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Achievement Guide

Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2011


- Estimated achievement difficulty: 8.5-9/10 (Controller + gun is an advantage)
- Offline: 19 (1000 )
- Online: 0
- Approximate amount of time to 1000 : 24-36 hours
- Minimum number of playthroughs needed: 1+
- Number of missable achievements: 9
- Glitched achievements: No
- Do cheat codes disable achievements?:No Cheats

Welcome to Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011, this game has its high and low points but following this guide will ensure that you can get the full 1000. This game requires a lot of skill, and is no easy 1000 by any means You can easily get 800, but the last 200 will test your patience to no end.

The Not Saving Glitch Fix:
For reasons unknown even if your game saves, as long as you connect to Xbox Live anywhere playing this game or not playing this game you will loose all of your data. Before even attempting this game make sure you are prepared to play this with your Ethernet unplugged.

Step 1: Unplug or disconnect Ethernet Cable. For slim users go to network settings and disconnect from the internet.

Step2:Enjoy the game, and you can turn it off and come back to it anytime, but the moment you go back on Xbox Live goodbye Save File.

First Playthrough:
The game only lets you go through on Normal difficulty with is actually the best, because by the time you beat the game and want to play hard mode you should be more than competent to beat it. Also for people not using a Top Shot, make sure you switch the setting to classic for hunter sense otherwise your going to be in a world of chaos.

Achievements guaranteed to get on first play through without optional ones:

Grizzly Defeat
Rhino Defeat
Kaftar Defeat
Adventure Over


Achievements you will most likely earn along the way:

What Does Indy hate?
I Like Spicy Wings
Steady Hand, Great Scope
Bow In Front of Me
I See You
Hair Away From Death


Second Playthrough:
Pretty much the mop of of the ones you missed above, you can go through and play the game on normal for the collectable achievements. Just go to level select on the bottom. For the achievement Gallery Lover you will need to gain a minimum of 35K experience in the Hard campaign. An easy way to boost XP is just replay the level Grizzly Hunt over and over for 5K XP each time you kill the Bear.

Collector's Edition
Hidden Pages

35K XP

Mop Up:
After obtaining all Story Mode related achievements, along with the collectables, and the 35K XP. You will need to go for the following:

Gallery Lover
Combo Wizard
Bonus Lover
Lucky Number

Read the Guide below for a more detailed idea of unlocking all the achievements.

What Does Indy hate? 50 Hunt 50 snakes in Story Mode.
Chapter 4 - River Delta
Chapter 5 - Grassland

You will find these little guys all over the place their will be well over 50 to shoot. Use Hunter sense to see these guys fairly easy.

Grizzly Defeat 50 Kill the Grizzly Bear boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 3 - Grizzly Hunt. Make sure to blast ol smokey the bear with the shotgun, because it seems to do the most damage then when he is far away shoot him in the heart with your rifle.

Rhino Defeat 50 Kill the Rhino boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 7 - Rhino Hunt. Shotgun rules apply as well, and just make sure you circle strafe around him. As we can all agree an alive Cole rainsford is a happy one.

Kaftar Defeat 50 Kill the Kaftar boss without dying during the fight (in Story Mode).
Can't miss story related Chapter 11 - Kaftar Hunt. Some people have a hard time killing this boss, but its really not that bad. Just stay out of the fire and near the fireplace. Near the fireplace are health packs a plenty. The average person you should get this puppy killed in no time at all especially with the combat rifle.

I Like Spicy Wings 50 Hunt 50 birds in Story Mode.

Any level you see birds just start mowing them down with your pistol or shotgun a good level would be Chapter 5 - Grassland. But hell any level you can't really go wrong. This one will come to you early in your first play through or a mop up.

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Steady Hand, Great Scope 50 Hunt an animal with the Rifle that is at least 50 yards away while using the Scope (in Story Mode).

Location Chapter 4 - River Delta or any level with cheetahs in the trees. There will come a point where you can see with Hunter Sense a cheetah in the tree. Just back up as far as you can and scope in the little kitty and shoot it, the achievement should pop up. If not then you were too close.

Bow In Front of Me 50 Hunt 20 animals with the Crossbow (in Story Mode).
Location Chapter 5 - Grassland. You will come to a point where you enter a shack. Located inside the shack is a crossbow and some bolts. Basically use the crossbow from this point until the end of game and rack up 20 kills.

Adventure Over 100 Complete the Story Mode.
Simply beat all 11 Chapters in the game.
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Collector's Edition50 Collect all Experience Items and shoot down all Marksman Targets (in Story Mode).

These video guides will help you get both Collectors Edition and Hidden Pages.
I would like to thank xAGENTP6x for all the videos. His first video is slow but the rest he does in 2X speed. Enjoy.

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