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Old 10-05-2012, 10:17 PM   #1
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Thoughts on the beta

So have been playing it for about 2 hours now. Anyway the screen freezes at random moments while in the menu's, the loading screen has froze on me as well. I noticed sometimes when browsing the settings and what not from pausing in the middle of the game the screen goes totally black and doesn't switch back at all so i have to quit the game. Also the graphics are horendous. I'm guessing the graphics are an early build of the engine though so i'm not complaining much. The guns seem pretty balanced but you die super fast like mw3 fast. The killstreaks or whatever they are called are not needed as well, they're some what pointless. Also in some matches my guns would dissapear or get cut in half and i couldn't even aim because the gun was gone and all you saw was hands. Also my first match the game kept asking me if i wanted to quit the match over and over and over. And also when i signed out and signed in as a different profile all my stats transferred over and fucked up my class selection and everything, it was really weird.
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Simply put: it's buggy as hell.

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I haven't had too many bad bugs show up for me. I have been kicked out of the server a few times, but that's to be expected with EA servers. I also had a few problems with weapon attachments not unlocking.

I don't think the graphics are too bad. They're not the greatest looking ever, but I don't think they're awful. The gun camos could use some work though.

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-Name indicator is bullshit. You accidentally look over someone and you know they're there cause their name pops up.
-Red outline is also bullshit. Makes it way too easy to know a guy is there.
-Main menu, after lobby screen, customization all sucks
-Lots of glitches and bugs
-Graphics are awful
-Nationality bullshit (as posted in my thread).
-etc (post more later)
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the main menu is to small like the words and shit.
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Originally Posted by Benny34 View Post
the main menu is to small like the words and shit.
This also. Hopefully they fix that, I had to sit in the floor to be able to see the shit.

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Old 10-08-2012, 04:18 AM   #7
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I think it's good. Very unpolished even for a beta, but still fun in it's own little way.
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Enjoying it but I do have few complains.
When I respawn it's bs that I respawn in front of my enemy and with your gun taking forever to come out I have no chance of surviving. Reload speeds are somewhat horrible it's to slow if they tweak just a little bit I'll be good with it. Also I hate having a scope on a assualt rifle that doesn't need it I'm good with the red dot but at least give us the option to take it off (unless there is and I haven't look around enough for it) Besides this I really enjoy the game and I might pick it up but halo 4 just around the corner and pokemon white 2 in my hands with zone of the enders plus not to mention need to finish the witcher 2 (haha sorry for the long list) i doubt this will be played

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I'm enjoying the beta, sort of...
It's certainly got it's fair share of problems (clunky menus, ho-hum visuals and a high chance of spawn camping) but overall the gameplay feels solid and I haven't experienced any major signs of lag yet. I played a few hours of it with a buddy yesterday evening and was having fun so thats the main thing to look for in a game I suppose

With regards to the visuals, I am assuming the beta we are playing is an old build and Danger Close/EA are mainly using the next week or so to test server load and highlight any bugs that may have been missed.

Overall, hardly a day one purchase but I may check out the finished product sometime next year after a price drop.
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I was so excited about the last medal of honor. HUGE letdown. I saw the previews of this one and was excited all over again. HUGE BF3 fan. But after playing the beta last night i am canceling my pre order. It was pure garbage in my op. From the confusing menu, to the shitty gameplay. To me it kinda looked like i was playing Soldier of Fortune all over again. Wont happen twice. Will rent this time around. I know its just a beta but the game is going to be released in just a bit. And this is what they offer us??
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I'm going to follow my gut instinct and cancel my preorder like I should have done after the BF3 beta.
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