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Bum Commando
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Post Achievement Guide / Roadmap

Personally felt that the other achievement guide didn`t quite do the game justice. With the achievement guide published to the site missing a roadmap I decided to take a stab at it myself. Originally I only intended to do a roadmap but ended up making my own achievement guide anyways. Comments and support as well as constructive criticism are always welcomed! The guide at the moment is still under construction so I'd appreciate your patience to reserve your heavy criticism until the guide nears its final form.

- Estimated achievement difficulty: 3.5/10
- Offline: 12 (200)
- Approximate amount of time to 200 : 2-6 hours (depends on skill)
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1
- Number of missable achievements: None
- Glitched achievements: None (But save file is known to corrupt!)
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?: No Cheats

Nin-2 Jump is a simple platforming game with obnoxious Japanese action and voice work! Everything in the game reeks of Japanese culture with a unique aesthetic that is simple and stylish. This game came out around the time of the big earthquake that devastated Japan. All proceeds of this game go to the Japan earthquake relief fund. For 400msp it`s a good game with proceeds for a good cause and definitely deserves the attention of your wallet! The game spans 5 worlds each containing 9 levels and a boss stage. The game is not necessarily difficult but will require some platforming finesse to obtain the full 200.

Controls: As the game progresses you will be awarded with an additional technique after clearing the first three worlds. Techniques you learn in later worlds do not carry over to previous worlds but will be present in each subsequent world.

: Jump (tap to hover)

: Kasumi - Can fire in 8 directions and works like a hookshot. Used to climb up walls.

: Power Up - Use to attack enemies. Pickup scrolls to refill. Tap to exit power up.

No power : Enemies continue to spawn the longer you remain in the level.

Regenerating power up! More enemies spawn

Simply playthrough the game for 80. 50 levels await you along with 5 different boss fights. The game will require some getting used to as the character animations are quite stiff and in 3 hits you will experience "Deep Regret". Some levels you will breeze through and some have awkward difficulty spikes. Take the time to get used to the mechanics of the game and don't expect to get far rushing through the levels mashing and button. Collect all of the scrolls to reveal the end of the level. Progressing through the game will grant Ninja new abilities. Using these abilities are key to progressing through each season and the castle. You can also use this playthrough to pickup each CAVE-kun collectible to avoid multiple plays of levels and obtain an easy 40.

Renewed World (time trials):
These are by no means difficult but will require some patience along with more than a few replays. Getting to know the layout of the levels is key particularly in the latter seasons and castle. Managing your use of Jump, Hover, Kusari and Attack are key. Don`t button mash and make good use of hover so you maintain good air control throughout the levels. Completing these will net you another 50.

Nows the time to play through score attack mode to earn your last 30 and collect any CAVE-kuns you may have missed. Congrats on an easy 200 and you can give yourself another pat on the back for supporting a worthy cause with one of your favorite past times. Happy Platforming!
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Bum Commando
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Awards Showcase Achievement Guide - Bronze   Road Map - Bronze
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Cleared World 4 in Adventure Mode.

World 4 is Winter. Complete the boss Yokoduna on level 10 to get the achievement.

Cleared World 5 in Adventure Mode.

World 5 is the Castle and final world. Complete the boss Namakura on level 10 to get the achievement. You have recovering power during this fight so to start just run away and dodge his attacks until you have sufficient charge then use to active your power and jump right at him to deflect all his projectiles. When he jumps up into the corner to attack just jump and use to Kasuri into the roof and hover until the spikes disappear. Rinse and repeat.

Renewed World 1 Time within 5'10"000.

For Spring your only moves are jump and tapping to hover. The levels are all fairly straightforward in Spring and shouldn`t cause any grief. You don`t need all S ranks but your world total time should be below 5'10"000. I`ve listed the times I got as a reference for what you should be shooting for timewise in each stage.

1 - 2"9
2 - 3"4
3 - 12"7
4 - 32"2
5 - 38"3
6 - 50"2
7 - 27"8
8 - 46"8
9 - 38"6
10 - 49"5

Overall - 5'02"4

Cleared World 1 in Adventure Mode.

World 1 is Spring. Complete the boss Fujiyama on level 10 to get the achievement. he only techniques you can use here are jump and hover. Fujiyama has a volcano for a head and will spit out rolling blue volcanic boulders at you. Just jump over them and eventually he`ll just kill himself.

Cleared World 2 in Adventure Mode.

World 2 is Summer. Complete the boss Mendou on level 10 to get the achievement.

Cleared World 3 in Adventure Mode.

World 3 is Autumn. Complete the boss Oideyasu on level 10 to get the achievement.

Renewed World 5 Time within 5'40"000.

1 - 14"5
2 - 17"2
3 - 20"9
4 - 26"4
5 - 21"3
6 - 20"7
7 - 36"8
8 - 38"8
9 - 109"1
10 - 39"4

Overall - 5'05"2

Gather round all CAVE-kun. 40
Collected all hidden CAVE-kun in Adventure Mode.

The collectibles will display next to your Stage best time. There is 1 collectible in each level (as well as the boss levels) for a total of 50. Most don`t even require you to stray from the main path but there are a few here and there in some sticky spots. They are easy enough to find that most levels will only require one replay.

Survived over 3 minutes in Score Attack Mode.

I found this achievement easiest on the Summer level. The level resembles an 8 and it gives you lots of options for moving around and avoiding enemies. Basically you will want to find a safe platform to stand for a bit until your Power Up meter fills. Then press to activate Power Up and blast through all the bunched up enemies and race to the other corner of the map and repeat. When Death starts spawning just make sure to keep your distance to keep your health up. Try to conserve your Power Up meter as well because it activates on contact with enemies when more than half full. I actually timed the achievement with a stopwatch and it unlocked more in the area of 3'30. You will know you are getting close when there are 3 Death characters spawned in the arena.

Renewed World 2 Time within 4'05"000.

1 - 4"3
2 - 7"1
3 - 21"2
4 - 14"6
5 - 18"7
6 - 17"1
7 - 23"0
8 - 43"4
9 - 38"2
10 - 51"3

Overall - 3'58"9

Renewed World 3 Time within 3'45"000.

1 - 4"6
2 - 8"4
3 - 14"5
4 - 18"2
5 - 21"2
6 - 15"9
7 - 29"2
8 - 38"6
9 - 35"6
10 - 36"5

Overall - 3'42"9

Renewed World 4 Time within 3'40"000.

1 - 3"5
2 - 11"1
3 - 9"3
4 - 14"1
5 - 13"2
6 - 13"1
7 - 17"5
8 - 32"6
9 - 48"5
10 - 39"1

Overall 3'22"2
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"The dumber people think you are, the more suprised they are going to be when you kill them."
-William Clayton

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I don't see the point putting up another guide (rather than mine) here on a dead board anyways, even if the game is an easy 200, there's no real skill involved too, just short and simple gameplay.

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I disagree, just because a board is dead doesn't mean people don't look there for help.

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