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Dead Rising 2: Off the Record
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Old 10-20-2011, 11:25 PM   #1
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DR2: Off the Record Official Bitching Thread

Yea . . .

I hate the looters who spray you, take your weapons and money. It's good that you can kill them to get it back but still, they are such [a pain].

I hate Snowflake. For some reason, he is much harder to tame. Plus, Ted won't leave me alone when I was trying to tame him then have him attack Ted. I ended up having Snowflake attack Chuck rofl.

I hate surprise zombies. I already have to deal with them seeing me and grabbing me all the time, I don't need any surprise buttsecks in the bathrooms.

That's about all that I hate.
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I think I like everything you mentioned, except maybe that Snowflake's harder to tame but you can easily just leave and come back and she'll be automatically tamed.

The only thing I really hate is the way they have checkpoints set up. They should have either gone for the full-on hard save system or had the game create an autosave every time you enter a new area. The way it is now people who have a power outage or their game freeze up are just screwed over for no good reason.
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Old 10-21-2011, 02:18 AM   #3
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i hate the zombies that come out of bathroom stalls and scare the BLEEP out of me...i swear i screamed out at least 5 times today and about bursted my buddies ear drums lol

the other thing that is really annoying is that fact that purewal memorial cup hasnt unlocked for me in three playthrus...i am now on the 4th so my fingers are crossed!

those damn snipers too, god i hate them!!!!

i think that's it!!
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Old 10-21-2011, 03:36 AM   #4
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- Looters. They're annoyingly persisent this time around.
- Surprise zombies, toilet or otherwise.
- How unbelievably finicky the Purewal Memorial Cup achievement is.
- Case 5-2, the case where you bring $1 million to the Shoal Nightclub. Not so much raising the money, but delivering it. If I have the money already, why do I need to wait until 7PM to finish the case?
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Old 10-21-2011, 03:52 AM   #5
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why the hate towards Snowflake?! his awesome i find it fun taming him..her? whichever.

the only thing i really hate about this dead rising and the others is you cant forward time!!.... sleep\rest for 4 hrs anyone? just the waiting around.... you can only kill so many zombies.............
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Old 10-21-2011, 04:18 AM   #6
JuSt BLaZe
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Yeah SNOWFLAKE was a piece of cake, way easier to tame as in DR2.

My two cents:

- new implemented zombies lying on the ground and snatching after you as soon as you walk around the corner with the terrifying sound...fucks me up every time...

- infinite respawn of the efffn same PSYCHOPATHS in sandbox mode, you have to kill them over and over again (most annoying stupid CHUCK & the FOUR SNIPERS). I mean what's the point, so that I don't get bored!? I already have enough to do with the 100,000 kills...

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I actually love the "Trap/Surprise" zombies! I think they are great!

I hate the stupid AI survivors, regardless they ARE a lot better in DR2 but they are still generally stupid even with the Leadership Magazine.

The looters are annoying as shit, especially in OTR where they have Molotovs and can steal from you now.

I HATE playing Poker in this game (Or DR2)! It seems "rigged". While I can play Poker in Red Dead Redemption and I feel the game is "fair" as far as what cards are being dealt and what hands people have... THIS game just seems cheap with the computers having advantages. I had 2 gambling magazines (missing the one from Uranus Zone) and played Strip Poker. The chick ended up beating me every rough with crazy hands like Flush, Straight Flush, 3 of a kind and so on. It's like "WTF?!!!" and even WITH 2 magazines?!
AND the fact that you can equip buffs for the game just make it seem weird. Even when I wasn't using magazines in poker... I was sitting there frustrated as hell thinking just how the hell the CPU can continue to manage to get hands that shouldn't be as common to get as they were.
At any rate, the poker game feels cheap while poker in other games, like Red Dead Redemption, feels far more balanced and fair, even when on the occasion when someone else wins with a Royal Flush...

I hate "The Facts" simply for this being my first run and I am constantly running out of time and I am constantly under attack by those damn Gas Zombies (even if I am blasting everything with the Blast Frequency Gun and the Super BFG just to clear a path). I am at lvl 42 and this is my first time (using Cyborg and BBQ upgrades) so MAYBE it'll be easier on my 2nd play though but otherwise... this is a bitch of a finale and defiantly harder than DR2's "The Facts".

I also dislike the twist leading up to "The Facts".
But at the same time I like it, 'cus I didn't see it coming so it was a surprise but then I didn't like it 'cus I was all "NOOOO!!!!" hah.

Snowflake being harder to tame is lame... I assume this was done to throw off gamers like us who played the original a bunch but, still... It made me feel like a n00b since I had to re-try so many times and I never had an issue in the original.

BUT despite all this... I do love DR2:OTR and I am really happy with Capcom's "What-If" approach to DR2.
I loved DR2 and I really liked Chuck despite him not being Frank... but I liked him and the game as well.
DR1 was fun but I think the squeal was a huge improvement and I think DR2:OTR is another big improvement that remains familiar yet fun. There is enough that has remained the same to not make the game feel alien but there is enough different things throughout that make the game more fun, surprising and challenging.
I'll be looking forward to future DR related releases... more DLC chapters (like Case:Zero and Case:West) and the eventual DR3

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