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Old 04-06-2012, 01:14 AM   #1
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Ex-Rockstar Intern Leaks GTA V Info

Make of it what you will.


"No; I DID NOT SEE ANY FUNCTIONING GAMEPLAY; Answering that question first before there is a flood of that kind of stuff. I also no; i do not know anything reguarding story other than the all-around vague premise that most people at the offices would know (even though they will deny it)."


"I've seen the holy grail that is her, the map of GTA V and Yes; Los Santos is the only city. Fortunately, Los Santos is only being used as the focal point in a new southern California twist. The new map is comprised of 5 'main' populaces within the 1 County of Los Santos. As a result Los Santos has grown greatly, becoming a City-County, which will be split into 3 "provinces", in classic GTA fashion:"

"The Greater Naranja Area"
"Los Puerta"
"Greater Los Santos"

"All of which are accompanied alongside smaller surrounding unincorparated areas. Some of which are within close by proximity. Others out in the outskirts of the county."

"All but the City of Los Santos itself will be making a more scaled-down appearance within the County: Santa Ana (aptly re-named Santa Monica), San Diego (San Dignos),Carlsbad (Wadsworth), Chula Vista (Chola Springs), and Anaheim (renamed Alemana, something along those lines, i think i misspelled it though) have been scaled-down drasticly to fit in and around Los Santos. Trust me, it looks believable, and better yet, natural. The Greater Los Santos Area is in fact HUGE and the largest area of the three. Within Greater Los Santos are The San Ventura Mountain Range, Bone Valley, Larry Andreasen Bridge, Lawernce Island, and Santos National Park."

"Los Santos will be the most diverse in terms of neighborhoods, arts/culture, and geography. The San Ventura mountain range is to the northeast which is a play off of the Santa Monica Moutains and San Gabriel Mountains. Lush eviroments and vivid forest back-drop really does just on how far GTA has come from a top-down video game to the critically acclaimed art that it is today. But to me, the true display of how much Rockstar cares about the fans was adding 'Chilliad Peak'. A nice little nod to Mount Chiliad, which no longer exsists as a 'stand-alone', but as a peak within the mountain range itself. Whether there something to do other than scale the peak itself is undetermined by someone like me."

"Alemana, Santa Monica and East Shore/South Central Los Santos make up the smallest province in the game, named The Greater Naranja Area. It's a really suburban area with beautiful mansions to the south/southeast-ish (looks similar to the Westdyke area in Alderney), the central portion is more modernized with the more urban areas to the north. Beaches to the west with "Charlie Harper" type of real estate bordering the shores. Since i've never been to California ever, thats the best description i can give."

"The southern most points in Los Santos County are known as Los Puerta. Incorporating this area is Wadsworth, Chola Springs, and San Dignos. To the south is blocked off by unpassable mountains with a fence along the range. Though clearly a reference to the Mexican-American border, sorry folks, no Mexico. Closest thing to Mexico is pprobably the architecture in this area with old pueblo towns, pedestrians horse back in the distant outskirts, cactal flora, and the all-around "borderlands" atmoshpere. But other than that, no Mexico."

"A few of the Los Santos district names have returned, such as Jefferson, Vinewood, Mullholland, and Idlewood. But for the most part, many of the other areas have been renamed. East Shore (East Beach/Long Beach [also could be Laguana Beach to be honest, I don't know]), San Clair (Richman/Bel-Air??), Vesspucci Beach (Verona/Venice Beach). Rockstar has included a virtual rendention of the Staple Center. They are currently on the fences whether to make it 'interactive' (with mini-games I'd suppose), Also Ganton is back. Grove Street is not. At least not the cul-de-sac. Grove Street Family gang does return, or atleast pedestrains that look like the gang members return. Whether they play a pivotal role, once again something somebody like me wouldn't know."

"The map is in fact larger than 3 Libery Citys' smushed together as one area, surrounded by 2 Red Dead maps as countryside (atleast it seems so to me). Two airports, one private airfield, and a military base make up the central tranport hubs for the city. 2 smaller 'airstrips" also are scattered in the coutryside."

Main Character/Summerized Plot:


"If you've watched the reveal trailer, the gentlemen in the scene letting down the convertibles top is indeed the main character. His name is Adrian, just a normal guy, dangerously enticed by the sight of 'easy' money. He is cut throat character, "takes-no-sh*t" kind of attitude. Adrian has pretty much been in the criminal underworld since his late teen years. No stranger to the risk needed to become the guy on top, Adrian made good use with the money, the woman, and the minor fame which have been good to him keeping him at such accliamed success. Seeming untouchable, Adrian is on top until he's approached by an older gentlemen, Albert (man with the suit from the trailer), who views Adrian's wealth as opportunity to expand his own "intrests". This why he mutters "... but you know how it is" in the reveal trailer. Adrian accepts and the craziest ride gamers will ever experience begins."

"Along the story it seems you meet 'strangers' in the streets for side-story/missions and money gaining (ala Red Dead Redemption) but Albert will be the person you gain missions from that either unlocks or progresses the story. I try to think of him as your Billy from Lost and the Damned or Gay Tony from the Ballad. He'll be the main reason for the mayhem in the storyline so it seems. Also choices will return from IV, however, this time their going to be more impactful (i hope) as talks of multiple endings were definitley in the air. As to how many....your guess is as good as mine."

"One thing for sure is the new 'Your Crew' (thats the name im giving it, as there is know name really) aspect of the game with your character. In an effort to build more of a bond with the character and story, you can now forms a 'crew' of 'henchmen' with a lot of the strangers you meet. For instances when meeting some of the 'strangers' in the street, some of them will try and offer there specialties and services to you aside from the mission/task of the player. Qucikc scenerio, one stranger you meet could be a black market arms dealers who is stocked with the finest rare and/or expensive weapons, yet, aslo a highly skilled rifleman. If recruited, you can now use him as a gun man/van when arsenal is needed or as a sniper cover shooter during intense missions. You can also maybe decline just because you dont like the cut of his jib. With every different stranger you met (each with different perks, bonuses and personalities) you have the option to 'recruit' them as a member ofyour crew making every players in-game crews different from each other giving way to many differnet uniques styles of play for every individual to exploit during completion of every mission. The robbery scene in the trailer was an example of this. This offers a way to create varied teams such as: Stealth squads, Run'n'Gun teams, even a calm collected 'mobster-type' family with your crew as hired muscle to rough people up. Once assembled, your crew can then be called upon for a mission, as back-up, or just to hang out, engage in activities and free roam."

"Your character can be customised but the characters in your crew can not. The clothing in GTA V have been vastly improved. Every article of clothing the pedestrians wear will also be available to your character from the beginging. Also Health stats may return. Talks of working out and body building are have been underway. Body Building will not require you to eat, nor will eating affect your working out. Eating is still optional but only as a health pick-up. Over eating will not make you fat, but a lack of working out will diminish your physical physique. As a result, stregnth and stamina will return and provide certain 'perks' that carry-over into the gameplay."
Full article can be read here.
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Old 04-06-2012, 01:55 AM   #2
Axel Desade
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Sounds pretty good if it turns out to be true
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Old 04-06-2012, 03:20 AM   #3
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I agree, hopefully it is true. But who knows, it still is pretty early.
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Old 04-06-2012, 11:50 AM   #4
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I know we have to treat all rumours the same until official news is revealed but i'm not sure if i believe the story. Most of these contractors have NDA's with companies like Rockstar and i understand that this guy maybe shooting his mouth off but it would be not only stupid for his potential job seeking when he finishes college but also it may break laws. Considering how many people are dying in anticipation for news surrounding GTA V, this guy must know that Rockstar will find out.

If it's all true, then it looks to be a great game.
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Old 04-06-2012, 08:16 PM   #5
Axel Desade
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Don't you ever wonder if companies like R* actually have people go out and say things like this to build the hype? You know, like they'll have them say stuff, but all you can do is wonder if it's true since R* itself is keeping quiet.
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Old 04-06-2012, 10:55 PM   #6
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Originally Posted by Axel Desade View Post
Don't you ever wonder if companies like R* actually have people go out and say things like this to build the hype?
After reading DEG23's post, I started to think the same thing. What if it were an employee or someone associated with Rockstar, who went ahead and started this thing which has lead to what I would believe to be in the 1000's of people jumping with joy at the news of what GTA V will contain.

It could also be a poor man's April fools prank, one that was a little too late.

Only way to find out is to see the final product. If this is true, Rockstar can't go back now and make changes, can they? Changing 2-3 years of work over a leak?
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Old 04-10-2012, 06:33 PM   #7
bfmv lfc
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Sounds interesting. Looking forward to this.
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Old 07-28-2012, 10:50 AM   #8
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Sounds interesting and plausable.....but then again.....for every major title release there are a boat load of 'leaks'....90% of which are garbage.

I hope this leak is in that 10%, but as always, I will take it with a pinch of salt for now....

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Old 07-28-2012, 10:58 AM   #9
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Looks interesting, but as stated above, I have my reservations about it's authenticity. Either way, I cannot wait for GTA V to be released.

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