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Left 4 Dead 2
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Old 08-10-2011, 05:46 PM   #1
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Arrow My Idea For Left 4 Dead 3. Post Your Own?

Daianna: Hispanic immigrant worked as an army nurse, then relocated to the seattle, washington area to work at the hospital as a nurse. was at condo with her boyfriend until he turned into hunter and attacked Daianna, after a brief struggle giving Cho just enough time to save her, found other 2 survivors with cho Daianna is now 29

Appearance: Plain Looking, Black Hair In Bun, Tall, and Moderate Weight, Not Particularly Slender. Wears A Black Carhartt Jacket with some stonewashed jeans and white untied tennis shoes. Origin: Santiago De Chile (Chilean) Current Home: Seattle

Personality: Neither Positive Or Negative, Teases Fellow Survivors, But They enjoy it.Witty, and always cracks jokes about the infection.

Advantage: Due To Her Background as a Nurse; Health Kits 30% More Effective when healing others and herself. not applicable to other survivors. also has 15% general more speed. (walking, revivng, healing, being revived)

Disadvantage: Cannot Wield Tier 2 Shotguns due to her lack of strength, will fall off ledges faster when hanging on for life


Cho: Pronounced Ch as In Charlie) Siamese Car Salesman, business in seattle. always kept a Spas Shotgun in case of robberies. guess in came in handy then, huh? Cho had no family, his parents died when he was 21. he is now 36, and single.
Saved Daianna when her infected boyfriend pounced on her, they went off to look for other survivors found 2 more

Appearance: Hair and face model Masi Oka (Hiro Takamoura on Heroes) with out the glasses. he has a built figure, and barrel-chested, still small compared to those with a a built figure. Has a Tan Suit With white undershirt. Origian: Siam (Siamese) Current Home: Seattle

Personality: Cho is a very no-nonsense person, however he still is friendly with those who are more light-hearted and genuinely likes everyone in the group, but does not get along with Nathen

Advantage: Cho is more mentally composed to the situation and reacts better and differently especially as an AI. when playing has a Human Player you can see the outlines of infected through the wall. Cho Is Also Much More Accurate With SMG's, Assault Rifles, And Pistols.

Disadvantage: Despite His No-Nonsense Attitude, Cho Is very forgetful. he will often mix up the survivors names, as well as the infected names. the chance of this is more likely then unlikely, about a 40% chance he will mix up something.


Rita: Rita was a receptionist for a well-off law office. Reba got along well with everyone at the law office, even some of the snotty paralegals. Had A Husband And A Newborn At Home, She Is More Determined then ever to get home safe to her child and her husband. One Of The Campaigns is Trying to get to her home (Home Sweet Home)

Appearance: Tall And Slender, Long, Wavy Black Hair that goes down to shoulders. Curvy, but doesn't know it. Purple Blouse And Dark Grey Khakis.
Origin: Mochudi (Botswana) Current Home: Seattle

Personality: Friendly, Gets Along With Everyone. Very Insecure about her looks and personality due to troubles with her mother. Rita is genuinley a nice person, and also naturally beautiful.

Advantage: Rita is very tough and agile. she can climb up poles and easily leap onto ledges. she can access places most others can't. these places usually were well guarded by fellow survivors. and whenever stumbled upon, she always finds something to help them... (Can access secret rooms which will always contain something helpful, such as health kits, pills, etc. if she ever falls onto a ledge, she will always help herself up without assistance.

Disadvantage: Rita Cannot Run Fast, and is inaccurate with a gun. she can hit the zombies, but some bullets always seem to whiz by the wrong targets. (-25% speed and accuracy)


Nathen; was a former drug trafficker, and was often shot at. danger close? no big news or anything new for nathen. Nathen was never incarcerated for drug Trafficking, because he was never caught, except for by the other gangs wanting in on his profits. Nathen is not very Disiciplined, and dosen't take instructions well.

Appearance: Scrawny, Very Fair Skinned. Hair Never Seen. Wears Seattle Seahawks Hoodie, and grunge jeans with black converse. he also wears navy blue Bean Cap.

Personality: Cold, Never seems to care about the other survivors. he can't stand Cho, and is hardly upset when he dies. he does genuinely care for Rita and Daianna. Nathen warms up to cho at the beginning of the first campaign (as the survivors worked together before the campaigns)

Advantage: Nathen Is Very Accurate With A Gun, especially big assault rifles. Nathen has been shot before. when he goes down the first and second time, he can get himself up without assistance. (+40% Accuracy and Auto Self-Revive)

Disadvantage: Nathen does not get along with the group well, if he goes down the AI are 40% Slower To Get Him up and decision speed to go up.
AI Nathen Will Not Attempt to go back for downed survivors once he is Safe in the Safe room.

The Death March (The Parade Of Life just Died) - Takes Place in seattle during the Parade Of Life. Which Means the Hordes Will Be Larger and More Frequent.

CUTSCENE: The Survivors Run Away From A Tank Into The saferoom,tank breaks door open survivors kill it, quickly get what they need, as they find out there in an overrun fire department

Fire Department: The 4 Fight Their way through an overrun fire department. Gauntlets: They Reach A Barricaded Room with a survivor who agrees to let them in, who is then killed by an hunter and accidentally lands on the panic button. Safe House:Across the street in the office of the Parking Garage

Parking Garage: The Survivors Fight There way up 5 Floors Of Parking, and Cars. it used to be an evacuation center, now its overrun: Gauntlets: None; Increased amount of car alarms Safe House: the survivors must jump from 1 rooftop to the next, and will land safely down there.

Streets: The Survivors Cross 4 Lanes to get to the safety of an abandoned diner. Gauntlet: a witch infested Wedding Dress Store the survivors must cross through. Safe House: Diner.

Crossair: the survivors make their way through a zombie infested department store called Crossair, (A Take On Target) Safehouse: Managers office

Finale: The Survivors Check Their Phones and they will all have Reception. They Dial 911. they hear there are survivors holding out in the police station across town. they have to hotwire a car and drive across seattle making there way to the station.


Continuing From the Police Station

Campaign: Safety First (Safety First Is Not Safe Forever) - The Survivors Flee The Overrun Station, And have to help the Police and other survivors Evac some more locally. Survivors Get extra Firepower during most levels.
a tank also appears in every level. on Downtown around 3.

Cutscene: The Survivors Arrive and Rest For 20-30 Minutes, Until They Hear A Horde Cry. they tell everyone, and they start evacuating.

The Station: The Survivors Are Caught In The Middle Of The Horde Right Off The Bat. Its Sort Of Like The Bridge. The Survivors Have to Rush the Station to get to the armored trucks. (There is 2 in operation) the survivors along the way can choose to help other survivors (not Including the four) when they get into trouble and will haul ass to the trucks. Gauntlet: Constant Hordes Safehouse:Trucks

The Suburb:The people Decide to stop in a local suburb and do some evacuating. The heroic Four agree to go out and search the houses, as long as the armored trucks stay behind them, providing assistance from the streets. (The assistance is reflected upon how many survivors they save, from the station and the houses)
Gauntlet: Houses have Burglar Alarms. Safe House: Survivors can check up to Ten Houses, Minimum of Seven Houses. The Survivors Return To The Trucks.

Downtown: The Trucks Are Flipped Over By A Tank, and again, you can possibly save all survivors, as they group and flee, while the four have to deal with them. the new job is to find a safe house, which the four will lead. Gauntlet: The Survivors Always pass by the boxing ring, home to 2 tanks. Safe House: Rooftop

Finale: The Local Army Stationed an evac center, requiring you guys to get all the survivors in safely to the 3 or 4 stationed APC tanks which will Carry Safely Away The Survivors. Except for the one you go into. you still have many more campaigns to go through

Home Sweet Home (The Happiest Place On Earth) the survivors are stuck in the suburbs, coincidentally the same one Rita Lives In. She Knows Her Way Around. Survivors Are Saveable.

CUTSCENE: The APC driver is killed when the infected break through the windshield and grab him. the survivors are forced to hold out there for a minute or 2 and then ditch the tank.

Mayweather Lane: a bunch Of Searchable Houses For Clues To The Safehouse, and evacuation, supplies, and survivors.
Gauntlet: House Alarms and you must break down the barricade to the safehouses Safehouse: Varies. Either 1142 MayWeather or 1313 Mayweather.

Mysto Street: Abandoned Completely. very common hideout for druggies. increase of smokers.
Safehouse: Next Door To Rita

Rita House: The Survivors Search The House For Survivors or Supplies.
the Survivors then Check Rita House. The House is Occupied... With Her Husband And Newborn, Safe and Alive. Once They Find Them, A Horde Triggers, And You must keep them and yourselfs alive at all costs.
Gauntlet: Husband And Newborn Safehouse: Ritas Bedroom

Finale: those survivors you saved back at the station have came back for you. they call your phone and let you know they on there way in a pick up truck. takes 10 in game minutes for them to arrive and you must safely hold out in Rita's More Broken Down House.

any other ideas? please let me know
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x ITz Aiden
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that is a well good idea for left 4 dead 3, but dont you think there should be new special infected involved
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Has it even been announced?
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Nei Debrusc
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New Special Infected: Zombie Bill. 'Nuf said.
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it would actually be awesome to see the transformation from human to Tank
or any other special infected

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Old 08-18-2011, 12:27 AM   #6
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thank You, and yes i feel there should be, but im coming up at a blank with those:/
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this is great thanks
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Carlo Monte
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OK I'll probably get some hate for this but how about a level/perk system for survivors and maybe for special infected in versus? I just think they try to make the characters all totally different in personality and look, yet they all play exactly the same. There is a crazy amount of things you could add that could differentiate the characters:
Better accuracy
Stronger Melee
More melee before fatigue sets in
Faster speed
Not hobbled with low health
Hold more ammo/health items
Better hearing
Akimbo primary weapons
More health
And those are just the basics

Special infected could have more damage, shorter cooldown on special attacks, more health

It would fundamentally change the game but it could be cool.

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Mexico/US Border

Survivors trying to leave the US.

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I want a campaign on a giant yacht. that would be cool.
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