game from the dashboard or just simply wait for them to pop up. Some are time specific and won't appear during some times.

Keep your distance - 30
Drive for 15 sec. above 100 km/h (62 mph) with 8 players in "Keep Your Distance" mode

For this achievement, I'd highly recommend finding people on the Achievement Trading Thread and getting people together into a Multiplayer Race entitled "Keep Your Distance".
The easiest way to get this is by finding a race near a long stretch of road and turning collisions off and looking for a race that has a minimum distance of 0 yards. this will allow all players to ghost inside each other while maintaining the same constant speed for as long as it takes the achievement to unlock.

Exclusive Car - 10
Drive a Club car

See "Exclusive CarS"

Exclusive CarS - 30
Drive all Club cars

For this achievement, you will need to be in a Level 3 Club, which is the maximum level.
You can look for a spot in either of the 3 x360a club by clicking HERE.
If you help anyone out in those clubs, they will help you get this achievement which requires you to be a certain rank within a club to drive the cars.

Co-op Challenger - 15
Drive 150 km (93 miles) in "Keep Your Distance" and "Follow the Leader" modes

See "My Club and Me"

My Club and Me - 15
Drive 150 km (93 miles) in intra-Club challenges

When you are at your Club House, going to the bar and creating a race, "Inner Club Race" will allow for you to drive toward the 150km/93 miles. Any race within the Inner Club race will count towards it and it goes by your own mileage, not the race-type. So the Keep Your Distance mileage is not what it goes by.
The best race type to do this on would be "Follow the Leader". Having either 4 or 8 players is necessary. Just simply drive in the opposite direction of the checkpoint, making sure you don't go through it and keep driving until the achievement unlocks is probably the quickest way to do this.

Me against all of you - 25
Play 40 challenges in the Community Racing Center

Go to the "Community Racing Center" by looking at the "Single Player Challenges" tab in the Map .
While there, look for a race that is as low as possible in terms of distance and best time. Repeat this race 40 times, winning or losing, and this achievement will unlock.

Social Butterfly - 10
Join and invite friends 100 times (any game mode)

You must use the in-game pause menu to either invite a friend or join their session. Joining their session via Xbox Live will not count.
Hit then go to "Players". Either use your Friends List, Club Members list, Recent Players or Session Players to either "Join" or "invite".
Please Note: Inviting will only work if the other player accepts the invitation. Repeating these actions 100 times will unlock this achievement.

Better than a GPS - 10
Invite 10 players to drive with you in your car.

It is confirmed you can use the same player 10 times over. Simply find another racer on the road in free roam, flash your headlights by pressing and hit for "Co-op driving" to invite someone into your car.
Once you have invited the person 10 times, the achievement is yours.

Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
Need help or a question answered on the following games? I'm here to help

- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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DLC: Casino Online

Risk Taker - 10
Casino: Give up a Three of a Kind while playing Video Poker and win the next hand

When you enter the Casino, go up the staircase on the right to get to the slot machines. Upon entry to the room, the Poker Slots are at the back of the room.
In order to give up Three of a Kind, you'll be required to produce 3 of the same card (7,7,7 for example) on your first pull. The slot machine will automatically "Hold" these cards by pressing for you on these cards. Now, before you pull again, make sure the light below these cards is not lit. Press while selecting these cards to ensure you will give them up. Now pull the handle and hope you get a winning hand to unlock this achievement.

Island Caretaker - 10
Casino: Wake up the Island caretaker

To wake up the Island Caretaker, make sure it is at night time. You are required to enter the Casino, select the Audi at the entrance and select "Time Attack".
When you begin the race, turn around and go the wrong way. Keep going until before the hairpin and you'll see a hut on your left. Honk your horn by pressing the and a cutscene will commence. You'll have woken up the caretaker and he'll wave his arms around in anger. Achievement will unlock.

Drinks - 10
Casino: Have 10 cocktails at once at a poker table

You are required to be sitting at any 10-player poker table for this achievement to work. Simply order everyone at the table a drink and make sure everyone has one at the same time and it will unlock.
To order a cocktail, pull and put your at 10 o'clock. While you have the drinks list, hit to order a drink for someone at the table. All of the names on the list are people who do not have a drink, so just make sure that list is empty and you should have the achievement.

Casino Fashion Victim - 25
Casino: Buy all clothes available in the Casino Clothes Shop

This achievement requires you to enter the Casino Clothes Shop (Located on the right hand side of the entrance to the Casino) and purchase all of the 35 different purchasable items. Once you have bought every item of clothing, leave the shop and the achievement is yours.

Socializing - 25
Casino: Unlock all cocktails and emotes

When you enter the Casino, straight ahead of you, past the car, is the bar. When you go to the bar and order a cocktail, you'll see the list. When you hover over each of the cocktails you'll see instructions on how to unlock the ones you do not yet have. Simply complete the objective given to unlock the cocktails.
The same goes for the emotes. When you are sitting at a Poker Table, hit either or to bring up the emotes. Follow the instructions for each one you don't have in order to unlock them all. Once you've completed all of the objectives and have them all, the achievement is yours.
Please Note:There are 2 cocktails that require you to win 3 Sit & Go tables of poker, these can be done with 2 people in a Private Sit & Go table, instead of a full 6 Public table.

V.I.P. - 35
Casino: Become VIP of the Casino by reaching level 5

The leveling system inside the Casino is the same of that outside the casino. You'll have 10 seperate levels to gain inside the casino and can check the progress by hitting and going to "Progress & Objectives" to check the progress you're making. Once you've leveled up 5 categories, this achievement is yours.

Ready to play TDU2? - 20
Casino: Win the luxury car displayed in the entrance hall

There are two ways of getting this achievement. 1 - Inexpensive and possibly time consuming & 2 - Instant and extremely expensive.

1 - You can go to the Slot Machines (Located above the right hand staircase upon entry to the Casino) and play on the TDU2 Life Machine to try and win the car by winning the jackpot, which will also result in winning $1,000,000.

2 - You can simply buy the car in the lobby, this is confirmed to unlock the achievement. The car costs $1,000,000 Casino chips, which translates into $2,000,000 outside the Casino.

Western - 15
Casino: Play the "duel" emote at the same time as your rival at a poker table for two

Firstly for this achievement you will have to unlock the "Duel" emote, which requires you to win 15 hands in Tournament Poker.
Tournament Poker is a VIP only (Level 5 or above) tournament that is located in the centre of the upper level of the Casino.
To enter a Poker tournament, you can either buy into Level 1 for $25,000 or try your luck at winning the raffle by buying Cocktails (at the bar - Straight ahead of you upon entry to the Casino) and gaining entry into the related level of a Tournament.
Once you have won 15 hands in Tournament Poker, you will have unlocked the ability to use the "Duel" emote.
Now you can search for any type of 2-player table and use this emote at the same time as your opponent.
To find someone to help you get this achievement, please use the Achievement Trading Thread located here

Wanted - 25
Casino: Get the right look to get the reward

For this achievement, you will have to dress like the picture on the wall next to the Cashier.
If you are a male, it's on the right. If you're a female the picture is to the left.
All clothes required for this achievement is purchasable only in the Casino shop to the right of the entrance to the casino.
The hairstyles/colours you will have to attend a Barber to change.

Hairstyle - Short Cut 4
Hair Colour - Auburn
Facial Hair - Clean
Now match the clothes and sunglasses with the picture in the lobby.

Hairstyle - Short Half Length Cut 1
Hair Colour - Red
Again, match the clothes with the picture.

I'd like to say again, all clothes required are ONLY available from the Casino store.

1-in-38 Chance - 20
Casino: Win a straight-up bet at Roulette

This achievement sounds harder than it actually is. Go to any Roulette table (Found above the left staircase upon entry to the Casino) and bet the small amount possible on each number, with the exception of any one number of your choice.
When you bet on just 1 number, the odds of it appearing are very high, hence the reward. For the game to register a winning bet, you have to win more than you are betting. So for example, if you place 1 chip on every number except from 38, you're reward is 38 and because you've bet 37, it counts as a win.
Since you've placed a chip on almost every number, the odds of winning are about 99%.

Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
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- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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Thanks Mr Bungle
TDU2 x360a Club (Level 3) | TDU2 Achievement Guide
Need help or a question answered on the following games? I'm here to help

- Operation Flashpoint: Red River
- Test Drive Unlimited 2

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