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Dead Island
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Old 07-22-2012, 12:19 PM   #1
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Getting to level 60

I'm sure there are some topics about this already, but it's difficult to find the specific info I'm looking for, so I decided to make a new topic about it.

I've bought the GOTY edition and right now, I'm level 40 with Xian, total XP of about 1.1 million. I've only just reached the jungle (did one mission for Matutero and that's it). Having looked at the level chart, I need 2 million more to reach level 50, and if I understand correctly, I'll need to get a total over 8.75 million to get to level 60.

I've read that the XP you get for quests in New Game+ is a lot higher. Is the XP you get from just killing enemies higher as well? If I were to finish the game right, without doing many sidequest, and then beat it another time on New Game +, again without paying too much attention to side quests, what level do you think I would reach? Would I be coming close to level 60, or would I still have a loooong way to go?

I'm trying to decide if it's worth my time to level up, basically. I've been doing some bloodbath arena, cause I kinda enjoy Arena A, and it seems to be good to rack up some experience, and to get further along in the challenges. I only need to kill 37 more butchers for example, to beat the fourth level of that particular challenge.

Bloodbath Arena is also a good way to earn some money. I'm over 250k right now, which means if I spend 200k on oleander (I maxed out the skill with Xian that gives you 30% reduction on all items you can buy), I should be getting another 500k worth of XP. But I'm not there yet in the main plot, and I'm reluctant to do it, as it may crash my game. I know it's been patched, but there still seem to be some corrupted save files happening.

Basically, playing bloodbath arena for a couple more hours, I should be beating lot of the challenges (kill floaters, butchers, suiciders, decapitate zombies, cut off limbs, use fire mod, kill enemies with fury). These will net me another 1.3 million approximately. But then I would STILL need a hell of a lot more XP.

How did you people reach 60, without cheating?
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Old 07-25-2012, 08:01 AM   #2
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I'm only level 54 on my Sam B, but I have yet to play the Bloodbath Arena.
I am essentially ready to begin Act 4 on Sam B, and this is only my second play-through. I have 50/50'd the original game and have yet to start any of the 10 DLC achievements.

That context aside, most of my experience has come from completing EVERYTHING and noting challenges that I should complete. There is no shortcut to getting to level 60, the best methods I've found is strategically using Fury against special mobs (like the Floater Swamp near the Hospital) or aiming to complete challenges.

As for your question about better XP in second play-through, I can not CONFIRM this but I would assume this is untrue. I would say the figures are larger because as you level up the quest reward is set to give say 1% of XP, so as the requirement to level becomes higher so too does the figure (despite it still being 1%).

The turn ins are a really beneficial way to stack up either money or XP, though money is quite useless outside of the consistent repairs you must do.

Finally back up your save files and that should eliminate playing in fear, I haven't personally experienced it and a lot of people have said the patch amended it but it never hurts to be safe.
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Old 07-26-2012, 01:59 PM   #3
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Why on earth are you bothered about grinding your character to level 60?????

Theirs no achievement beyond level 50 and by getting to level 50 I had to do a thorough playthrough completing every side quest in the game and then playing a lot of the bloodbath arena. Once I'd done this I was done. Unless you absolutely love this game your gonna have to repeat loads of stuff and for what. The enemies level up with you so it's not like your some super hard badass at level 60.
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Old 07-29-2012, 12:25 AM   #4
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Being level 60 doesn't make me a super hard bad-ass, but having a level 60 Deathstalker Zed's Demise sure does

Thanks for the tips invincible. I've reached level 60 yesterday. The first time I completed the game I was already at level 48, having done most of the side-quests, and having played several hours of bloodbath arena. I started a new game, pretty much ignoring most sidequests, and by the time I reached the lab, I was level 53. Then I spent two hours farming money in the lab, buying oleander, and trading them for XP. Pretty lame, I know, but you need over 4 million XP to get from level 53 to 60, so it's by far the quickest way.

Every time I reached a new level, I saved and quit, and reloaded my game. I did this because every time you reach a higher level, you get more XP for the same quests, if you reload the file. At level 53 the Oleander sidequest was giving me 3.094 XP each time. At level 58, I was getting over 5.000. When I reached level 59 I just went over to Svetlana, sold my champaign bottles (40 of them) for 17.000 XP a piece, and it was enough to reach level 60.

After reaching level 60 I just continued with the game until the Banoi Butcher sidequest, which earned me a level 60 Zed's Demise. Combined with Xian (especially with her useful skills concerning modded weapons and sharp weapons), and the Deathstalker mod, that thing is a beast. 4498 damage, very high durability, lethal poison,... Totally worth it.

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Old 09-26-2012, 06:52 PM   #5
Silent Havoc
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This is an awesome way to get to 60 lol.
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Old 09-26-2012, 08:47 PM   #6
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Not really related to level 60 like this thread, but ill try here first rather than create a new thread.

My character save got created when I was something like level 42.

I restarted on my own, with no one joining my game, to try and get the 72 location and level 50 cheevos.

I ranked up to what I thought was level 3, went to add a skill stat and was level 14. This has happened before when playing with others, but I thought it might have boosted me to their level.

Anyways why has it done this and when I get to level 50, will I get the cheevo? Bearing in mind the sudden 11 level jump.

Hope all that makes sense.
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