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Cabela's African Safari
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Expert Guide

This is more like a hunting guide for expert but i will cover some achievements that you can get on your expert run.I know there is a guide and roadmap for this game. Some people have a hard time when playing through expert or trying to get some hunting related achievements. On to the guide:

Practice for expert playthrough
Play through some of the lower difficulties so you can learn the game and get some or even most of the achievements. Later in your expert playthrough if your lost or stuck in a hunt you can go to your other savefile and play/pratice one of the hunts your stuck on.

Expert tips
In expert no animals will appear on your radar, instead your crosshairs will turn red when you are close,this is helpful but you will have to search for your target.If you scare the animal you may have to start again because of it getting away.If you are listening to the three guides then stop;because I found out in expert these guys will sometimes confuse you(like one guy saying the animal despite its name isn't found near water, then another saying it can be found near water).Only listen to the Porter,sometimes; you may have to use a slighty more powerful firearm to bring down an animal in 1-3 shots. Using the recommanded gun can cause about 2-5 shots depending where you shoot,if the animal survives it could cost you the hunt. Also be aware of the animal spawns, when I was hunting the Black Rhino trophy the animal spawned right behind a rock that I was wandering by and it took me three tries to fiqure it out because it kept killing me.I mainly used the rifles and probably you will too, if you hate the scope on the rifle or just don't need it press the right arrow on the controller to switch from the scope to the iron sights, which don't zoom in. I never tried shotguns in a hunt other than the bird hunts so I don't know if they are that great in any other hunt. Handguns are too weak I only used them to kill predators(in adenaline) and scare them away. I used crossbows only for small animals like the Dik-Dik, even through it kills these small animals in two shots I still recommend a rifle. One important tip in expert is don't take your time, time flies very fast, so time isn't on your side.

Hunting achievements
You can get these through any playthrough but they are tricky to get.
Super Hunter Sense- easiest in bait hunts, get a powerful rifle and shoot two of the predators in the head;I got this one in the hyena hunt.
Super Longshot- On the water buffalo trophy hunt go to the big mountain behind the first group of buff. you see. Go around the herd and a leopard should attack you, kill it and move on, spot the the alpha(black) buff. and shoot when you are 150 meters away. Use the most powerful rifle and shoot the buff. in the head.
Ambient Guardian-Don't kill any animals that are not your trophies. When attacked by predator use adrenaline to shoot it without getting penalized. More info below.

Regular Hunt-Find your animal on foot,simple;if a predator attacks you use adenaline mode so you will not get penilized.Only regular hunts that gave me trouble were the ones where you had to kill 5 small animals that can be challening to find , other than that most of the other hunts require you to kill larger animals that can be seen fairly easy. See more info at the top.
Crossbow Hunt- Similar to the regular hunt, only difference is your only weapons are crossbows and handguns. The animal(s) you need to kill should be around the area you start.
Tracking Hunt- Track the animal by finding red bugs. These bugs can not be found on the map in expert so follow the directions or you will be lost, then you will need to restart. After you have all bugs the animal should spawn near you.
Take the Leader- I hate this hunt, this ruined my Ambient achievement in my normal playthrough. Take down the trophy herd animals, don't take them all at once, thats what made me not get the achievement. The nofications are slower then your shooting so you may miss a nofication saying you lost 100 points, I checked my penilazation points every single kill I made in the expert playthrough. If you shoot a non trophy animal just restart the hunt.
Wing Hunt and Boat Wing Hunt- Impossible to get penilized, just shoot the birds.
Bait Hunt- Go to the bait and kill the predators, kill them fast or they will attack you or run away. Find a good sniping spot to take them out. Only 2-3 types of these hunts in the game so no need to stress over them.
Herd Hunt- Similar to Take the Leader but no need to kill the trophies, still I checked my points after every kill.
Trophy Hunt- Easy 40G per hunt, track down the black trophy(s) and kill them. If you played on Dangerous Seven Mode you should know nearly everything about these kinds of hunts. Just remember time is not on your side in expert.

There is a DLC animal for purchase on Xbox Live Marketplace, I'm not sure the hunt is on the safari mode(meaning you encounter it on your playthrough) or a indivual hunt for any other mode. Not many people have it for some reason, so it shouldn't be a big deal.

Hope this guide helps and feel free to give me feedback on this guide.

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